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Need help selling my Klipsch Speakers


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I am hoping someone out there has some advice for me, I am in the chicago area and need to sell my entire klipsch speaker system. I have the Floorstanding RF 3, the center RC 3, and 2 surround RS 3. There are in excellent condition and have been taken care of in a smoke free environment. I still have the original boxes for the center and surrounds, but threw out the boxes for the RF 3's.

Any advice on how to go about shipping these speakers.....where to get a box that will hold them. I am considering selling them on Ebay....but figure if I am willing to ship them and they are willing to pay for the shipping costs I will broaden the amount of potential buyers.

Anyone here ever sold floorstanding speakers over the internet before or have any suggestions?

If anyone out there in this forum is interested please let me know @ bharej@hotmail.com Any local people are free to hear them before purchasing.

Thanks in advance for your help.....and yes I wish I could hang on to these speakers but we had to change the configuration of our living room once my daughter began to walk around and no longer have the space or ideal configuration.


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I would not ship the the RF-3's. You could probably ship the smaller ones (although I would double pack those).

You could use this forum, ebay, or audiogon to sell your speakers and ask for local pickup only - or meet the buyer within a reasonable driving distance.

Something of particular help to you (especially if you are not in an immediate rush) would be to continue to attempt a sale during the upcoming tax refund season (early Feb through March) - one of the best times to sell audio gear. If you do not get a buyer immediately, this is something to keep in mind. Chicago is a large area - you should be able to find someone locally to buy these.

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Wow.... thanks for the quick respones.

I forgot about using craiglist...great idea for local sales. I will also try audiogon....unaware of that site.

I was thinking it might be in my best interest to wait until the tax refunds started coming in....and no I am not in any rush to sell them....more of a space issue then financial.

As for the prices....well thats all about finding the right person and timing... for the surrounds RS 3 I would like to get $275-300 for both....they are in great shape and think I originally paid $550.

For the Center RC 3 $200 would make me happy.

As for the 2 floorstanding RF 3's....that is harder to sell over then internet and sounds like they can't be shipped ....so I guess I would have to see an offer and evaluate it.

Since this has become my ad for my speakers....any of you that are interested please email for pictures or any other info and I thank you for your responses and ideas.

Lastly....as far as selling my speakers on this site...please let me know if this is the best place...general questions...or if there is a specific place to post ads to sell your speakers here.

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Sounds like one HELLUVA deal!!!! I just tried bidding (unsuccessfully) for 2 RS3IIs and an RC3 and they went for $400. I have a pair of RF3IIs and would love to get the RS3IIs but cash flow is not too good and since most of my fam lives in NW IN and a friend works for the ChiTrib the pick-up wouldn't be toooooooo difficult to swing. If I hear of anybody up in Da Region looking for a good speaker set up I'll keep ya in mind.

peace, mitch

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Thanks for the reply mitch,

Let me know if you want to try to work something out. Anyone that is interested is welcome to take a listen as well as they are willing to drive to the aurora/naperville border.

I haven't actively started selling these on ebay yet.....still listening to the new speakers I purchased, and waiting to see if tax refunds for other potential buyers will help me make the sale.

Good luck on the RS3IIs,


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Aurora/Naperville? That's right around where I live (or my parents

rather). I'm always going back and forth between there and Champaign

and Indy so if someone needs me to pick them up and move them around I

would be more than willing (just pay for the gas).

So where abouts do you live? I'm over in the Fox Valley area....just off Montgomery between Eola and the rail road tracks.

It's a shame you have to get rid of such a nice system too...

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Hey DrWho,

We must practically be neighbrs....I can see eola from my backyard and I also live off of Montogery...whereas you live towards the tracks...I live on the other side of Eola towards Ogden.

I am having mixed feelings about getting rid of the system....but some of the remodeling I thought I would be able to do when I bought the house won't work out...Its a space issue. Especially with the RS-3 and trying to mount them on my walls....my current setup really doesnt have the space(and the weight) of the speakers.

Email me if something comes up and you have someone that is interested in them.

small world I guess

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Oh wow, that's real close...be sure to come back here if you have the

opportunity to upgrade in the future. You might also try keeping the

floorstanders for now and sticking with 2-channel. I can't imagine you

going speakerless forever and anything smaller is definetly going to

leave you unsatisfied. Or if they have to go maybe we can find you a

good deal on a pair of bookshelf speakers.

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I wanted to update my post.

After listening to many people in this forum and others....I was not as happy with what would have been my new speakers. On saturday I decided to return the speakers to tweeter and ended up only purchasing new surrounds...which was my main problem all along and I bought a subwoofer.

With this decision to keep my floorstainding and center channel speaker...I now will only sell my klipsch RS-3 surrounds.

So if anyone has any interest in those...they are for sale offically now.

If they remain unsold in 2-3 weeks I will try my luck on Ebay,

I want to thank everyone who posted and I am very happy I did not replace my entire klipsch system.


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So what speakers did the guys at Tweeter have you try out? And what surrounds are you ending up with?

I know Tweeter doesn't sell klipsch anymore but Barretts does (it's on the other side of 59 just south of Olive Garden)...if it's not too late you might look into getting a pair of klipsch inwalls so that your surrounds could be timbre matched. It's not a big deal really. I've just gotten way better service there in the past.

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I was trying out the Mirage Uni-Theater....with 2 omnisat micros for surround. I was doing this based on the space issues....and ended up just keeping the omnisat micros for surround. I returned them all to Tweeter and bought the micros online brand new for $198 total including shipping.

I asked for the mirage...they really didnt sell me on anything because they dont have klipsch and I personally thing Tweeter is in big trouble as a company.

I purchased a sound level meter and will be adjusting my surrounds to match my front setup as best as possible.

I really like the sound of the the micros and the size and weight of them are great.

A good comprise in my opinion...keep the front of the system and replace the back, which was the main issue for me anyway.

Hey, Dr.Who you dont by any chance live in one of those mansions on the left side of Montgomery just past Eola do you? If you do...I admire your house quit often as I drive by.

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