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Klipsch Forte II


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Not sure about the sub but the best match would be more Forte ll,s .

Not always easy to fit but that would be best.

Academy,s for center and surrounds would also be good but would almost cost twice as much as all Forte,s.

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I use Forte II's for mains in my HT setup

currently using a KLF-C7 for a center

while this does not sonically match exactly the Forte II's, the KLF-C7 is one great center speaker

one cannot go wrong with this speaker

to totally match, another Forte II is the ideal choice

most of us do not have the space or room to have a large full-range speaker for a center

my KLF-C7 is on a homemade stand that places the speaker just below the screen of my RPTV (Mits 65")

I tried it on top of the RPTV but found this placement much better

lots of recommendations will probably be made for you to pick up an Academy

I never heard one so I cannot comment except that the Academy specs seems that it would fit better with a Forte and not a Forte II

I was going to try and get a Quartet for a center but never got around into doing this since I got my KLF-C7

the surrounds do not have to be a total match sonically

I have the KSP-S6's and these work great for a wide disperssion speakers

I also have my '78 Heresy's for surrounds too that I swith over when watching concerts

again, Quartets or another pair of Forte II's would be ideal for the surrounds as fas as direct radiating speakers

hope your speaker hunting for a center and surrounds goes well

as far as subs go, get the best one can afford

I have an M&K which is going on 11 years old now and it still works great

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I am pleased with Forte II's as mains and surrounds, with an Academy at center. Another Forte II at center would be great but is not practical for me right now. I will probably upgrade my amplification and processing before I will think about a sub, there is plenty of bass. A sub would be like icing to me, such as making earthquakes even more life-like.

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Right now I have three forte II's across the front with quartets for surround. They sound great. I was using an academy for center but then switched to another forte II when I picked up the quartets. The academy was good, the forte II is better. Seamless across the front now. As far as sub I have a SVS 12/2 plus. Much more sub than needed but it sounds great and I have no urge to upgrade there at all. If I find one more forte II I'm going to go 5 forte II's for front,center and surround and then use my quartets for rear centers in a 7.1 system. But that is down the road.

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I have it standing up right. I have a 92" diaganol screen which is only a few inches from my ceiling. It's in the basement so the drop ceiling then a few inches thn the screen, so I have about 38 inches from floor to bottom of screen. So it is just standing there like a regular floor speaker. (I guess I forgot to mention I have a front projector. ) Don't have any pictures right now maybe later. I did have the academy on a shelf that I built right below the screen. I do like the forte II better than the academy though.

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thanks for the info

I have a RPTV so I require a smaller center go to either in front or on top and has to be shielded

the speaker in front worked best for me with my KLF-C7

I did try one of my Heresy in front but that darn things cause the picture to go crazy on the RPTV

had to pull it about two feet out in fron before it did not cause any problems

so that set up did not work out

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