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Chick Corea in town...do I go?


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Wife just called & they're in town tomorrow night. She says she only wants to go if we can win some free tickets off the radio (ya right).....I don't even have a radio at work to listen to (nor at home).

Says she does NOT want to go & spend near $100 to get in (total) when we could put that cash towards another fixture in the basement we're finishing (and she means that)

I'm not too familiar with them at all, so do I drag her there anyway or not "waste" my money?

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Love him on those old Blue Mitchell records. I wonder how great he might have become if he hadn't fallen into that whole L. Ron Hubbard bullsh!t . . . .

Still, you should go. Dude can play . . .

Wow, not another one. I just lost a few respect points for him. But nonetheless, I have seen him a couple of times and it was always great.

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