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Best day ever!! Yeehaw


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First they tumult 1 was very good in terms of specs and actual productiong lines. The version two came two years after the release of the tumult 1 was stopped. They changed the specs numerous times and then when they released them there was many problems. The specs were not right or off alot. It was bad that they missed the date by two years (ascendant audio swept the market then) and kramskoi will agree as he brought two and he had alot of problems. Mainly from the poor adaption of the tinsel leads that slapped against the cone. Oh and this is with a 100 dollar increase in the original price. Now they offer the version mkII which is really version three after alot of people returned their tumults and the specs once again change and they dropped the promised 18 inch woofer. By this time TCSounds came to play and the tumult's once mighty motor now looks anemic in comparison. Just take a look at the pictures

from original




compared to now the tcsounds lms 5400


btw they are all 15 inch woofers.

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that is just like the jackhanner and audiobahn's 33 inch woofer, they make a whole 10 a year. Mostly it is a marketing tool, just like in cars the m5 is designed to get people who are car fans interested enough to goto the dealer look at the m5 and then see the 5 series is not that bad and is affordable and they drive off with a 530 or such. Its all about marketing and those are tools used to promote the lower products. The parthenon was I believe 10000-20000 per unit meaning..........

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The Parthenon(or what ever this motor was called)was a freak idea and who wanted to have a big motor driving a rigid membrace up and down? A few claimed they would get them,they all deflated like a pierced baloons.

A fan sub can be used mounted a bit like a woofer operating in a IB config. More realistic a s you do not have some dumb bell flapping of a sheet up and down....in the same room. The designers too too much LSD.

Pay me $500/hour and I will hold a 2M (diameter) membrane and move it(agitate it ...LOL),you get a 12" linear "travel"and freq response from 1 to 4Hz! LOL

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first the parthenon on display had a wooden baffle but a cone could be accomodated

second a few did claim to get them and they deflated like some promises you made

third i will pay 500 dollars an hour to flap a membrane to move it and get 12 inches of linear travel from 1-4 hertz, I bet your arm will fall off in 5 minutes

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Listen kids,I make no promises of any kind online. I am screwing the last bolt into this coffin.

"Good heavens...my SunFire Signature is weeping in fear. That thing is a monster!"

Think of this THING as a Monster Signature on illegal steroids.


thinks,ME MUST ORDER ONE and a B4-Plus.ME MUST ME MUST just for the

heck of it.And end up using all my Sunfire subs as PC subs. Sweet


around 400lbs for the Everest and 200lbs for the B4-Plus shipping will

be expensive,but...what the heck.These tweeters are air movers and can

double as fans.1.gif

Good they have a new series(3 models)using the massive Tumult 1.gif I would like the sealed model for my PC.And the prices are very good,wow I am impressed here.

SVS and Acoustic Visions deserve respect.I must I must get these gems



Just took a peek at the driver in this sub,serious sub bass motor.At 2 grand per unit its still a great deal.

Now TheEAR is thinking SVS more then ever.

I will have to cancel the RSW15 then and an amp or two,its ok I prefer to get a set of SVS SS subs. Smile.gif

And why now add two Ultras to two SS? Smile.gifSmile.gifSmile.gif

Hmmm I will replace my Sunfires with SVS.

TheEAR(s) Now theears


so where are they?

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Quote my old posts all you want.Times change.

And yes I replaced my Sunfires...with someting MUCH MUCH MUCH better than any SVS...JL Audio ....HA HA HA HA

Quote me,BTW thank for adding posts to my threads.People like soap opera in the USA.They will flock in great numbers adding views!

You are lucky I am more busy than you and have no time to look up your posts on the sites you post,as you often seem to take people there for ignorants and explain with a hammer things they know.I have read a few funny rebutals from these people who do not apreciate your forceful initiations.

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What I am saying is the f113 is THE best sounding sub below $5000.And this is a very conservative spec,as no ported I heard matched the f113! None,not evenj $5000+ ported,I am confident the f113 goes toe to toe against the Wilson WATCH DOG in SQ and winns!

Bring on HSU.SVS...they fail. Bring Velo and the HGS/DD series...they are close but fail!

Yes the f113 is a must have for anyone who claims to have a high quality system.It extends where large speakers do next to nothing.RF7's,RF83's...not a change...Dynaudio Contour S5.4's...still the f113 matches to perfection. I sound like a hired JL Audio fan boy now.That is because their subs are sick sick sick.

BTW I am going to end up using the f112 as a PC sub. [:P]...when my Gotham arrives. I seriously hope SVS or TcSounds has the fortitude to relase a super sub series that will be total packages like the Fathom/Gotham are. I hope

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