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Best day ever!! Yeehaw


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Outclass,then let anyone here buld a sealed sub using the most capable 12" in the TC SOunds catalog and pit it against the f113,lets see who comes on top. [:D]

Will be very close in the worst case for the W7.I have no doubt

pfft, I am building a dual lms 5400 18 inch sealed. Who wants a inferior 12......

Inferior! You have CLEARLY no idea what you are talking about.The W7 is a world class woofer,and the GOTHAM and FATHOM subs world class subwoofers.

Two of the most capable woofers are little compared with a design done by experts from JL Audio with a calibration system and amp made to match. [:D]

I will buy two ANADA subs with the twin Crown amps.And then if I so desire the Velo 1812.Just for kicks and giggles.

EDITED,yes I was a bit harsh,as harsh as a edgy low cost solid state driving the Jubilee. [:$]

I love riling THEEAR

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The Bl for the W7 is around 17 Tm over the ~3 ohm impedance. the HTW7 may be a differenct coil but the motor is probably the same. There is a good chance the HTW7 is a copper coil which would give it a little more BL over the 12/13W7<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

The sensitivity does not matter so much in a box, because many other factors dominate the output, but you certainly want to maximize cone area and minimize mass. The W7 does use an overroll surround so they get back some of the cone area from the fat one they have because it covers the edge of the basket. Both the W7 and LMS-5400 are awesome drivers, and they among the few that actually use a larger 10" suspension system and custom frames. Many subwoofers these days simply use older stock parts and claim high excursion but really can't overcome many compliance linearity issues.

The inductance value for the W7 is actually very low, it uses half as much coil as a standard coil and the poll piece is drilled out. They claim is some sort of cooling deal but this also will lower inductance because there is less steel for the coil to see. This is partly why its such a great design. The LMS-5400 also shows characteristics of low inductance with its extra wide gap from the linear coil, the T/S seem to back that up.

As regards to the new XXX, it looks impressive and they do use a wide suspension, I think its 10", but you can't get a linear 54 mm out of that unless its some new crazy design I have not seen. The new XXX will also not top the LMS-5400 or 13W7 cone area being equal. The BL product is less than both and less than twice that of the LMS driver, the sensitivity is also much lower. Formal tests should be done, I may be wrong.

Who knows....

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The specs(cone travel of their highest performing woofer series) on the RE site are very probably ...near tearing point and of no real use. Looks like a beast in any case and could be another killer woofer.

Enough sub bass,today I got my dose.My place shook like a leaf in the wind,thanks to some comparo sessions of subs. [:D]

I must stop buying subs,place is running out(even after piling models of the same make)! .

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Good,the more people hear the JL subwoofers the more will become converts. [:D] The negative barking will lead to the barkers losing credibility. [;)]

I am now a full time member of the temple of JL Audio

My typos are legendary,I cannot spell a damn! [:$]

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You can also catch "The Ear" over at avsforum.com under the subwoofer section... where else, right?

I have another friend in the biz, which many of you have bought from on this forum, and he too was very impressed.

Again this is not a budget item and not intended as such ($3K MSRP) but when compared to the new Martin Logan (many know I'm a big fan) and the likes of Velodyne, Thiel, Revel, Aerial etc. it is a winner.

True, the SVS may have 80-90% of the bang for half the bucks, but this industry thrives on those paying 2X or 3X more for that last 10% of performance.

Maybe soon I can help in that regard, no promises yet...

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"I must stop buying subs,place is running out"

yeah, riiiiiight... [;)], like I'm gonna quit buying Heritage anytime soon.



You know it and I know it we will continue adding,you heritage speakers and me subs.Of all sizes. Audio,one of the best hobbies. May cost a little and need a little room but I would not trade it for anything else. [:D]

Each hobby I start,I buy a load of gear...a damn huge load. Heh contributing my part to the world economy. [;)]

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The new Sunfire D series are made in China.The Klipsch RT-10d is made in China.All my other subs are made in the USA,Canada. My amps all made in the USA,Canada.My digital in Japan. Stands in England and Canada.

The vast majority is made in the USA and Canada.About 85% of my gear,the rest in Japan and of course all Dynaudio in Denmark. [:D] North american labour first,screw outsourcing and its proponents(all of them and thier friends to boot).

The best subwoofers are made in the USA,not even a close contest. Look at JL Audio and TC Sounds do they need to outsource to beat the trash out of the competition and be competitive? NOT

Look at Paradigm,made in Canada. PSB made in Canada and comnpetitive.The "I cannot compete hiring here " is a huge pile of dung. Hire competent people and fire the lackies.

See what you did...

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I agree with every word you said Ear, but there is nothing we can do

about the outsourcing. Its obvious that the big businesses have it

stuck in their heads that foreign work is better and there is nothing

we can do about it. It is extremely obvious that China-made stuff is

crap when compared to stuff made in the US and Canada...you got the

gotham yet?

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[:D] Stop asking about GOTHAM GOTHAM,when I get one I will post pics. Just to show off one of the baddest subs on planet Earth.And the most formidable sealed sub save for the Krell MRS.

I would like to see a comparo JL Audio GOTHAM VS Krell MRS,two of the most capable sealed monsters to grace the sub world.

I think the Krell may have a slim lead in SPL.

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Not me,just reading the negative review in Sound & Vision. Now I know,reviews are better left to people who cannot test the products first hand.

I after all can buy the subs I want/need,so reviews...not for me.

The f112 is an excellent sub. The f113 is more of the f112 goodness,more output and the GOTHAM even MORE output and some serious abyss deep extension to boot!

craigsub is doing a comparo of a few,I will have my own when I get a few more home.I am buying test gear to make it happen too. This after Christmas,I have no time for a comparo now,too damn busy at work(65-70 hours week).

He he TheEAR will have them all.ALl I say.I will be unstoppable. [:P] Sub bass wise.I will even consider and probably buy a few subs off the net,as some great subs are internet only(SVS,av123,HSU,Axiom). Will nprobably end up with two walls of subs.

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