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Best day ever!! Yeehaw


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Good to hear,yes HSU subwoofers are winners.You simply cannot find anything less than great for the price with HSU!

If I had to make a short list of great subwoofers(price performance here) it would be...

JL Audio



Seaton Sound (also designed the BMF for AV123)

Each of their subs is damn good,each JL is astounding in quality. I read so many asking over and over if HSU or SVS or JL make good subs,silly very silly.They make top performing subs in the respective price brackets.

I also looking forward to Mark Seaton's SubMersive subs,when he releases them in gloss black,I get two. Also sealed like the JL and with good output down to 8Hz (yes eight hertz,so good it hurts).

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