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My RB5's I baught today are vibrating from something during very deep bass, or reletivly loud midbass. It is very easy to here from all parts of the room.

How can this be fixed??





Gatta' love klipsch

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M2, well, I'm assuming you've checked all the obvious points ... like what it's sitting on, whether any parts/screws are visibly loose ...

Note that loose doors to cabinets and things sitting on shelves can throw the sound of vibration, and it can be fairly omnidirectional. Listen really carefully to make sure it's actually the speaker and not something else that it's impacting.

Good luck.


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You wrote you just bought them, did you get a

warranty for defects?

If the speaker is defective, send it back.

If your stuck with it,(No warranty)then tear into

the enclosure and police out the problem.

Is this vibrating a scrapeing noise?

Check the suspicious driver by pushing in the

cone gently, and try to notice for scrapes.

This would indicate that the voice coil is

rubbing the magnet.

This would make for sick noises.

Don't rule out vibrations from your dwelling.

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