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Gotham G213 enuff said


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well looks like Christmas came early for me this year and i just thought id share my joy with everyone..

it came to my dealer in a box that weighed 460 pounds and came on its own pallet dropped off by lift gate truck then the jl rep wanted us to inspect it ..when i got it to my house getting 460 pounds up the stairs was no easy task butt hey what are friends for [:)] once we opened the box the sub was in its own micro fiber bag along with white gloves so you wouldn't scratch it the finish was unbelievable unlike anything Ive seen they even give you nano wax to keep it looking good.

Ive only tested it for a little while but its amazing to me how something so brutal looking can also give you the subtle details and also blow your doors off


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I'm not using the klipsch subs with the Gotham but the difference is astounding it doesn't have to be turned up very much for yo to know its there and its so smooth .

watching movies over again i notice or should i say feel things that weren't there before. for me it seemed like i had to turn the klipsch subs up to really get what i wanted out of them and some scenes seemed over done with *** ...the Gotham i didn't have to turn up and it was able to give you the subtleness and brutality with out over doing it ..

all in all its a sick piece of engineering and is scary when not even trying..one thing i did notice was the power draw was minimal as compared to my klipsch yet these things were shaking the house with out even trying

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