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More Bose Bashing... or is that a copywrited term...

Ray Garrison

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I once had a nuance sub. 200W 10". CRAP. It had no output. The sales guy (Im young, and he got me) told me that this sub was going to be overkill, and that the sub vibrates across the floor, and stuff like that. I had it cranked and it never moved and inch. It couldn't keep up with my minisystem, ($400) and that's sad. And it costs $900!!! The amp blew the next day.




Gatta' love klipsch

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Give me a BREAK

PSB does not deserve to be with Dynaudio,Focal(JM Lab) and company.Not even close.

Sure the price...WHO CARES when quality(best of best here)is THE main focus.

My Dynaudio Contour 3.3's will slaughter the PSB Stratus Gold in quality.Heard them and was not impressed.PSB is superior to Paradigm but not near Dynaudio.NOT A FAT CHANCE Its like to compare a cadillac STS(PSB) to a BMW M5(Dynaudio).Who winns..UH DUH HELLO HELLO not even close.


Yep *uance is very close to B0$e.I posted several "reviews" on Audio Review so you should check them out.If any you find are funny its probably written by me.These ripoff artists dont deserve ANY respect.

These bozo clowns sell garbage at almost Dynaudio and Thiel prices!And you dont even get 10% of what the lowest Klipsch gives you!

They want to stuff a ceapo unwanted credit card down your throat!Then you pay and pay and pay for TRASH and you have to suffer for TEN years with their EXCLUSICE(sure is ...DOH)10 year of suffering warranty.Even if your dog..your cat or angry wife cant stand the piss poor quality and rip the *uance apart...YOU STILL GET A NEW *uance!


*uance speakers are designed for those who hate music and want to loose hearing!Dont waste any green on these

boxes of disguised toxic waste.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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I thought this was kinda funny. There is a guy selling his home theater setup on eBay right now. Klipsch. To buy something "smaller like Bose". Says he doesn't have the room although these Klipschs do play "loud".


Outlaw 1050 A/V Receiver

Rega P3 Turntable

AMC CD8b CD Player

Toshiba 3108 DVD Player

Klipsch KG 4.2s(main)

2 Dynaco A-10/V IIs(centers)

Cerwin Vega E-706s(rears)

Cerwin Vega LW-12(sub)

Parasound PPH-100 Phono Preamp

Vampire Wire Digital Interconnects & Speaker Wire

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