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Dead RW-10D


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I'm a newbie here. I have Klipsch reference series front, rear and center. I just purchased an RW-10d on Ebay. The box was unopened. Hooked it up to a yamaha 5790 amp - subwoofer LFE output to left side of the RW-10d. The next day - no display - no light - no sound. It will not turn on. Could you guys help? I checked the fuse and it reads OK with an ohm meter. I tried the Y adapter idea and drove it heard - to see if it is in the sleep mode. Still dead!

If you put this thing in the sleep or auto turn on mode - which I believe I did playing with the display - will the blue display turn on with the on/off switch?

I have electronic knowledge - but don't want to tear into it - if I am just doing something stupid.

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Thanks for the reply guys. The seller sold me a brand new subwoofer. The box had never been opened. But - not being an authorized klipsch dealer (he was a liquidator) - I will probably have to fix it myself. I am an Avionics Engineer and been in the business 25 years. Fixing an amp won't be too tough.

I am leaving Sat. morning for Puerto Vallarta for Xmas. I decided to leave it for a 2008 project.

I opened a claim dispute with Paypal - the seller was willing to give me the money back. I decided to keep it and fix it. The hassle and time frame to get your money back through Paypal wasn't worth it. I went through it once before - it was months before I got paid.

Does anyone have a schematic for a RW-10D?

That would make this a lot easier to repair. This thing worked for a day. I put it in "auto on" mode and it never came back on the next day? I tried the "Y" connector out of the LFE output. Then I tried hooking up the "high" inputs on the sub. No luck.

I just read another thread and they said that Klipsch will repair just the amp. You guys know anything about this? What is the phone number for tech support?

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I actually found this post because I had a similar issue with my RW-12d. I checked the fuses, etc. It just seemed like there was no power getting to the subwoofer. I unplugged everything (power, input cable), turned off the receiver, disabled the subwoofer in the receiver setup, plugged everything back in and it somehow worked again.

I was ready to call the dealer right before that happened. I'm sure you have already tried this but I just thought I would share.

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I tried that - hoping it would come back on. Nothing - it is still dead. I even tried hooking to the "High" inputs the 2nd time and nothing. I will probably pull the back of today and hunt around with an meter and see if anything is blown.

I hate to do that but I have no other choice. If it is just a part or 2 it will make the $280 investment worth while. That is still cheaper than retail.

Thanks for all of the response. I will probably be back on here when I find the answer.


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