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Quintets From Ubid


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I bought a pair from UBID and my experience was good.

You have to bid on 2 to get a pair atleast thats what

it said when i bought them a month ago. I would imagine

its the same now. i got 2 for 89 Shipped and they

came in one box factory sealed so my guess is you

still have to bid on 2 to win a pair.



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SB-3 Mains

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Quintet Rears

KSW-12 Sub

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Don't know about uBid, but you can find singles and pairs of the Quintet satellite lots of places online. Quintet center is near impossible to find except as part of the complete Quintet package. A Quintet satellite will work just fine in its place if you don't require the center channel form factor.

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Hello Andrew, welcome to the BB!

I have been watching Klipsch speakers on uBid for over a year. I have never seen them sell a the complete Quintet (5 piece) system. Ubid only sells Quintets by the pair (so far). I have never seen a Quintet center channel there, only KSC-C1 and KLF-C7's.

Good luck!


Ed W

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At uBid you have to buy them buy Quintets buy the pair. Your bid price will be per speaker but they require you to buy two speakers. A $39 bid will cost you $78 + shipping/handling.

To get 5 Quintets you need to buy 6 of them at uBid (you will get the Klipsch factory warranty).

There are folks at ebay who sell them in sets of 5 sometimes, but I don't believe you will have the Klipsch factory warranty (no matter what the seller leads you to believe).


Ed W

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You should use eBay to buy the complete system.

It's called the Klipsch (Synergy Series) Quintet Microtheatre.

It comes with 4 Satellite speakers and 1 Center channel.

Here's a few sets currently being auctioned:



If you just want the Center, here's an auction JUST for the Center(it's an outrageous price though in my opinion, and I can't believe 3 people have actually bid on it):


I'd probably do a little more shopping if I were you. I'd start off with TWO MAIN speakers (FRONTS), and then work your way up to a CENTER, and then buy TWO SURROUNDS - but buy HIGHER END Klipsch speakers. The Quintet are okay, but you may quickly desire a more full-range system.



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