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P-39F's are 2.5X more expensive than P-37's, why?


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It seems they both use the same mid/high frequency driver, and the woofers are generally the same. I would guess the quality of the cabinet and crossover is the same as well.

Why does adding 2" to three woofers add $6,000 to each tower?

That said, looks like an amazing new line of speakers, great work Klipsch!

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Flagship of any line always carries a premium in the audio market.

Look at the B&W 800 Series, you step up fairly linerally from the base tower to the flagship, and there is big differences between them - and then that fancy new Signature Diamond speaker, which is in its own category.

I could see the 37's being $8,000, the 38's being $10,000 and the 39's being $12,000, or something like that.

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In luxury product lines, the high price of an item adds to its desirability. Some buyers weren't interested in Klipschorns because they weren't expensive enough, never mind how good they sound.

People at certain income levels expect to spend a certain amount on the things they want and won't buy anything that costs less, since it would lower their status in their eyes and the eyes of their equally snobby friends.

That's not to say that all Palladium buyers are snobs, just that the Palladium line is aimed at a market that may have more than a few.

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Just seems very unKlipschlike. Not saying it has to be a good value/cheap, but the difference in price between the 37 and 39 seems extreme. Maybe if it had a better crossover, heavy base, higher-grade veneer, etc., but it seems like its pretty similar to the others.

I would still like to hear Klipsch's take on this, maybe there is a difference.

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kenratboy (and all),

For the most part, the price difference is related to manufacturing costs. The 39 is extremely difficult and costly to build with very tight quality standards, resulting in higher rejection rates on parts and materials at the plant. The sheer size of the veneer makes it more vulnerable to the slightest imperfections that would not pass muster.

Also, please refer the post I just made about recent price increases overall.

By widening the pricing gap a bit more for the P-39F, we were able to keep the rest of the line fairly reasonably priced during this difficult time, close to or the same as what was originally targeted.

Furthermore, the P-39F was always intended to be more of a "halo" piece, drawing attention to the rest of the line and catering to a market that isn't necessarily on what you'd consider a "tight budget." We have been pleasantly surprised, however, that it is becoming more of a mainstream piece and demand is high, so we're not complaining.

I hope that makes sense. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


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IMO, the biggest change was going from 15k to 20k in a blink of an eye... On the P 39f's.

Your trying to rationalise for some months 15 then poof... they are what now?

Is that a new "price expectation?"

I believe totally as we spoke about that the new price increase was totally reflected on the euro's strength against the dollar

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