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Where would I have been if I walked one mile south, then one mile east, then one mile north and actually end up in the spot I started in? Yay Canada, taking the gold in both mens and womens hockey, at least we still kick arse in some things!!!!!


Don't count on me, to let you know when.....

Don't count on me, I'll do it again.

Don't count on me, it's the point you're missing.

Don't count on me, cause I'm not listening.

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Originally posted by iXtreme:

Where would I have been if I walked one mile south, then one mile east, then one mile north and actually end up in the spot I started in? Yay

you've got meConfused.gif



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Wow, you got me there... I couldn't figure out how to walk South from the South Pole... and I had a friend that lived there and used to call me on the phone from time-to-time.

Mike Galan was part of a research team investigating the properties of laying a 26 mile long antenna on top of the South Pole snow pack and testing its potential for communicating all over the world. He would use this huge radio antenna to call his friends by linking up with a ham operator who would then patch the call into a land line.

So, I would get a call with the operator saying, "Will you accept a collect call from Mike Galan?" And, being prudent of costs, I would tell the operator (truthfully), "Gee, the last time I got a call from Mike he was at the South Pole... Where is he calling from this time?" She would laugh, and say someplace within a 100 miles or so... except for Mike's pranks occasional pranks. cwm24.gif HornEd

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"Tubby sure" Kenratboy... the number one posting quality is to communicate... and you sure have shown a lot of light and raised some interesting questions. Sure glad that numerical mind is pushing out enough words to make this board a better read. Raising the right question, heading toward a good answer and helping a fellow Forum member is what it's all about.

I think you will find the essay contests on a Bose Site (BS) where words get in the way of truth, justice and the American Way! I guess will be a few screws short because as you can tell from the replies, we like you the way you are! cwm35.gif HornEd

PS: How about that Boa, he won't go South on you even if you ruffle a few feathers! He even believes that underneath a computer "spell checker" is a bunch of zeroes and ones to comfort the numerically inclined!

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