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  1. "Rank", based on post count. Again, fairly arbitrary. Standard forum stuff though, and it's been here for years as well.
  2. No, they are points. Think basketball, not golf.
  3. Chad

    Forum Facelift 2016

    The scroll bar? Hmmm, that has nothing to do with the forums... What web browser (and version) you using?
  4. Just an FYI - I removed that forum area and moved all the topics that were in it into other forum areas related to their subjects. Thanks
  5. What forum theme do you like better? The "winner" will be made default for new users. (Don't know what a theme is? Look at the bottom of the page, and click the "Theme" link.)
  6. Chad

    Forum Facelift 2016

    I must admit i'm still unsure what you mean, but as long as it's working now, great! I'd like to help you out if the problem persists (and it's something to do with the forums itself), so if it happens again, maybe attach a screenshot?
  7. It's just semi-arbitrary points that you can accumulate as people like your posts. It's a way for newbies to determine how "reputable" forum veterans are when they post what they post. You may notice the "Popular Contributors" widget in the right sidebar on topic lists & the forum homepage (on desktop) - these are like "reputation stats". Yes. This is as it's always been. (well, since we migrated to this software first a few years ago). This is one of those annoying performance issues I'm trying to work out. Part of the problem is the servers that the forums and database are currently on. Along with the "MArk this as the best answer" button... This is only in this Q&A forum area. It's a new feature in teh latest forum version. I'm not sure it's a good fit here though. Will probably revert it to a normal forum area.
  8. Chad

    Forum Facelift 2016

    I'm not exactly clear on what you are talking about here. Do you mean the sidebar column on the right of the topic lists? (where the recent posts, recent gallery images, etc., are listed?)
  9. This is not something that shows up in your profile feed. Likes, posts, and notifications of who "follow" you (used to be called "friends" in the old system) are listed.
  10. It's supported, but I don't recommend it.
  11. Chad

    Forum Facelift 2016

    It's back! You'll probably have to select it from the theme list again.
  12. Chad

    Forum Facelift 2016

    We had some problems.... Announcement on front page incoming... it'll come back!
  13. You'd be surprised at how autonomous I am here.
  14. A key takeaway here is to just know that just because something doesn't appear "broken" to you, doesn't mean it wasn't. The upgrade was 100% necessary, for reasons I already explained. I know some people don't like change, and that's OK. Comes with the territory. As a web developer, I have to deal with that constantly. Things change daily in my world -- that's not even an exaggeration.
  15. Agreed. It's due partially to the server. I also know the developers are constantly trying to improve the performance of that feature -- in fact, their latest Beta release (from today) promises great improvements to Activity Streams, so maybe it'll improve over time. It's slow for me as well. The good news is it seems like since the search index is done, just about every other part of the forum is back to "normal", performance-wise.
  16. Yes just open your web browser on your phone and enter community.klipsch.com. Then you can bookmark it.
  17. It's my fault for not clearly explaining the new Q&A section's purpose and how to use it. It's not really built for conversations, but rather strictly Q&A (sort of like a stackexchange.com type of thing) - It remains to be seen if this type of forum area is really useful here, so it may go away if not. Nope, you shouldn't worry. I just wanted to clean things up a bit. No harm-no foul. As i said above it's really on me for not clearly explaining some of the new things.
  18. Everyone has their "moments"...
  19. For some reason, I'm not able to enable the "delete from My Attachments Page" option. So, for now, you'll need to click into the post linked next to each attachment to edit that post and remove the attachment there.
  20. Added the 3rd option. You can also change your vote now.
  21. Chad

    Forum Facelift 2016

    I don't see that behavior. It never scrolls me when I mark a forum as read.... hmmmmm
  22. That's actually under Account Settings now, not profile.
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