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  1. Orange Peel, nice setup! Man, those dual SVS cylinders sure look intimidating! I'm sure to the average person who visits your house, they will wonder what the heck they are.
  2. CO1...wow...if those are your friends...I'm glad you're on our side...
  3. Wait, what is going on? Klipsch will release THX Ultra II certified speakers? Will they be floorstanders or bookshelves or satellites or promedias? Will they eclipse the Reference series?
  4. yeah, it did. All above 90's, and performance was something like 96. Basically, the reviewer said he didn't want to return the RB-75's cause they sounded so nice.
  5. ---------------- On 11/4/2003 8:12:31 PM white wolf wrote: I want a good HT and I want to buy it once but a very good one. Now i would share my budget with you guys please recommend what would u go for. My budget for now is: 2000 $ ---------------- Interesting, I remember you from before saying that price was no object, that you had multiple khorns being delivered to you (and if they're on the way, then my god that shipping company has been taking months!). If you only wanna buy a good HT once, well...haven't you already done so? Unless ofcourse, you're just claiming what you don't have.
  6. I think what sakura is asking is what the major differences are between the three aforementioned speakers types, and how to hook up a 3.1 system. To put it very very generally, floorstanders/bookshelves/satellites are different in that floorstanders are generally more expensive and many like them best for music without a subwoofer. I personally like floorstanders best, period. Bookshelves are usually cheaper, take up less space, but often require a subwoofer to properly reproduce the full dynamic range of movie or music soundtracks. satellites are basically for budget and/or space conscious folks.
  7. It won't damage your speakers. I'm not sure if you mean setting the main to "Large" and then the subwoofer to "On" because this might actually result in less bass. If the yamaha's have an "extra bass" feature that pumps the full LFE freq to both the mains (and whatever other speakers you designate) PLUS the sub, then you might actually get more bass than you want. Such is the case with my preamp processor. Too much bass is not a good thing, though a little santa elf will disagree with me on that. From what I know, many like to keep their mains set to small, despite being towers, and have the sub cut off anywhere from 100hz to 80hz. And make sure the freq crossover filter on the sub is either disengaged (if applicable) or set as high as can go, so the yammy can electronically cut it off at the right level.
  8. I'm not too familiar with the Lexicon MC-12, but I know the unit is offered in an unbalanced ($6000) and balanced ($8000) version. I would assume these respective units to ONLY have either RCA or XLR connections. So perhaps Lexicon is an example of a maker of prepros that has a truly seperate balanced processor?
  9. I think you pretty much listed the only ones worthy of note below $2000. Oh, maybe the Parasound classic line too.
  10. I think the RF-7 has audiophile quality sound regardless of any price range.
  11. ---------------- On 10/18/2003 11:50:05 PM m00n wrote: ---------------- On 10/18/2003 7:24:33 PM prodj101 wrote: I know all you guys out there with reference systems are laughing at my synergy home theatre, ---------------- I would never laugh at your system. I might laugh at you, but not your system. ---------------- Exactly...and besides, you own references anyway.
  12. ---------------- On 10/18/2003 12:27:02 PM kenratboy wrote: And remember, and major construction needs to be designed to comply with feig-shi (sp?), and that can get VERY expensive. ---------------- "Feng Shui" or "wind water." Yeah, you are right. The Chinese are obsessed with this. Skonopa - that miniature building is tight. Where did you get it? I wanna bite off you and get one too.
  13. I just hope you don't have any cats or dogs or small children.
  14. I'd say avoid LA. I live smack in downtown amidst all the skyscrapers (granted, there are more in Long Beach as well) but nothing, NOTHING like what you'll find in tokyo, new york, or hong kong - where buildings have become an art form. The two blue "bond center" buildings built by an australian man are actually two trees with koalas climbing on them. The bank of china, i believe it's called, is crafted after a piece of bamboo. And there's another huge hotel skyscraper with a GIGANTIC hole (I'm talking 20 hotel rooms X 20 hotel rooms) carved in the middle for the "lucky dragon" to fly through.
  15. Rudy, maybe just for sh!ts and giggles, you should buy a set of RF-7's and plug them in to your amps along with balanced cables and see how you like the sound. Granted, you own Belles and they are unworldly speakers, but all I'm suggesting is you try some equally fine speakers with less sensitivity. They results might might make you keep the balanced cables and think about changing speakers? (blasphemy!)
  16. Dammit I would buy these for my brother but you want local pick up. I'm in LA.
  17. ---------------- On 10/15/2003 12:00:02 AM Orange Peel wrote: Nope sorry, a dedicated Killer Instinct 2. ---------------- OH MY GOD I would have bought that off you for any price you desired!!! That was my game in high school! Nobody could touch me! What price did you give it away for? Or better yet, WHO did you sell it to so I can hunt them down and take it from them KILL BILL style.
  18. Hmm, omnifi seems interesting enough...although it is essentially a device that takes all your mp3's and broadcasts them anywhere in your house (kinda like Yamaha's Music Cast Client) or to your car - which is admittedly pretty neat. Still, I generally listen to either radio or the same ol cd's over and over again in my car. And since I live in an apartment, broadcasting it all over 1200 square feet isn't really all that necessary.
  19. Thanks guys...I actually searched around on yahoo and found 2 very good sites: http://www.dvdoverseas.com/dvd.htm and http://www.220-electronics.com/. While I'm hardly an advocate of online electronics purchases, mutli-region (ORANGE PEEL - I think you were thinking of multi-format) dvd players are almost impossible to find at any B&M store or "authorized" etailer like crutchfield, j&r, etc. What most players being sold on these sites are popular makes and models of dvd players (complete with digital optical and coaxial outs, progressive scan, component outpouts) that have been modified with a special chip that allows playback of dvd's from regions 1-6. Also, they have built in PAL-NTSC converters so you can play any dvd from anywhere around the globe without an external converter. I ended up going with the JVC SA-602 which retails for $399 (as they claim) and I got it for $189. SHADY? Yes, somewhat...but I decided to gamble with my luck this once. Heck, I won $500 from Veijas and another $300 from Pachanga in San Diego this past weekend...I might be on a winning streak.
  20. Congrats on joining our cult! Now you must buy an all black velvet robe with red silk trimming and a solid oak paddle and have atleast 100 candles burning...oh wait, that's my fraternity. Nice purchases though! You'll love your speakers...especially they RF-3II's and the RC-35. As far as subs go, I'd say check out the Klipsch reference line, SVS, and HSU. But SVS above them all.
  21. I used to think that with the ability to download and burn MP3 into audio cd's, the cd industry was totally doomed. My friends and I used to say what's the point in buying any cd now? In fact, we even compared how long it's been since each of us last bought a cd. But this was before I got my home theater gear. Now I realize there is no match for a cd in terms of it's bitrate and it's recording. On a revealing system, an MP3 cd simply isn't all that. So whereas the last cd i once bought was about 3 years ago, i've purchased about 10 more in the past 2 days.
  22. Moon - just curious...IF you did end up getting the car bday present for her, was it gonna be a headunit or speakers? I just wanna see which 50% of this forum convinced you.
  23. Does anyone have or know of a multi-region DVD player that is worth recommending. Price is not an object. But I want optical/coaxial digital outs, progressive scan - which also means component inputs. I need to watch my anime.
  24. Since you're also on club parasound (what is your alias there, wildblue?) and here, Rudy has also successfully hijacked (jk!) the official parasound halo thread on AVS forum. Klipsch's are efficient, but I also run XLR connections and experience miniscule hiss only when very very close to the speaker. As in when my ear is pressed up to the speaker grille. It might be because I use RF-7's and Rudy uses Belles. I'm not sure...either way, I would not worry that using one cable over another - balanced vs. unbalanced - will produce huge or detrimental results. If you must, try them both out. However, I'm here to tell you that I use balanced connections from the C2 to A51 and A21 with Klipsch reference speakers and there is absolute not a complaint on my part. From any listening distance other than UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, hiss is non-audible. BTW - congrats on the purchase of HALO gear. They are fine products indeed.
  25. ---------------- On 10/13/2003 9:20:05 PM space_cowboy wrote: nicholti - Depending on your credit and debt ratios, you can easily put down less on a home that what all that gear in your apartment is worth. ---------------- Hehe, you might be right, but then there's no point in owning a home if all my home theater gear is gone. Besides, I want a BIG BIG BIG house in beverly hills. I'm talking the kind with servants and servants for their servants. Just wait until I direct my big blockbuster and win the Oscar for Best Director. Then all my dreams will come true...
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