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  1. Why exactly do you want to hook it up via coax (RG-6?) cable and not a subwoofer cable?
  2. I have both the Monster 2600 and 7000 units. Before them, even at moderate volumes with no music playing, there was a tremendous hum through the speakers. With these units, the speakers are perfectly silent without any source playing. I paid about $800 for the $1200 HTPS 7000 unit from soundpros.
  3. I am assuming dogg digital is a bogus brand? I have a couple friends who purchased speakers from these white van guys a few years ago, another brand I remember was called "dyna audio" (i guess a rip off of dynaudio). however, everyone looks their speakers up on the website (such as dogg digitals, which you must admit is very impressive and professional), which tote the speakers for 1-2K a pair. So my question is do these white van guys also spend the time to put up such a nice looking but bogus website? or is there something more that I am not aware of?
  4. Kenratboy, you will enjoy this class I'm sure, it sounds awesome. Even if it's just cop movies, any movie class kicks *** in my opinion. Infact, it sounds very similar to the class I just had last semester. The teacher was critic Leonard Maltin, and we watched movies before they'd come out (so we saw The Hunted, Daredevil, Life of David Gale, Spellbound, City of God, The Recruit, Better Luck Tomorrow, Tears of the Sun, Adaptation, just to name a few) and then the best part was... the director/screenwriter/producer and/or the actors would come out in person to be interviewed by him (like he does for a living) and we'd all take fast and furious notes. Oh, and the theater system was quite incredible too. (think Kodak Theater in Hollywood).
  5. Do you want/need progressive scan? SACD? MP3? VCD? CD-R and CD-RW? DVD-Audio? DVD-R and DVD-RW? Listing which formats you'd like your dvd player to play would help skim down the selection.
  6. not sure, but i think www.soundpros.com has slightly cheaper than BB or GG prices.
  7. Alot did, but the offer only applied to us folks over here on the West coast. I doubt they ordered 800 pairs though. The stock rooms in GG usually only stock about 7-8 pairs of any one speaker at max.
  8. But if you have a large or very wide room, a single rear speaker might not provide enough coverage. Two speakers might help it the spaciousness.
  9. Hey mmiles, I sent you a PM. And if it were me, I'd just set up the system, the surround speakers, and slap the bed smack in the middle. Then you can even throw the sub underneath for some extra vibrations. And midnight fun.
  10. I agree with chinoloco. I use the Pioneer Elite 45TX with RF-35's (RF-3 II's before, then I traded them in for upgrade). Life does not get any better with this combo.
  11. ---------------- On 8/25/2003 6:54:49 PM dPhoenix wrote: I have heard it all ---------------- Then what the heck you need our opinions for? You've heard it all already. And other than HK, if you go by the opinions you posted, then you've basically ruled out 90% of the best brands in that price range. Great job.
  12. Yeah, you can get the SWS. And if you DO decide to go down to a 2.1 (why though? just swap out your 4.1 for another 4.1 if it really is defective), I think the 2.1 would still serve you better than logitech.
  13. Is this the Magnus Bond dude who hand crafts them in Sweden or something and then sends them over? They're like $200 per plaque I think. He's over on the hometheaterforum section of "HT intertiors."
  14. First of all, there is a dedicated promedia 4.1 section on this forum that would gaurantee you more informative responses. Second, I own only the 2.1 promedias, but from what I gather it might seem like something is wrong with your power chord? Are all your speakers plugged into your sub? Cause the sub is also the amp, which powers your 4 speakers. All 4 and the control "thingy" should be going into the sub, the control unit should have a phone jack that goes into your computer's headphone (or soundcard) input, and the sub plugs into your wall.
  15. I eat one every morning for potassium. and then another in the afternoon inside my protein shake. then my girlfriend has one at night...
  16. ---------------- On 8/22/2003 3:22:45 PM kenratboy wrote: Who are you? ---------------- Haha, I can tell you must not frequent AVS forum much. Mmiles, again - do you have links? i'd love to read the review.
  17. whoa, hey brent! didn't know you were on this forum also!
  18. Reclaim your car, and donate it for a nice tax break.
  19. 6 rear channels. Most movie theaters only have 5. I didn't know people of your caliber existed. I'm in awe. Please pick my jaw up off the floor, along with my fallen RC-7.
  20. ------------------ In all hobbies, there always has to be a object or ridicule. In the car world, it is Korean cars or the new 7-Series BMW. ------------------ The 7 series BMW? Please, please tell me you're kidding.
  21. You say your surrounds will only be used 10 hours a month? i assume that then applies to how often you use your home theater? is money a high concern for you? cause if you're already planning to go 7.1 klipsch, it would seem that the best thing to do would be start building your klipsch 7.1 system starting with some reference or heritage series for fronts, and begin moving your once-main JBL HLS to the surrounds until you can afford klipsch's for surrounds, eventually phasing out the JBLs. No point wasting money on surrounds if you're just going to get rid of them later.
  22. Well sony and philips are big into SACD because they invented it. that's why their players don't feature dvd-a, while all other universal players do. that's why i think a uni-player from something like pioneer, denon, or whatever is more worth it. as for connectivity, sacd and dvd-a can only be connected via 5.1 multichannel analog outputs...due to copying restrictions or what not. as for what is better, coaxial or optical, if you do searches on any A/V forum i'm sure you'll discover heated debates. personally i always used toslink optical cause i figured "light" was more pure. until i tried a high quailty thx ultra monster cable coaxial. my goodness, coaxial is the way to go man. but your ears might tell you differently. try em both out, return the loser. i too like goodguys, and buy my klipsch's from them...but thats only cause the salesperson i do business with actually cares about his work and takes time to learn about the products. just the other day i was in there to audition a velodyne sub and to give some mission audio speakers a listen, and i started looking at how they had their parasound c1, a51, and a21 hooked up. this pompous old salesman struts up to me (this was in the private demo room btw) and takes a look at me (22 years old), my raggedy clothes, and is like "ehh, can i help YOU sir?" so i ask him "yes, between the c1 and c2, i understand there are several more I/O and the addition of an LCD screen, but does the lcd screen display all of the input media, through s-video and component? also, what is the difference regarding the two units' power supplies. are there any notable sonic differences between these two prepros?" this guy goes to the back on the unit and starts saying "uh...well there are XLR inputs, 7 digital inputs...and goes on about things totally unrelated to my stupid question. once my salesperson came in to the room this other guy swiftly left. i think he just felt stupid. well good riddance to him! btw chinoloco, i notice you have both the 45tx and 43tx. impressive. i want 2 eilte receivers. i'm jealous.
  23. Would kenratboy the answering machine be referring to me or mr. mmiles the crazy poster?
  24. I totally relate. I don't know anybody that has heard of lexicon, krell, parasound, rotel, etc. I mean heck, they have BARELY heard of denon, b&w, klipsch, etc. whenever they watch movies at my place, they always ask me - wow, i didn't know this cd/dvd was recorded so good. i want to slap them. i want to tell them "no you idiot! it's not the $20 cd! it's the damn system fooL!" basically, that's why these online forums are so great. cause you learn so much from all these older smart guys, and then you can in turn use it, pass it on to others, or play mind games with sales people.
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