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  1. There are 2 Macallan bottles - a cask strength, and a 17 year-old fine oak, though it's hidden in the back. I also have a Springbank 10, though it's lower in the case and was cut-off in the photo. All the Glens are good (Glenrosthes, Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Glenfarclas, Glendronach, etc), though not in my top tier.
  2. Here's a pic that hopefully will inspire some to go on a mostly organic diet...
  3. I usually just pick out something from this cabinet...
  4. Dashboard Confessional "Dusk & Dawn" - Emo Rock CD. Don't expect anything more than mainstream, slightly sugary, pleasing emo (orginally standing for "emotive hardcore," a derivative of punk music where the lyrics revolved more around broken relationships and shattered hearts) that is catchy, poppy, and slick in production sound. That said, it's a wonderful album for exactly that - mainstream, commercial emo crooning. It's a highly listenable album for all ranges of the spectrum (save for headbangers). Grownups in rocking chairs, parents doing the dishes, young professionals getting torn a new one by the boss at the office, or simply those poor teens crying into their pillows at night - all NEED apply.
  5. Either that, or just watch the trailer of that new chick-flick "The Lake House" starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. The song that plays throughout the trailer is one of Keane's hits.
  6. PARTY AT WAYNE'S HOUSE!!! Who's bringing the keg?
  7. Muse "Absolution" - Progressive/Experimental Rock CD/LP. My favorite band of all time, and they're going on tour again! A phenomena in Europe (they're British) but known only to those deeply into progressive heavy rock in the states, the presale for Muse tickets went on at 10am this morning, and within 5 minutes, the Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York locations were all sold-out! Luckily I have 2 computers and was able to nab up the LA and SD locations. I would've bought tickets to San Francisco too, but alas, I haven't the time or money to make that 3rd trek. Muse is like Radiohead in that you either love em, or you hate em. There's not really an in-between. They can be loud, thrashing, and headbanging; they can be sweeping and epic in orchestral grandeur; and they can just as easily lull you to sleep with hazy, shoe-gazer infused ballads. This album is my personal favorite album in all the 25 years of my life.
  8. Aimee Mann "The Forgotten Arm" - Indierock/Singer-Songwriter CD. "Full of bittersweet songcraft that has become synonymous with Mann's name, the blending of the introspective singer/songwriter aesthetic with a kind of postmodern power-pop approach feels like a further distillation and refinement of her style. Alternately acidic and lovelorn lyrics are delivered in devastating emotion that drives home the power behind the sentiments without shoving them down the listener's throat. Ultimately, this album marks a maturation for a musician already well beyond her artistic years."
  9. Definitely more believable. It's terrifying, humorous, compelling, educational, and eye-opening, all at once. I really do urge you - and everyone - to go see this film. I feel it's as important a film as anything else out there.
  10. Glenn, that is WAY TOO COOL!!! I especially like how you're holding up a snifter of what I'm guessing is your fave - Glenlivet 12, and how it mentions the scrolling sign as you enter, "Realy Ends Here!" Hehe...
  11. Sweet!! I knew my day would come. This week, I'm gonna be suggesting an album that's been out for some years now, but since they're going back on tour again worldwide, it's only appropriate to bring their best album back into the hearts and minds of all loyal followers, and soon-to-be converts. Which, I promise you, you shall be once you give this album a listen. An album which, besides hitting #1 on billboards back in its day, was almost unanimously rated a perfect score by every industry publication or web review forum. Radiohead "OK Computer" - Progressive/Experimental/Electronic Rock LP or CD.
  12. Oh yes, "V For Vendetta" is definitely a fun, action-packed movie.
  13. I didn't much like Poseidon either. There wasn't enough time for us to invest in the characters personally or emotionally, and thus their entire adventure to escape, alongside comrades falling, was really just me watching as an outside person, with nothing to compel me into their dire situation. One obstacle overcome after another, there was no twist, no character betrayal, no nothing but figure out puzzle A, onto B, then C... Kurt Russel needs to stick to "Escape From LA" roles where he's just a big, badass meathead.
  14. nicholtl

    X-Men 3

    Haha sorry Jay, it slipped. But you're right about 'clops, he was a teacher's pet and too much of a goodie-two-shoes for my taste. Besides, don't worry, I didn't give away the most shocking death of all.
  15. I personally think her "Girl In The Other Room" SACD is the best sounding disc in her catalogue. But...maybe that's just cause I'm enamored by her "Almost Blue" track.
  16. Once again, "United 93" is my pick so far. I would say "An Inconvenient Truth" runs a close 2nd though...
  17. nicholtl

    X-Men 3

    Thanks for the recap! Saw X-3 yesterday, thought it was the best of the trilogy. It's just too bad: 1) as mentioned earlier, Colossus and Juggernaut didn't duke it out. 2) James Marsden (Cyclops) had to die so early. No residual checks for Jimmy! 3) Xavier and Magneto looked SO FAKE in the "20 years ago" sequence.
  18. I love Steely Dan! Bought all their albums on vinyl a few years back in the "used bin" for $1 a pop! Great condition too! By the way, is it true the band is named after a long, rigid, phallic sex toy?
  19. nicholtl

    X-Men 3

    Turns out I didn't see it yesterday, got bamboozled into seeing DaVinci code for a 2nd, grueling time last night. But! Who won in the comic book? It wasn't as anti-climactic as when Iron Man knocked out The Hulk with 1 punch, was it?
  20. nicholtl

    X-Men 3

    Though I haven't seen it yet (will see it in about 6 hours), I'm sure they do as I saw a clip on Leno a few weeks back, and it was of Wolverine disappearing into a cloud of smoke, emerging cocky as always, alongside a gigantic sentinel head that comes bouldering down right behind after he claws it off.
  21. Hey frankphess, nice rig. You do alotta wheelin'?
  22. iTunes!!! But then, I use a Mac.
  23. And as a reverse recommendation... Rock Kills Kid "Are You Nervous" Rock CD. Catchy songs, albeit harder hitting. Not quite in the vein of speed, thrash, or death metal which I generally enjoy more, much further on the poppy side. Their single "Paralyze" can be heard on the radio ocassionally, as well as every teenager's CD player. Wait a minute, why am I saying that?
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