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  1. I too am a huge heavy metal/hard rock fan, as are a good handful of other members here, and many of which use the RF7's. I'm blasting - and I do mean BLASTING - some Killswitch Engage as I type, and these speakers are well suited for such music. Of course, I'd recommend a powerful sub to go along with it. Something from Velodyne, SVS, Rel, or the Klipsch Reference line in my opinion.
  2. Yeah, that's pretty F-ed up. Whoever did this to him is a tool and deserves to be tortured.
  3. Your place for a get-together in a month or so, Wayne? Wll then you KNOW I'm there.
  4. I'd actually say Captain Corelli's Mandolin was the worst Cage movie ever.
  5. The Musical Fidelity Tube Stage Buffer is one of the most popular products in that niche of the marketplace. http://www.musicalfidelity.com/mf/en/Products/SmallX
  6. Mine sounds amazing the way it is, but there's always room for improvement, and until then, pass me that beer and shut the hell up.
  7. Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, Blood Brothers, Funeral For A Friend, M83.
  8. Yeah, without Jim Carrey, making a sequel to "The Mask" was pointless.
  9. My vote goes for "The Brothers Grimm." Never have I walked out of a movie after only 25 minutes. Long, painful, excruciating minutes, mind you.
  10. Todd, a "danna," or a "dai-yin na" (I think it's spelled...), is somthing akin to a "sugar-daddy," to put it coarsely. A male benefactor. Although I'm assuming it doesn't come with the benefits a sugar-daddy would receive.
  11. nicholtl


    Brad Pitt and Edward Norton probably stole it and made it into bars of soap.
  12. Maybe it's time to try alternative or eastern medicine? The first thing that comes to mind is accupuncture. I've heard it truly works miracles. The downside is, however, I don't believe conventional healthcare insurances cover such treatment.
  13. nicholtl

    Sin City

    Haha, the other "guy..." Clive Owen... Funny, he was the top contender in consideration for the next James Bond, but alas, they went with Daniel Craig, an actor most Americans have never heard of, until "Layer Cake." Personally, I feel Clive Owen would've been awesome. Although nobody will ever beat Brosnan. He was better than Connery, in my opinion.
  14. It'll be starting in a couple hours, and I can't wait! But forget Texas, we all know they're gonna lose. USC all the way. 3-peat coming up, boys. My alma mater. Go Trojans!!
  15. Good God, those are beautiful. I think I may throw away my RF5 side-surrounds, move my RF7's to the sides, and get a pair of RF83's for my new mains. That is, assuming the new reference series is timbre-matched to the existing series?
  16. Great review, Steve. I'll be checking this one out based on your glowing words, for sure. My recommendation this week is for the new release: The Darkness "One Way Ticket To Hell ... And Back" - Soaring, epic, operatic rock (likened to Queen) CD. It's simply a joy to listen to. And to crank beyond eardrum capacity.
  17. But what do you think all those Elves do when it's not Christmas season, there are no toys to make, and they're trapped in the North Pole, bored outta their minds...? In all seriousness, I like your point, Todd. I find it, interesting...shall I say, that some refuse to see things based on personal principle or moral. I think it can generally be agreed that Adolf Hitler was not a spring chicken, and yet, those who were courageous enough to watch the recent German release "Downfall" (a chronicle of Hitler's last few days) would find it an eye, and mind-opening, experience. That age-old cliche... "Knowledge is power." It cannot hurt to expose yourself to different viewpoints, even if diametrically opposed to your own. Alienating one's self is in actuality, the more destructive behavior. Not the saving grace. And even Santa can confirm that. (ps - would love to hear your reactions after you've seen the film!)
  18. mike, you've offered me some truly invaluabe advice and help during these past months on various things in my life. and of course, your constant, hearty old-fashioned cheer and jovial nature always brings a smile to my (and everyone else's) face. i can't thank you enough for that. your hiatus from here will be felt. a major loss of energy and spirit with your temporary departure. it's the equivalent of the "BMOC," or Big Man On Campus (aka high school quarterback) suddenly disappearing for a while. you are well-loved and highly admired here, and we cannot wait until you get back! but until then, take your time, sort out your issues, get things in order. as my friends and i like to say, "handle your sh__t, bro." you already know my door is always open for you, bud.
  19. Sure, you know you have a good system if you can keep the volume low to moderate and still enjoy all the transients, nuance, and complexities inherent in your music, buried "deep within the grooves of the vinyl..." But the point of playing it LOUD is to mimic, and recreate the experience of being at a live concert. A total euphoria of mind, body, and soul. A true escape. I do suppose, however, that classical (Max) and jazz (Alan, Gary, etc.) purists would prefer their music at less-than-blistering levels, as that is the volume at which those genres of music are played live.
  20. nicholtl


    Glory - an amazing movie in every way. The only other war epics I can think of that came after Glory that brought me close to tears were "Braveheart" and "Gladiator."
  21. Like other vices, it literally drowns out the world and lets you escape into the one and only beautifully torturous thing bombarding you in that moment in time.
  22. The author of that article is a crackhead. Does he really think limiting or supressing music is the answer to what is obviously a personal problem of his? I personally think it's GREAT people can go from someone like Rachmaninoff to The Rolling Stones to The Raveonettes at the drop of a dime. It's his own fault he is losing the meaning of music, and that he feels it's being watered down. He probably just doesn't have Klipsch speakers, that's all.
  23. SPL means sound pressure level. And get new earbuds, bud. It'll do you good.
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