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  1. Hmm, well...I don't own the Parasound Classic line but I own the Halo line, so in terms of sound quality I can't say much. All I can say is that the build quality of Parasound units are fantastic, and their customer service is in a class of it's own.
  2. COLIN, people throw around the saying "I agree with you 100%" as often as a major league pitcher throws a ball, and so it seems watered down most of the time, but there's no more powerful a phrase in the english language that could express my parallel sentiments towards your post. If you were running for president, I'd vote for you in a heartbeat.
  3. Hauck, I think you take the cake for cleanest looking setup in this entire forum. You inspire me to buy a digital camera and take a picture of my setup, which I think I will now do in the next day or two.
  4. Daaaaamn. That's f__king tight!
  5. I've listened to both at my local Goodguys "high end" room using Gladiator, The Fifth Element, and The Matrix as testing material. If I remember correctly, the SPL-1200 was insanely small, yet produced some of the lowest, sweetest bass I had heard. It definitely won me over versus the RSW-12. If I think really REALLY hard, perhaps the RSW-12 had a little more oomph and punch, but it didn't seem to extend as low and flat as the Velodyne did.
  6. but I thought you were accusing Skeptic of being a tweaker?
  7. Granted, it is a Klipsch sponsored site and thus, we must adhere to all the rules. And since they want it to be an audio-only discussion board, then the moderators are probably required to maintain it as such. And sure, while many of you (like the Good Sir above), came here to talk only about audio, realize that many of us wish to discuss the most basic topics outside of audio as well. After all, if you think about it, almost every topic worthy or unworthy of debate has already been covered. So if you've come here looking for tips, advice, or help on all your audio/video needs, then I say just perform a search and voila! Your needs have been answered. What an empty fulfillment. It's the times the discussions slant off to the side, veer somewhat off course into the realm of similar or related topics, that the thread truly becomes fascinating and entertaining to read. As many have previously pointed out, the general populous of this board is comprised of intelligent, 3-dimensional, decent people with a passion for audio and a thirst for sharing opinions. We span the entire world, with members from Canada to Pakistan, from Japan to Hawaii. The folks here range from husbands, wives, sons, daughters, working men and women, high schoolers, college students, and whomever else you care to imagine. In addition, with the exception of our close groups of friends, family, or coworkers, there aren't many other places in the world where such a "community" can get together and discuss whatever is on their mind. The gathering we have here is really something that is to be cherished, I believe. If truth be told, every single one of my peers, which are college or recently graduated-from-college students, are not registered to vote. Almost none of them follow politics. Most of them couldn't care less. So where do I turn to share my thoughts and bang around ideas? My parents? Hell, they've already made up their minds. As a 23 year old, I ask you, what other outlets do I have? So again, I say yes, while it is a Klipsch site, and while keeping the forums limited to audio is their primary agenda, I just wish/hope/want them to expand their viewpoint and allow at least an "OT FORUM" where all of us intelligent, 3-dimensional, and decent people of this "community" we're a part of due to our similar passion for audio can talk about other things in life. In the past I've seen cries for help, family tragedies, advice on dating, pointers on sex, dirty (but hilarious) jokes, persuasions on alcoholic drinks, and everything in between. Are these not somewhat "iffy" subjects? Perhaps, but perhaps only to the provincially minded. There is nothing more important in this day and age, than our opinion. It's what makes this country special. It's what separates our species from every other in this world. Our ability to express our opinion. And in this country, in these current times, what is more important, I ask you, than our opinions on leadership and our government? Our lives are influenced day in and day out on the decisions made from up on the hill. We NEED to discuss this. And I believe that Klipsch encouraging such healthy but more so, needed, discussion, speaks volumes more about them than banning such exchange altogether.
  8. Nobody said it better than Anarchist. I wish flame wars were the only thing that required the rules to be brought in, but not discussions over current events.
  9. Since all your speakers are in the 25 series line, I would say get the RF-25's to match.
  10. Not bringing a 12 year old to this documentary is just another form of trying to control what they see and hear. If they don't learn what's going on from one source, they'll surely learn from another. Whether that be picking it up from hallway banter between two teachers, or eavesdriopping between parents at the dining table, or even sharing what little bits of knowledge they know with their peers in the playground, they'll piece things together, no doubt. What's important is that people of all ages be exposed to both sides of the issue, and can thus make an opinion for themselves based on their own feelings.
  11. Yeah, the Mark Levinson premium audio system isn't too shabby at all. (My dad owns it). It's very clear and crisp, and it's probably the tightest bass i've heard ever coming out of a built-to-order option, although not nearly as good as what halfway decent subs and an amp could deliver.
  12. I too have 2 pairs of RF-7's, but due to the way my apartment living room is set up, I set them as rear surrounds, and use my RF-35's as the side surrounds, simply because the side surrounds are about 4 feet from my listening area, and I felt that the RF-7's would be overwhelming at such a close distance. I've never tried them as center surrounds, but I always figured that their power would be wasted 4 feet from my ears. As for upgrading your receiver, if you're able to shell it out, you would certainly want to consider going seperates, as several have already stated. Continually upgrading your receiver can go on and on, but the next step is truly going to a seperate preamp and amp. Of course, to each his own, and this is only my opinion, but I went from a Pioneer Elite receiver to seperates, and the difference is most astounding.
  13. $300 is probably not going to get you too much in terms of a sub, an ported or sealed enclosure, wiring and installation fees (and installation is in my opinion the most underrated and possibly most important component of autosound)...AND...what will probably be most recommended, which is an amp to drive your sub, since your headunit will not, no matter how one puts it, provide enough juice to properly drive the sub.
  14. ---------------- On 6/25/2004 11:49:47 PM Trey Cannon wrote: but remember, when you go into a court house, place of business, someone else’s house, ect…..if what you say is not liked, you can and will be ask to leave (sometimes even removed). The same is true here. ---------------- Never thought about it from that angle. You're very right. Sorry, didn't mean to get so political.
  15. Thank god some of us, like Taylor, are still advocates of freedom of speech. Seems like our president who swore an oath to uphold the bill of rights and our constitution is now trying to write discrimination and censorship into it.
  16. Hi Deon, nice to have another certifiable basshead!
  17. Hey, pretty cool! Wow, I must say I'm more and more impressed by young people's internet skillz nowadays. You're what, 14, and you know how to create message boards? My sister is 16, and she knows how to design webpages. And I thought I was pretty slick with computers. I remember when I was in 8th grade science class, the teacher asked "who here has heard of email?" I was the only one who raised my hand. How times have changed. Anyways, I just signed up. I just wanna ask though, since you are a relatively clear headed and polite fellow, is this new forum of yours really for people to talk more freely, or was it more of an attempt to create a board without trolls? Cause my interpretation of "freely" means swearing, talking however one pleases, and basically, a "lack" of a moderator, so to speak. PS - I don't seem to be getting a new registration email...maybe my junk filter killed it...maybe you can PM me my password?
  18. ---------------- On 6/19/2004 4:38:13 PM Indyjeep wrote: Now as a current employer of this company...And your back killing you? Get new shoes....my mom is a nurse at a major hospital and she works 12 hour days on her feet yet her back doesnt hurt. ---------------- Get new shoes? That's just a foul thing to say. Your profile says you're 19. So I think you meant you were an EMPLOYEE, not an EMPLOYER. And your mother being a nurse and being on her feet for 12 hours straight? Well that's terrific for her, clap clap, but sorry, not everybody is wonder woman like your mom.
  19. Hey hyabusha, how come you have 3 monster units? Is the 2nd power conditioner for something else?
  20. Thanks for the insider info, Griff. Very enlightening for me. Aren't you a home theater installer now? And making what, like 100x what BB gave you?
  21. PAKO - thanks, that clarified many things for me.
  22. And yet your picture shows that you are in fact Trinity.
  23. Could I just ask what impedance and ohms means, and what it has to do with speakers? I hear about it alot, but I only nod my head and smile. I actually have no clue what it's about???
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