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  1. Yes, the RS-6 is pretty damn crazy too. Still yet, I wouldn't get the Phaeton even though it offers the W-12 engine, which is the same type that goes into the Bentley Continental GT models I believe. After all, it's not just performance in sheer numbers that makes the sale. Sure, you can't get a V12 engine in a Benz unless you go right up to the Big Dog - the CL600. By the same token, Volkswagon (like Denon) is not familiar with the higher end of the market, and thus lacks the experience that say, BMW, Mercedes, Audi/Lexicon, Krell, Aragon possess. Furthermore, if you're solely looking for performance bang for the buck, you can't get much better than the Lancer Evolution or a WRX. For pure off the line horsepower, few things come close to a Z06 Vette, an NSX, or the awesome Skyline. But come on, for $30K wouldn't you rather have a Bimmer 3 series? $50K a BMW M5? Denon might try and compete by loading their components with uber features (kinda like Yamaha did with their new RX-Z9 to compete with the likes of Denon and Pioneer Elite and all those other THX Ultra 2 certified receivers), but that won't necessarily mean they're the hands-down choice. I don't really even know what the heck I'm trying to say or what the correlation is between cars and seperates. I guess what I'm attempting to say is that to be fair, it's only proper and polite we wait for Denon to release their "ultra" high end products before we can really judge them -- like FISH correctly noted.
  2. Is that a movie theater speaker?!
  3. Khorns would only work in a HT setup with other heritage series speakers, right? I mean, to use Khorns as mains and then RF-7's as side and rear surrounds would probably make everything sound weird wouldn't it? Not to mention the incredible difference in power handling...Khorns are 100 watts RMS, while the RF-7's are 250 watts RMS. Is this a mix that simply does not match? I only ask cause I've always wanted Khorns, but cannot afford to have a 7.1 with 6 Khorns if that's how it has to be done to be done correctly.
  4. Come on...somebody...I reeeeeeally wanna read it...
  5. ---------------- On 2/22/2004 3:40:16 AM prodj101 wrote: spending that much on denon would be like buying the new VW Phaeton.....who buys a Phaeton for $80,000 when you can buy a BMW 700 series or Mercedes? ---------------- I completely agree. A 745Li or S500 would be my only choices.
  6. I'm not sure how you do it Sakura...maybe you have special equipment? Using my G5, I find it difficult to copy big studio blockbuster movies with a DVD burner because 1) i think the only blank DVD-R and DVD-RW are 4.7BG in memory, and most movies with DTS and/or Dolby Digital are somewhere in the 6-7GB realm, and 2) most studio distributed films (Universal, Miramax, Columbia/Tristar, Paramount etc. as opposed to independently released) have copy protection and encryption.
  7. Unless one is in a very specialized profession requiring every possible software program to do his/her job, or simply a gamer who requires every single title to be playable, there is no software that PC has that Mac doesn't have; doesn't have the equivalent of; and in some cases, doesn't have something better. That is an argument made by many that stems from the days when Mac first came out in the mid-80's. It's an argument that barely holds any credibility anymore. For example, for any sound editors out there, they live and die by Digidesign's Protools, which run on Macs. Being a former film student myself, I prefer AVID over the Mac-only Final Cut Pro, although AVID runs better on G5's architechture than it does on a fully loaded PC counterpart, say, a dual Xeon based workstation. Even the most demanding games like Dungeon Seige, Everquest, Unreal Tournament, or Quake run at neck-and-neck speeds between Macs and PC's btoh equipped with a Geforce4 or Radeon 9800 3D card. Mac's are generally more user friendly, which people (as well as myself not too many years ago) translated as "computers for dummies." But it's not so. The OS comes presinstalled with the most up-to-date drivers for almost all peripheral devices, making it truly "play and play." Their help menu is as intuitive as it is informative. Instead of error messages like "err: ini. fatal error 38473932" which are Greek to most of us, the error messages are something that we can actually understand and attempt to fix ourselves. And for those who aren't as savvy, Apple's Phone Support is so friendly and helpful, you'll swear they were your best friends. In essence, Macs aren't for simpletons, they're just made smarter. As for Sakura's point about "not enough memory," yeah that did seem to be a problem with the older macs running OS9. Not the case anymore though. In fact, most PC's top out at 2-4GB of RAM in terms of expandability, as well as their ability to remain stable with that much RAM. G5's are upgradeable to 8GB of RAM, so you won't be getting the "not enough memory" message anytime soon. If it means anything, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University owns the G5 supercomputer which is something like the 4th or 5th fastest computer in the world (using 1100 G5's), yet costs only a fraction of what it's besters did. Oh, and one of the best things about a Mac is that Mac users are a community, kind of like if you drive a lifted truck and pass another dude on the road in one (I heard it applies to Porsche and Corvette drivers as well). For this reason, there are a miniscule amount of viruses that are transmitted between Macs. It's because nobody who uses one bothers to create a virus to infect other fellow followers of The Great Steve Jobs. BUT THE MAIN POINT IS: Mac's are so much damn sexier than PC's.
  8. Yeah...it's been there for a little bit...I have no idea why he'd do that though. Maybe for publicity's sake, which he most certainly received. As for an adequate sound system though? Hmm...
  9. As good as you can afford, and ONLY what you can afford, my man. That's the golden rule.
  10. ---------------- On 2/19/2004 8:39:07 PM skeptic wrote: I've been using some Macs recently, and unless you're a hardcore gamer, its tough to go wrong with a nice G4 powerbook, or a G5 tower. ---------------- Ooops, my bad...second belongs rightfully to you!
  11. Maybe it's just my f*cked up ears, but to me the RSW-15 didn't hit the subsonic notes deep and hard enough. It lacked the authority the PB2+ did. My vote is the PB2+.
  12. ---------------- On 2/19/2004 7:18:21 PM nicholtl wrote: Only a couple months ago I was debating between the Alienware Aurora FX64 and the dual 2ghz Mac G5. (Falcon Northwest is friggin tight too, just didn't look as cool as the Aurora). I ended up getting the G5... ---------------- Nope, you're the second.
  13. Buying online is a huge risk...and I'm not sure who will be honoring that warranty, because Klipsch certainly will not. That said, $2600 is an awesome price for an RF-7 set. I mean heck, retail price considered, a pair of RF-7's with tax will only leave a couple hundred left of that. Sometimes b&m stores want your business so bad they are willing to drastically cut, if not match, the prices of online retailers. The dude I bought all my Klipsch stuff from at Goodguys here in LA matched every single price I could find online. Just takes a little time and schmoozing, but once you've secured the connection, you're set.
  14. Beetlejuice - a resounding YES! Great movie by the way. Gary - If you find your Velodyne 1200 missing one day, it was me.
  15. Only a couple months ago I was debating between the Alienware Aurora FX64 and the dual 2ghz Mac G5. (Falcon Northwest is friggin tight too, just didn't look as cool as the Aurora). I ended up getting the G5, but both computers are the best of their kind. I am assuming, however, that you're looking into PC's as 97% of the population uses them. As Skonopa pointed out, building your own machine truly is the best way to go...provided you have the tools and the know-how, or have a friend that does. And I concur with the Compaq comment. I have a compaq presario laptop I used for college, and it sucks major richard. And Sony Vaio's, while good machines, are hella overpriced.
  16. What Griff said. And what you said too! Upgrade your mains, and throw the SF's to the surrounds. You already have the RC-25, so RF-25's would match it perfectly.
  17. Easy there Groovie, nobody is attacking you. As a disclaimer, I'm just offering my opinion like anyone else, I'm not claiming to be an expert whatsoever. Hell, at 23, I couldn't be one even if I wished it to be so. Anyways, yeah you're right, THX certified equipment does in no way, shape, or form instantly suggest it is superior to that which is not. 80hz is what plenty of people set their crossovers to. I was just pointing out that when you said "THX recommends..." it meant that THX usually recommends that when you are using THX speakers, interconnects, placement guidelines etc. But then of course they would, they are a company trying to sell their stuff like any other. But who says you HAVE to have all that stuff before you can set your crossover at 80hz? Not me, and my preamp and both amps are THX Ultra2. Certainly not you either. So no worries there man. Relax, nobody's picking a fight, and I would offer you a glass of Macallan's 18 on the rocks if you were here. Set your crossover to whatever you like, because like Outback Steakhouse says, "no rules, just right." PS - hopefully this doesn't open a can of worms regarding companies simply paying for THX to slap their logo on. Some say that, but some argue that it's more than just shoving $$$ down their throats (maybe it's something else too...)
  18. Some nice gear. A component rack always makes your stuff look a lot nicer. I like ones with glass doors.
  19. Those are dual 15's? Wow. I have that in my truck, but that's where there isn't anything to rattle and roll off the walls. Do you even tap 1% of their power? I mean...if you did...your neighbors might be diving under the tables for dear life.
  20. ---------------- On 2/17/2004 9:34:55 PM Groovie wrote: I am sticking with the 80 hz since it is the THX recommended cross over and the speakers have no issue with it. ---------------- Just so you know, it's only THX recommended assuming you have a full THX setup. But that said, 80hz does work for many people.
  21. How big is that TV? That's a vast improvement, both visually and aesthetically. I wouldn't say your components don't have enough room to breathe, since the only thing that needs headroom (literally) is the receiver, which your Denon has up until the ceiling.
  22. I agree. I think you should stick with the RC-3, or just go 7 series all the way. All or nothing, in other words.
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