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  1. come and meet the gang!!! bring a friend.
  2. just a general get together of people into audio and gear. sometimes there are demonstrations and comparisons and tutorials on different matters realting to stereo. everyones in invited, there is stuff for sale, gear, records, turntables ,tube stuff etc. its in a big mill building, 2-3 floors sometimes.(depends on whats available for unused space.) people bring food, and stereos to set up and listen to. Its an all around good day if your into audio, ht, 2ch etc. no audio snobbery, good people to chat with. you can bring a system to show off if youd like, you would need to bring your own table for such things. Usually theres a guy there that checks minor gear issues and does minor repairs or you can work something out if its bigger repair issues. Come and have a good time, bring a friend.
  3. There is another winter get together in Clinton mass coming up on feb 25th-2017. the address is 55 sterling st Clinton mass. usually starts around 9 am and goes to around 6pm. anybody in the new England area or further away if youd like are welcome to come and hang out bring stuff to sell, or demo or just chat ,make new friends. Its a great time with like minded audio folks. Theres food and drinks and your welcome to bring some too if youd like. Nice day to break up the winter doldrums.
  4. good to hear it sold quickly. take care, John.
  5. Is there any issue with the switch not being able to turn the amp on/off?
  6. its been my experience in the new England area that cornwalls usually wont fetch more than around 500-700 bux. I've bought and sold three pairs in the boston area and never could get more than 600.0 for them( and they were in excellent shape with custom glass tops). I would welcome another pair no problem, but would not pay higher than 600.00 for them. my next pair will probably be my keepers, I just really love Cornwalls. ive tried all the other klipsch up to k-horns and the Cornies are the ones I miss the most. If he gets to 600.00 I'll bite.
  7. may I ask who built the pass mono amps?
  8. So, How much and is their a remote available?
  9. Yeah, this is a no brainer if your looking for a scott receiver. Nos valved 299 for 650.00 Damn good score here.
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