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  1. The old stuff will eventually fall apart and quit working while the new lines continue to get better and better as they continue to move forward incorporating the newer technologies. With all the hype - it's surprising to me that no one has addressed the fact that as of late it seems as if everyone in the country is dumping their Heritage stuff on Ebay. I mean, if this stuff is so fantastic why are people getting rid of it. OTOH - In the last 6 months I have seen 1 pair of RB5's on AudiogoN and have never seen a set of RF7's. ------------------ deanG
  2. First rule in buying speakers: Never buy an ugly speaker. 2nd rule: Speakers should sound musical, not sound like stage gear. mpgwagon said: "I've had my Scala's for a short time, I also have newer Klipsch stuff, so I'm not an "Old Horny". I had to find out what the Big Ol Horn stuff was all about so I bought the Scala's. Nothing being built today is even close to the Heritage." This is nice. However, not everyone likes the sound of exponential horns. Evidently this is very hard for many of you to accept. Heritage certainly has a better build quality - but MDF and veneer looks very nice and seems to work just fine. I don't expect my RF7's to fall apart anytime in the near future. Boa12 said: "jmo, but the corns have a smoother, more refined sound than even the reference or klf that i also own." I don't know what Reference product you own, but it does not surprise me that the Cornwalls would sound smoother than KLF's. KLF's are earbleeders. Boa12 also said: "I have heard rf-7 driven by fine mac & other amps quite a few times now...but the corns have the more custom built sound & workmanship." The latter statement does not make any sense to me. "...they are the real klipsch sound the co. was built on, whereas the rf-7 are the mass market solution to best replicate the klipsch of old." On the contrary, Klipsch is not attempting to replicate the Klipsch of old. I don't know how to say this except to say it. The RF7 has a 'high end' sound, Heritage does not. It is obvious what Klipsch is doing and I for one am grateful. Mike said: "It is quite evident that TheEAR has never heard a pair of Cornwalls with quality amplification..." This is what we always hear when it comes to Heritage - that you have to hear it with 'quality' amplification. This usually means some type of 2 channel only tube gear. I guess it doesn't matter that this isn't everybody's cup of tea. The Reference stuff however - sounds good being driven by just about anything. eq_shadimar said: "I have not heard the RF7's but I did have RF3's before I had my Cornwalls. In my room with my amps blah blah the "Cornbreadwalls" blew away the RF3's." I guess so. However, the RF3's are not RF7's. Incidently - The RF7's also blow away the RF3's. At any rate: Exponential horns simply sound aweful to me. All you Heritage folks singing the praises of Heritage does not change the fact that I think they sound like sandpaper. Thankyou, but I'll take my Klipsch Copper Coned Crap with glued particle board over a set of ear bleeders. ------------------ deanG
  3. Nice systems Gary - are you related to Ears I listened to Magnepans for most of the 80's and 90's and made the move to Klipsch a few years ago. I started with some RB5's and a Boston PV1000 sub. Then went to a pair of RC7's and now the RF7's I also listened to some $8K McIntosh floor standers that made the RF7's look short in comparison. They actually sounded a little 'dry' to me. The RF7's are VERY good for the money. It would take a considerable amount of money to best them. ------------------ deanG
  4. The hardest part of upgrading on a limited budget is having to decide what to upgrade. Last week I started gathering all of my money together, and had my heart set on a AE-25 - but chickened out, fearing I wouldn't be able to drive the speakers to a satisfactory level. So I decided to keep my Anthem gear, and started looking at the possibility of a speaker upgrade. The RC7's I'm running right now are 98dbw, and I was thinking that if I could jack my efficiency up - I could maybe get that AE-25 down the road. All of the Heritage posts make my crazy. I covet the efficiency, but when you get right down to it, I really don't favor the overall sound that much. Sorry guys - maybe it's a mental block. So...I tread over to Carlin Audio today to give the RF7's a serious listen. I haven't been much on floor standers in the past, and as a matter of fact - I have never owned a set in my life. I don't care for long resonating panels or dual driven drivers. This may be a mental block also - but you know how this hobby is - you get something in your head and well you know. I originally bought the RC7's because I liked the two 8's and the smaller cabinet - and I never really gave the RF7's a serious listen. They only became a serious consideration last week when I made the commitment to stay with tubes. At any rate - Carlin has the RF7's tied into some very nice looking Integra gear. $3K CD/DVD player. $5K 7 channel amplifier & $4K preamp/processor. I listened with the sub and processor elements bypassed in two channel mode. I first listened to Rush Moving Pictures. Loads of serious deep bass and instrumentation perfect for judging slam and transient attack. I then listened to Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason, mostly because I know the material so well. I finished with Queensryche's Silent Lucidity. My listening session lasted less than an hour and culminated with an order for a set in Maple. To my ears - they are simply the best sounding speakers I have ever heard. Open, powerful, detailed, and smooth - oh so smooth. Certainly not the dynamics of a K-horn, Belle, or LaScala - but hey, there is more to good sound than dynamics. The RF7's have a satisfying amount of everything. In a word - I think they are incredible. ------------------ deanG This message has been edited by deang on 01-22-2002 at 08:45 PM
  5. are they sold? ------------------ deanG
  6. actually, I was referring to a nice set of Klipsch RB5's or RF7's ------------------ deanG
  7. http://www.smarthome.com/82572.html ------------------ deanG
  8. LOL you will just have to listen and decide for yourself i'm quite sure that even with a 'half hearted' listen you will be completely blown away by the RF7's. old hornies are just locked into that old horny sound - it actually doesn't do much for me. The RF7's are giant killers ------------------ deanG
  9. Trading those ear bleeders in on some Reference Series boxes works good too ------------------ deanG This message has been edited by deang on 01-20-2002 at 04:20 PM
  10. Bob - I can't believe you read that tripe ------------------ deanG
  11. Isn't cabinet resonance factored in when designing the crossover? I mean, if there is a 3db peak at 400HZ because of cabinet resonance - aren't the crossover components adjusted to compensate for this? So if you dampen the cabinet - you get a 'dip' at 400HZ instead of 'flat'. At least, I thought it worked that way. ------------------ deanG
  12. I stayed with the Anthem stuff for several reasons. I'm using a pair of RC7's as mains and had some real concerns about dropping my wattage. I tend to like a little volume to my music and the 40 watts really hits the mark. I was looking at a Conrad Johnson Cav50 and a Cary 80 watter but both were pretty much out of my price range. Besides really liking the build quality and the asthetics of the Anthem stuff - I also like the sound of it. I figure why bankrupt myself when I can maybe improve on something I already like with a more realistic investment. The amp is currently running the stock tubes. The 12au7's and 12ax7 are Chinese. The EL34's are Sovtek's. Yea, you're right. NOS Mullard EL34 matched quad are $900!! Forget that. Quote came from a guy named Fletch on AudiogoN. I did get some good advice from him on how to mix 'em up. However, since I haven't learned the sonic characteristics of the different tubes yet it is pretty overwhelming. For example - are the Amperex 6922's in my preamp best described as 'rich', or 'lean' and 'analytical'? If I knew - it would be easier for me to figure out what to put in the amp. And what has a greater impact on the sound? The preamp? The driver tubes in the amp? Or the power tubes? How about Siemens EL34's, Mullard 12ax7, & Mullard 12au7's? ------------------ deanG
  13. Mobile, After much reading and hand wringing I have decided to stay with my Anthem gear. I am however going to replace the tubes in my Amp1. My pre1L is currently using Amperex and since they are fairly new I'm going to stay with them. I am curious about what to do about the amp though. I'll need (2)12AU7's (1)12AX7 & (4)EL34's 1) I need a trustworthy source for tubes 2) Mullards or Siemans? ------------------ deanG
  14. louder than conversational levels This message has been edited by deang on 01-08-2002 at 12:07 PM
  15. Deang


    Just got my LF10 Saturday and I'm happy. No leaks that I am aware of. It's a sleeper for sure. Nice tight, tuneful sound. ------------------ deanG
  16. I saw Judas Priest back when they were very young and just starting to tour. They came into Dayton's Hara Arena with 40 Crown Amplifiers and horns galore. I was prepared for a nightmare of screeching sound. What I got was the best indoor sound I've ever heard. Thank God for equalizers When musicians and sound people actually take the time to do it right - they get very good sound. I heard Pink Floyd in Cleveland Municiple Stadium back in late 70's. They actually waited for the stadium to fill and then announced they were going to perform a series of 'tests' beginning with 'pink noise' - and asked everyone to be as quiet as possible while they did this. Ended up being a very good sounding concert. I also saw Areosmith once and had to leave after the second song because the distortion was hurting my ears and the standing waves were making me nauseous. Rock music in bar is typically pretty obnoxious sounding and I tend to avoid it like the plague. ------------------ deanG
  17. There are many people who do not readily know what the impact of room boundary effects are on the sensitivity of a speaker. I agree with Tom here. It is better if we just know what the speaker does. Since no two rooms are alike, and since no two people set their speakers up exactly the same. There should be only one standard so consumers can make valid comparisons. I guess a valid question would be: How do other manufacturers measure the sensitivity of their speakers? ------------------ deanG This message has been edited by deang on 01-05-2002 at 02:22 PM
  18. You guys are great...thanks. ------------------ deanG
  19. c'mon you guys - talk to me ------------------ deanG
  20. I always read the tube amp threads and 'lurk' quite a bit over at The Asylum. I generally only understand about 1/2 of what I read but enjoy it none the less. I'm currently using the Anthem stuff. The AMP1 uses EL34's and is an ultra linear design. Since it has come up - I've been checking out the Antique Sound Labs stuff and I guess I have a few questions: 1) I don't have big 'ole horns. I have what Tom Brennan so affectionatly refers to as 'Klipschettes'. I think SET is out for me - just a bit too flea powered considering what I have to drive (a pair of RC7's). Should I expect any of the ASL products to actually sound better than the Pre1L/AMP1 combo? 2) Do the ASL products use point-to-point wiring? 3) If not, then which (as opposed to witch) product do I have to move to for the purchase to be considered a true upgrade? thanks, Dean ------------------ deanG
  21. Connecting two subs to a two channel only system with a separates sytle preamp with two sets of pre main outs. Can you just use one interconnect from the preamp to the subs 'left' input and another from the preamp to the other subs 'right' input and be done with it? Or should you use RCA Y adapters on the end of each interconnect going to the each sub? ------------------ deanG
  22. http://www.ubid.com/actn/opn/getpage.asp?AuctionId=6406320 How is this possible? I thought they were only produced with the Black Ash vinyl? ------------------ deanG
  23. hey ears - If it bothers you that much why don't you just replace the driver? how do the RB3's compare to the RB5's? ------------------ deanG
  24. betcha i know what it is the backside of the binding posts has nuts that tighten against each post one or both may be loose take the screws out of the plate and tighten them back down ------------------ deanG
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