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    sub noise

    I agree - there is a screw loose ------------------ deanG
  2. I hope you're a Fabrication Specialist because you'll need about $20K. I don't know if you know this but your posts don't always make much sense. Why would you buy 3 sets of RF7's and then leave RF3's in as your mains? The question isn't so much would it work - but why? Lets see - you are gonna put an RF7 on top of your TV I guess. RF7's for rears - what the hell for? 3 RSW 15's? Gonna put them all on the same outlet or use a power strip? If you are going to troll - at least come up with something a little more imaginative. ------------------ deanG
  3. warm soapy water is best but is hard on the labels rinse with warm water do not use alcohol pat dry with soft cotton let the remaining moisture air dry if it's really bad you can use a toothbrush - buy one with the softest bristles you can find and gently remove grunge going in the direction of the grooves - this is a last resort kind of thing ------------------ deanG
  4. I don't really understand what benefit there is in using it (standby) because the amp is just as hot with it on as it is with it off. I didn't get a manual with it and so don't really understand what it is doing. I also just found out the following: "FWIW--regarding the Standby switch--Kirk at Cary, told me that they found leaving the amp in Standby was actually harder on the tubes. He said that it is okay to have the amp in the Standby mode when first turning it on--just don't leave on Standby for long periods at a time." So what should I do - just power the amp off when I'm not using it? I listen every day for 2 or 3 hours - so I have been leaving it on. That popping doesn't really stress the tweeter does it? I mean, if it does - then you better give me your mailing address so I can this thing to you so you can fix it ------------------ deanG
  5. everyone knows how to post pictures except me i give up - how is it done? is there a secret handshake or something? ------------------ deanG
  6. common sense mostly with some trial and error kind of like investment banking This message has been edited by deang on 03-03-2002 at 10:25 PM
  7. "The result is a generation of more static and stochastic phase error sounds at different directions from the loudspeaker. The stochastic phase error sounds appear because there may be different types of unlinearities in the low- and high-frequency paths." I'm impressed. I have no idea what he's talking about. I'm certainly concerned about my speaker throwing stochastic phase error around my room though. I hope it cleans up with a wash cloth. ------------------ deanG
  8. You guys are gonna love this - Scroll down and read the section regarding the disadvantages of biwiring. http://www.sonicdesign.se/biwire.html Jon Risch would freak ------------------ deanG This message has been edited by deang on 03-03-2002 at 07:48 PM
  9. That is actually what i was going to do - use them as mains in a 2 channel HT. However - all my rooms are fairly small and the M1590's are not shielded. There is really no way to set them up without the speakers being too close to the tube. Your statement was comical but at the same time kind of profound. To go from the wide open dynamic sound of a horn to the sizzly compressed dinky sound of a plastic dome tweeter would probably be more than I can bear. I can get a set of RB5's for less and except for the lowest bass - will sound much better over all. I have not mentioned here that I picked up a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 on AudiogoN last week for $950. The unit is less than a year old and mint. I thought it was an outstanding deal. So, the SFL-1 will be married to the Bryston and Marantz DV-7010 pushing a set of RB5's with LF10 sub for 2 channel HT. The music system will be the AE-25, Anthem CD-1, and RF7's. That will be it for me - I'm done and you can stick a fork in me. Klipsch out. ------------------ deanG
  10. I bet those 2-way KLF-10's sound pretty good. Congrats and welcome to the family!! ------------------ deanG
  11. i think you can compare anything to anything whats wrong with comparing Polk to B&W? I think B&W makes some of the most boring sounding speakers I've ever heard. ------------------ deanG
  12. Mike - you must be a prophet ------------------ deanG
  13. Mobile said: "I need to purchase vintage horns as my skull has become inpervious to the output of soft dome tweeters." I'm leaning towards leaving those a/d/s M1590's alone for that very reason ------------------ deanG
  14. Boy, I can relate to that. I'm busted too. But hey - I got two extra amps now What good is money without good sound? ------------------ deanG
  15. Because everyone knows that wire ain't worth a $hit. ------------------ deanG
  16. http://www.audio-ideas.com/reviews/loudspeakers/klipsch-rb5.html ------------------ deanG
  17. For $200 buy your friends Yahmaha and be happy. Going with other offerings is pretty expensive. Since you got the KLF-30's you really owe it to yourself to try tubes also. Check out the thread on the ASL Wave Monoblocks. You can also get these for $200. They won't shake the rafters and make your ears ring - but they will make you like your music better. Just think - you can do both for $400 and have your cake and eat it too. ------------------ deanG This message has been edited by deang on 03-02-2002 at 07:33 PM
  18. 'Metal' is just like other music in that it sounds better if the midrange is done right. It's also true that Metal doesn't have to played at ear blistering levels to sound good or to enjoy it. As a matter of fact - it sounds better if it's NOT played too loud. Back in the late 70's my best friend's brother was doing the 'High End' thing while studying Botony at Oxford University here in Ohio. We would go over to his apartment and listen to his SAE separates and Old Advents - this, while everyone else I knew was buying Cerwin Vegas. Listening to his system was like an 'event'. Lights out, and a big fat one. He would barely turn up the system. We used to give him such a hard time. He would go off on us about all that "intermodulation distortion". We thought he was nuts. Years later I heard some Quads and thought they sounded just like those Advents in that apartment!! At any rate - I got used to listening to Babe Ruth, Edgar Winter Group, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, and the rest at very low volume levels. I think Metal sounds awesome when you get everything just right. No one here will agree with me - but the Reference Series has very much in common with those Old Advents. They both have a full, rich midrange with a wide open sound. There was another line of speakers that I felt had much in common with the magic of the Old Advents. Those folks were A/D/S. Sure, they had the ubiqutous plastic dome tweeter - but they sounded very fine. I'm currently eyeing a pair of 1992 A/D/S M1590's and am seriously thinking about picking them up and putting them on the Bryston and a Sonic Frontiers SFL1 I have coming next week. I wanted these speakers 10 years ago but could not afford them at $2600. So I went with the $1500 Magnepan 1.5's. Now those same M1590's are $1000 on AudiogoN and they are mint and 15 miles from my house. It would be an intersting contrast to the sound of the RF7's and Super Amp. ------------------ deanG This message has been edited by deang on 03-02-2002 at 06:26 PM
  19. At least they have enough pride in their product to provide a BB for their users. And the users actually like what they have and care enough post and talk about it. We certainly have more in common with them then we or they have with anyone else. ------------------ deanG
  20. pep boys jumper cables would be excellent. however - i think the orange side has better impedance matching characteristics than the black side. i also am a little critical of the quality of the attachment points on the ends of the clamps. still overall - a very good choice. ------------------ deanG
  21. what the hell is a 'polk' didn't bose patent that? ------------------ deanG
  22. let's not I'm thinking about using coat hangers as speaker cable. But than again - barbed wire would look pretty cool to. ------------------ deanG
  23. impressive (pat). very cool (pat pat) ------------------ deanG
  24. My opinion is that a dedicated two channel power amp will sound better for two channel than using just two channels from a 5 channel amp. Haven't you noticed how most two channel amps and 5 channel amps weigh practically the same? I used to look at the 'watts' spec. I now look at the 'amperage' spec. There are exceptions to the rule however. B&K and Bryston come to mind. You may be able to do better than the Yahmaha depending on what your friend is considering selling it for. Make sure to compare to what you might find on AudiogoN. ------------------ deanG
  25. AE-25 Super Amp: Class A, Push-Pull Triode Amp UPS delivered my AudiogoN purchased AE-25 Super Amp Wednesday evening. Since then, I've been living in front of the RF7's basking in a rich, textured, wrap around me kind of sound. The amp showed up in a rather large box. The box was roughly the same size as the box uBid shipped my LF-10 in. Opening the box revealed styrofoam peanuts around the edges and a huge wad of bubble wrap in the middle of the box. The bubble wrap was wrapped with packing tape. The seller evidently wasn't taking any chances with UPS. I lifted 'the wad' out of the middle of the box and was surprised at the heft - considering it's size - which is rather small as far as amps go. The seller had wrapped the amp in over a dozen layers and it took a while to get to the object of my desire. After what seemed like forever - the amp finally appeared. Now, when you see this thing in pictures it appears that some of it is fashioned out of sheet metal. At least, that's what I thought. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is in fact - built like the proverbial tank. In every respect - it exudes quality. Even the RCA jacks are like I've never seen before. They are not the usual gold colored chinzy inputs - but instead, resemble stubby steel gun barrels. They have the look of something built to last forever. This in fact sums up the build quality of the entire amp. Mine comes wired (point-to-point) in the 15 watt triode configuration. It has the upgraded oil filled caps and is fitted with a volume control knob for directly driving a CD player. This amp came with stock tubes. 4 Chinese KT88's, 2 Russian 6922's, and 2 GE 6GC7's. It also has nice big squishy feet on the bottom - a nice touch. I wired everything up and powered it up. The Super Amp has a standby switch which I made sure was on before I put power to the amp. I let it sit this way for about 10 minutes. I then flipped the switch from 'standby' to 'operate'. I was greeted by an obnoxious 'POP' through the speakers. I was not happy about this. It continues to do this and though I have already gotten used to it - I would rather it didn't do it. It gets hot. Very hot. Very, very, hot. You can feel the heat coming off of this thing up to almost a foot away with your hand. Users with small children need to make sure it is out of reach. There is no question it could cause a 2nd degree burn in no time. Listening was done with both my Anthem CD1 with Amperex 6922 output tube and a Marantz DV7010 DVD/CD player. The speakers are of course - my RF7's. Speaker cables are the slightly dark MIT Biwire 2's. Interconnects are my beloved Monster M550i's. This cable combination works well with Reference. It's always tough to decide what to play first. I used to like to start out with nice 'audiophile' discs and pick apart the musical spectrum. I now like to start out with CD's that have music I really like. As far as I'm concerned - music is as much an emotional experience as it is a listening experience. I now first listen to the music - and then pick apart later. Basically, I first want to know if the sound moves me. Most reviewers use music I have never heard of. This is my chance to get even with them. I started out with the Marantz (because I wanted to try out some movies as well). The first two cuts were 'Cowboys from Hell' and 'Concrete Primal Sledge' by Pantera. I was very pleased. The guitars were thick and chuncky and the double kick drums had weight and a semblance of solidity not even matched by my Bryston. The voices were thrown well past the front baffle of the speaker and hung in the air in front of me. Very cool. It is difficult to figure out where clipping starts with this amp. I started off with volume control knob at the 12 o'clock position. This was fairly loud and about what I figured 15 watts would sound like. Then I remembered the seller had told me that if I ever decided to use a preamp with it - to turn the volume control knob all the way over to the right. Before I knew it I was at the 3 o'clock position and things were still sounding very good. At a little past 4 o'clock things started to sound a little 'pinchy' or congested. I guess this is what clipping sounds like with this amp - but I really don't know! At any rate - 15 watts sounds quite a bit louder than I expected. A good thing. Typically - I just turn the damn knob until it sounds damn good. It varies with the program material. Done with Pantera I moved on to some BTO. The first cut, 'Not Fragile' - rocked me pretty good. The bass filled the air and made the membranes in my ears smile. My wife Debbie was surprised when I looked at her and mouthed 'No Sub'. Again, nice rich grinding guitars, and good pace on the drums. Evidently, when people refer to the lack of bass and appropriate associated weight - they are referring to a non-Klipsch experience. Poor devils. Next I threw on Judas Priest. 'Sad Wings of Destiny' is their best effort and even after 25 years it still holds it own against most metal. It suprised me by sounding a little shrill at the higher volume levels and I thought it would probably sound better on the Anthem CD1. It did. I had a lot of fun listening to the first two cuts, "Victim of Changes", and "The Ripper". I ended up listening to the whole CD. I might have been air guitaring during "Island of Domination" but I'm not sure. Being completely happy I decided it was time for some picking apart. Al Diamola's 'Elegant Gypsy' is a great CD for this. No voices. Lot's of guitar, both acoustic and electric. Good bass and solid drumming. I was not dissapointed. The 4th cut - 'Race with the Devil' was fairly intense. When Diamola finally breaks loose the sounds from his Les Paul literally jump out from behind the speakers and fill the whole room. Everything sounds great. Well, almost everything. As with my Anthem combo - movies still sound unimpressive. It sounds good as far as sound goes - but doesn't sound completely right. Music however, is nothing short of fabulous. If one thing sounds better than another - it is because of the source material and nothing more. Musically, this amp is a winner in a major way. I have now gone from an Anthem Amp1/Pre1L tube combo, to a Bryston 3B-ST/BP-20 solid state combo - to this now AE-25 Super Amp stand alone unit all in less than a month. I thought the Bryston combo sounded better than the Anthem combo because it was so clean, and it certainly seemed to be easier to listen to for longer periods of time - although the Anthem combo actually did image better. The Bryston combo never seemed to be able to push an image much past the front baffles of the speakers unless driven to the higher SPL's. The AE-25 Super Amp sounds cleaner than the Bryston and pushes the image further out than the Anthem. On some source material the Super Amp wraps the image completely around you. It also sounds somewhat richer than the EL34 driven Anthem. If it gets any better than this - I probably can't afford it. I'm sure to have this amp for a very long time. ------------------ deanG This message has been edited by deang on 03-02-2002 at 07:34 PM
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