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  1. Also happens when connected with bluetooth from the iPhone. It must be an apple thing.
  2. No, its fine on the Mac through its speakers, headphones, and is fine with hard wired to the KMC.
  3. What is the price range for those drivers? It looked like the only way to get prices was to email them. I'm interested in this as well...the price range.
  4. Hey guys, up for sale is a Krell Theater Amplifier Standard. Forum price is $3500. 200x5, doubles to two ohms. Not sure if its 1 ohm stable. 800x2 bridged, this is a power house. I am in DFW. Shipping can be arranged, keep in mind this thing weighs 100 lbs. Thanks.
  5. I forgot to mention, I am interested in trades.... I've had my eye on a few Emotiva pre/pros. Also Heritage.
  6. Haha that is too funny! I tried posting the specs of this thing on here, but it keeps saying there's too many images. Who knows.
  7. Oops this needs to be moved to Garage Sale. Help?
  8. Hey guys, up for sale is an Integra 50.3. Just back from Integra, wifi was acting odd, so they went ahead and replaced the HDMI/Networking chip, and Onkyo has these covered until 2018. Has plenty of power, I'm just looking to go the route of a dedicated pre/pro instead of a receiver. Has a nick on the top right as pictured, and one by the volume control, so priced accordingly. I have a box, so shipping is an option. Located in DFW. Email with any questions. Thanks.
  9. I'm also interested in this, mine is similar.
  10. Hey guys, Just wanted to see if there's any interest in the seven channel THX Ultra 2 rig here. I'm not ready to separate with the four subwoofers, so up for grabs would be the 3x KL-650-THX, 2x KL-525-THX, and not pictured 2x K- 525-THX. All are in pretty much perfect condition, and all come with their respective Omnimounts. Price-wise I was thinking $3700 with mounts. Shipping would be up to the buyer, I am located in the DFW area. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks, David
  11. I thought it was the RSW15 magnet structure on a 12" basket?
  12. If there is any interest, I have a pair of Dali Lektor 2 and a Toby Cube 14 subwoofer sitting around gaining dust. Also an Adire Audio Tempest 15" driver. Also have the 214 liter Adire alignment enclosure tuned to 15.4 hz that I built years ago...
  13. Just keep in mind they won't notify you when they're done and its on its way back to you, I found that out the hard way. When I finally checked the status on mind, it was due for delivery the next day! David
  14. Onkyo/Integra took really good care of me when it came down to my Integra's HDMI board going out. Shipped it out on a Wednesday and received it the following Tuesday. I hope you have just as good of an experience! David
  15. <p>I didn't hear about that part. If it wasn't fixed correctly, that could very well be what caused this. When did this occur?
  16. I completely agree. The 777 has a nearly perfect record, the only fatalities being caused by pilot error, I believe.
  17. I usually use salt, pepper, and EVOO as some of the others do. Sometimes I get a craving for this, though. Its the seasoning they use at Charlie Palmer's. Ingredients 1/2 C light brown sugar 1/2 C kosher salt 1 T cayenne pepper 2 T ground cumin 2 T granulated garlic 2 T granulated onion 1 T dry English mustard (like Coleman's) 1 T finely ground black pepper Of course, mix together and pat into the meat. I've tried both regular dry mustard, and Colman's. Using Colman's is pretty much crucial. Its a little pricey (about $6-$7 for 4oz here) but well worth it. Plus, it lasts forever.
  18. It's still not confirmed, but God be with the people and families of the Malaysia Airlines flight that is still missing.
  19. I'd def give those babies a couple hundred watts. As long as those first few watts are clean.
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