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  1. This guy had factory measurements of the differing speaker arrays he is using which makes his live set ups faster and easier to do.
  2. So then... what about modifications where you remove something as opposed to adding something? For profit of course.
  3. blind listening tests is the worst insight here for a blanket statement... for obvious reasons.
  4. I personally DO NOT (tune flat)... but what say you
  5. Something to consider when buying over ears is that a lot of the good sounding hard to drive models/topologies NEED external amplification to be driven and achieve good results. Both campfire in ears and focal over ears are VERY efficient... like Klipsch, and I like that.
  6. You can tune it using your ear... if you are confident in your what you are trying to accomplish. I've always found it personally reqrding to allow the speaker handle as much of the range as possible, and let the sub fill in what might be lacking below that.
  7. headphones or earbuds? Headphones - Focal Earbuds - Campfire neither are under 500 new... maybe on the used market
  8. Ive got Magnequest trannies and they are wonderful.
  9. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    My Samsung plasma is STILL ROCKING and working perfectly. I use the 65" in my bedroom as a second and it looks wonderful for only a 1080 and less dynamic range.
  10. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    let's give this thing a try...
  11. I dont think I understood a single thing OP said in his post.
  12. Acoustic curtains help out quite a bit... I would be willing to bet you might need to retune the system after you get them fully installed. The price you pay E when the walls in your house are two feet thick! I love my acoustic curtains... good versions cost a pretty penny, but it was worth it. Are you planning on putting any dispersion on that front wall? It helps.
  13. There were several sizes weren't there?
  14. I only know of one Christy Canyon.
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