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  1. Colin, Seller had no idea, when behind and physically looked and said they were AA, which according to my research on here, matches up with 1977 model year. Travis
  2. Thanks Parrot, I appreciate it greatly. Travis
  3. Pauln, Yeah, he will let me call, has equipment set up so we can do the full run through. Travis
  4. I have been searching for a pair of Vintage KHorns to purchase prior to the Texas Klipsch gathering. I had found a pair on CL made in 1984 for 2,200 but they are in Birmingham, Al, a very long trip from Austin. Today this came up on Audiongon and CL http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?spkrfull&1151605029 I spoke to the seller and I am first in line. He said the S/N is 11R369 and 70 and they have AA cross-overs. If I am reading the S/N info. correctly that makes them made in 1977. What should I be looking for when I go check these out tomorrow in terms of what model tweeters, etc? Any help would be most appreciated. Travis tcwesq@texas.net
  5. What was the MSRP on those Mac speakers, about 20K? How did they sound. Did anyone play with the Mac C2200 Preamp? I am looking at getting a used C2200 vs. a new BB Xtream with Cream. Travis
  6. Amy, You should have taken my $4,700 [] Travis
  7. Didn't take long for that conversation to enter into rapid decay. Travis
  8. Craig, Nice looking room, wish I could have been there. High on the list for next year. How was the Mac room, what did they bring? How is my sign coming along? Travis
  9. Bring em ALL!!! Or whatever you are comfortable with. I think we were hoping that you would bring at least the Heresy's so we can compare them with a stock set that someone else is bringing. If you are not up for bringing the Belles maybe you could bring the ALK's so that we can A/B them in my LaScala's. If you bring the Belle's we will have the room and manpower to rotate them in on the set up on the first floor. Travis
  10. Erik, You will be in our thoughts at the end of May. We would love to have a "minibox" to use and give away at the end of the event. Thank you for the offer, very nice of you to offer with everything else you have going on. If you are short on the parts, please let me know the cost of what it will cost to complete it so I can send you a check. Are you going to be sending the amps to try? If so I can return the checks when we send the amps back. Let me know whatever I need to do to help you. Travis
  11. I got several requests for photos of the MX 110 preamp so I thought I would post them here. Travis
  12. Real sorry to hear about everyone's traffic woes. How many of you folks ended up getting together? What equipment did you listen to, what did folks bring? Any photos? Travis
  13. Eric, Sorry to hear you are not going to be able to make it. I was really hoping to be able to meet you! What ever you would like to send we would love to try!!!!!!! You can send it to my office and we will sure it gets safely cared for. My wife Kelly and I are looking forward to having everyone over and meeting everyone. I have already had a chance to talk to a couple of folks already and it sounds like we are going to have a lot of interesting stuff to listen to and talk about. If anyone has any specific questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Travis
  14. My wife Kelly and I are looking forward to having everyone over and meeting everyone. I have had a chance to talk to a couple of folks by phone already and it sounds like we will be having a lot of interesting stuff to listen to and talk about. If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Travis
  15. Are there any forum members in or around Birmingham, Alabama? Any one from Alabama going to the Klipsch Gathering in Hope? I am thinking about buying a pair of Klipschorns that are located near Birmingham and was wondering who we have on the forum that is located there. You can reply here or to me directly at tcwesq@texas.net. Thanks, Travis
  16. "They are both looking a little tuckered out, so I sent them upstairs to change and moved downstairs to set things in place. Extra pillows on the couch, lights killed for candles, incense burning, bubbly in a bucket, gear warming up." Are y'all insane!!!!!!!! There is only ONE song you play in a situation like that, and only one. SEXUAL HEALING I rest my case I have heard so much about the twins, post a picture. Travis
  17. I agree with what you have been advised so far, however, I try to take a more simple approach to these things at first (cause I'm simple minded), kind of like making sure the mower has gas in it before you take it to the shop. First, I would try switching the wires on the back of the speakers, in other words, take the wires hooked to the left and hook them to the right, and the wires going to the left and hook them to the right. If the noise moves to the right channel then you know for sure it is in your new toy. If it does not switch then you know it is your wires, speakers. Then I would use the can of air and blow the heck out of it, of course it goes without saying that you want to do this with the unit UNPLUGGED . The contact cleaner can help, but usually the noise from dirty contacts is only there when you are moving the contact, that is when you turn the volume up or down you will hear noise and scratching but it goes away for the most part after you have finished moving the part. I would get DeOxit, which you can purchase at Radio Shack and other locations. I have not seen it at Home Depot but I may not have looked hard enough. Caig is the manufacturer and it is the cleaner the pros use. It is more money but it is formulated to not cause you more problems in the future due to lubricant build up, etc. I am not sure how your Toy is configured but it is very easy to use, you simply spray it into the control while you are moving it. Unless you know what you are doing I would not reccomend spraying it while the unit is plugged in. Some units you can get access to the control by removing the knob. After you remove the volume knob for example there is a larger hole that the shaft of the control/pot sticks through and you can some times get the spray tip to it. Other units have a nut that covers the hole up and you have to remove the outside case/top to get to them. If you have to go this route first spray the vol pot while moving the know back and forth. Power that up and see what happens. If it fixes it you are in great shape, if not, go to the tone controls, and do those one at a time. The reason you want to do them one at a time is that if the spray significantly improves the sound you can isolate where you might have a future problem. Then finish spraying and working all of the other knobs. You do not want to be spraying the contact cleaner on the moving parts of the radio tuner itself. Just the volume and tone controls. You can also clean the rca jacks on the back, speaker terminations on the back with DeOxit. That is the limits of expertise, there are several on this forum who can take you way beyond this, but this is a good start. Travis
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