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  1. How? I'm not sure, but now we have a clue how China does.
  2. I've heard that about the second shingles vax.
  3. I've never had any problems with windows stability, especially over the last ten years. Why it became dominant is a marketing question, and easily answered. (Hint: apple prefers to keep their product away from whomever they can't control). My limited experience with apple "phones" is that constant updates seem to be the norm. Its work provided, and don't ever expect me to pay for their product. There are no heroes in this business, just pick your poison...
  4. Party at Schu's house...
  5. oldtimer

    Food Porn

    Or bbq it whole, and keep mopping it the whole time.
  6. Made wings for the game. Devil's Furnace made for some pretty fiery fare.
  7. But missing the point is not. However, judging by your laugh, you got it. As for F. Range, I'm not so sure.
  8. What is the record for sec teams in the bowl games? Just asking...
  9. oldtimer


    Just like the cat i gave away.
  10. These guys were given a free education due to their talent. They should be thankful and fulfill the obligation. Lets play all season and then for one more game now youre worried you might get hurt? I know its the signing bonus and since they never really paid attention to getting an education what else can they count on? Without that education it all will be gone before they know it. But as long as they dont learn they can be manipulated like the rest of uneducated america.
  11. Mine has a sustain you can hear just by looking at it. Thank you.
  12. Ok Thebes, it's been over a year and no book, cash, or even god forbid a compact disc (i do have a player in the car but maybe a replacement speaker for the one that buzzes with low bass would be better).
  13. Favorite bowl game? Obviously the Famous Toastery Bowl...
  14. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians One of the worst movies ever made, has a 10 year old Pia Zadora believe it or not, and preferably watched as the MST3K version.
  15. oldtimer


    That is when we become doomed.
  16. oldtimer


    Just proves there is a god. Plus it completes my sought after trifecta of a raiders win and broncos and cowboys loss.
  17. Yeah, there is always a temp rise after pulling from the heat. And it's important to give it rest to let the moisture stay in.
  18. Sorry Thebes, but that sounds horrid! lmao.
  19. oldtimer

    Hot Hot Hot

    I made some several years ago, it was quite good. For a store bought version I recommend the Grace brand scotch bonnet sauce if you can find it, it's straight out of Jamaica.
  20. oldtimer


    Somewhere between censored and a warning point.
  21. In better words, sounds like a politician.
  22. oldtimer

    Hot Hot Hot

    I have some of the Inferno, which has scorpion chiles, some Devil's Furnace, which uses death spirals, and a wee bit of Mama's Magma, a yellow 7 pot sauce...
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