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  1. Worst conversion program? My money is on those door to door people.
  2. You mean the goat in the truck?
  3. oldtimer


    It's not all I got, but it was late and so obvious. Baaaaa
  4. oldtimer


    Stevie Nicks?
  5. It must have gotten lost in the mail from all those years ago.
  6. Probably a burnt offering of St. Louis cut ribs using oak harvested from the yard. Only the shaded out dead branches though since the living oaks are sacred. Gotta love a feast day.
  7. Wishing a merry summer solstice to all.
  8. Confused? Throw me a bone john. What "special day" or which women are you referring to? Like I said before I have no idea what you are talking about to even agree with you.
  9. Truthfully I have no idea what or whom you are referring to. As for a spat it wasnt a comment on a statement but a comment on the sillyness of the topic.
  10. It's full when it sits on the seat...
  11. How about everyone just have situational awareness instead of trivial spats? Who here walks right into a dog turd rather than watch where they are going? Of course there is always common courtesy, or is there?
  12. Less than a bottle, perfectly acceptable.
  13. The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenements halls and whispered in the sounds of silence.
  14. oldtimer


    It's only a feeling.
  15. What or whom? I have some candidates...
  16. If i start thinking about giraffes then i know i have lost it.
  17. How? I'm not sure, but now we have a clue how China does.
  18. I've heard that about the second shingles vax.
  19. I've never had any problems with windows stability, especially over the last ten years. Why it became dominant is a marketing question, and easily answered. (Hint: apple prefers to keep their product away from whomever they can't control). My limited experience with apple "phones" is that constant updates seem to be the norm. Its work provided, and don't ever expect me to pay for their product. There are no heroes in this business, just pick your poison...
  20. Party at Schu's house...
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