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  1. Thanks. It's all due to the last fish I ate...
  2. Because you already had to fix it. It's older now so how about one seventy fi?
  3. Hopefully you have the lp with the included booklet. An all time favorite, or should I say favourite. The pre-fab four rule!
  4. Strength of schedule becomes a factor when the CFP system needs to justify doing whatever they really want to do.
  5. Love the Kinks. You're right. This time it is the Saudis (opec) and Russia working together. Oil prices have risen. That's making gas more expensive for US drivers and helping Russia's war | AP News
  6. What is likely to get this thread, or any thread closed or hidden are the little dog whistles and agenda seeking posts. Mark, I clearly see your point, but maintain that adhering to the definitions is important, even as we may quibble with how the words are used (by others). Disputing the application is certainly in the ball park. It is the bastardization of language that is an enemy to freedom as well as coherent discourse.
  7. It wasn't. Sorry, I tried. Leaving the pm does result in permanence, but now that we know it that mistake can be avoided. At this rate you may lose interest in your own thread due to propaganda and "beliefs." I stand by my previous post as well as my definitional posts which were a charity for those with such great educational knowledge it rendered them incapable of consulting a dictionary.
  8. There is a format for those who insist on discussing the subject(s) not relevant to the thread. It is called pm's, but experience has shown that many here are too gutless for true freedom such as it can afford. Many would rather whine where it is not appropriate rather than participate where it is.
  9. Your posts are all well and good, but consider the dates, and who was included, and who was not. Then consider the progress made after masses of people were free to pursue an education instead of it being against the law to teach them. The chart I quoted takes into account these differences. Widespread public education, a dream of Jefferson's, along with post war economic factors allowed for the rise of a solid middle class and far more inclusive than before. Also consider the immigration of multitudes of poor people after the civil war and well into the 20th century.
  10. FYI for general knowledge: Why does the New York Times prosper while Gannett struggles? Here are four reasons - Poynter (I have no dog in this hunt. I am not a subscriber, nor a reader, nor a stockholder.)
  11. Percentage of persons 14 years old and over who were illiterate (unable to read or write in any language), by race and nativity: 1870 to 1979 Year Total White Black and other Total Native Foreign-born 1870 20.0 11.5 – – 79.9 1880 17.0 9.4 8.7 12.0 70.0 1890 13.3 7.7 6.2 13.1 56.8 1900 10.7 6.2 4.6 12.9 44.5 1910 7.7 5.0 3.0 12.7 30.5 1920 6.0 4.0 2.0 13.1 23.0 1930 4.3 3.0 1.6 10.8 16.4 1940 2.9 2.0 1.1 9.0 11.5 1947 2.7 1.8 – – 11.0 1950 3.2 – – – – 1952 2.5 1.8 – – 10.2 1959 2.2 1.6 – – 7.5 1969 1.0 0.7 – – 3.6 * 1979 0.6 0.4 – – 1.6 Maybe your facts are different? By 1870 public education was widespread in the US, and it would have been sooner if people had listened to Thomas Jefferson.
  12. Then there is it's nefarious cousin: disinformation definition at DuckDuckGo
  13. In English, however: misinformation definition at DuckDuckGo
  14. oldtimer

    Food Porn

    It doesn't qualify without pics...
  15. oldtimer


    You forgot, avoid feeding the trolls.
  16. Ah yes! Alternative facts. I have heard that somewhere, I believe it was coined by an inveterate liar. Because, right wait, I remember another saying that the truth isn't the truth. Relativism at its logical extreme leads the ignorant down the path of total confusion resulting in the complete maleability of their minds. Critical thinking is the first casualty, and studies have shown that one cannot change others opinions through the exposition of facts. We are living Orwell's nightmare of mind control through the bastardization of language.
  17. And it always needs hot sauce. Hot sauce is like cowbell. Needs more.
  18. oldtimer

    Hot Hot Hot

    To those who put orders in, expect delivery on Monday. Thanks.
  19. Good question, but knowing non factual information seems a lot easier.
  20. Yep. I don't watch youtube much.
  21. Disregarding the anti trust lawsuit brought against google by the gov, but thats not important right now.
  22. Every song I hear with cowbell needs more. There should be songs that are nothing but cowbell. In my youth i set up an array of actual (not pro grade music cowbells but real life cowbells that i derusted and painted black) along with a latin percussion brand ridged cowbell along side my drum set. This was of course way before snl had their skit. Lots of us already knew the cowbell mantra.
  23. oldtimer

    Food Porn

    You want fries with that?
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