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  1. All good advice. Another thing to do is have the radiator flushed when you replace the thermostat. Make sure the cap is in good shape. Use distilled water, not tap water in the fluid mix to prolong radiator life.
  2. Kind of a drag about the infantile graffiti.
  3. No opinions about the original Some Girls cover?
  4. When I just tried using the forum software your attachment is shown, BS. This function is not working for me lately.
  5. Broken skyline, which way to love land Which way to something better Which way to forgiveness which way do I go Hint: Artist shares the same last name as a famous stock car racing family.
  6. Colter, you also have a pm. I can feel your pain, I had a dachshund from before I went to first grade to when I was a sophomore in college. He was the coolest dog in the universe to me......
  7. I'm not a Wings fan M.E., but don't be too cocky until after the Sharks get at least past the first round mon frere....
  8. While were are on the subject, what is a Rolling Stones original pre-censored Some Girls in decent shape worth?
  9. I have the 2.0's. They are a great upgrade from the stock HK's.
  10. Allan, how are you getting the attachment feature to work? I have had no luck either inserting a pic or attaching the last two days.
  11. Very sad. However, congrats for your profession. My town won't take you if you are past 35, dagnabbit, I was seriously considering it.
  12. From Torque: (Ford) I live my life one quarter mile at a time. (Shane) That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
  13. Juke Box Hero----Foreigner I once made a party mix tape in college and when that song came on no one was happy so the tape got pulled and someone else's put in. Next: Broken skyline, movin' through the airport She's an honest defector Conscientious objector Now her own protector
  14. Here's one....Never mind, I don't think the forum will take a gif.
  15. I hope the road was straight, level, and smooth. That is insane! Totally insane!
  16. I think I paid $30 for the 200 gram lp of TMonk with Coltrane live. I had no problems with that.
  17. I am not sure but the animals and war both did it? The common denominator was Eric Burdon? I did not guess the song so no challenge from me.
  18. So the fate of the next HT format rests with a game playing machine? (Smithers, release the hounds)
  19. Read Fortissimo's post on the Return to Klipsch thread. Then find some Forte II's or move on up the line. Try not to have them shipped, there are too many horror stories about damage.
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