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  1. I know the artist, can't recall the tune. I will paraphrase Clint Eastwood as dirty harry: "No one, I mean no one I know took this guy seriously."
  2. I agree with all that. He also talks about live sound levels, and those also undoubtably contributed to his hearing loss. Were they not called rock and roll's loudest band? That one quote in question though, as d-man says is hubris.
  3. Or maybe you are wanting to start a new one about rhythm guitarists that are better than townshend?
  4. Ok Duke, lol. Am I to infer that I am the red not smiley face? Or are you just trying to stop a flame war in general?
  5. No problem jpm, but I still stand by what I said. Whether you like the who or not, what did townshend help invent? He played guitar in a popular rock band, but if you remember the thread on guitar players a while back I don't recall him being mentioned with the greats like Page, Hendrix, etc.
  6. If the house were burning down, the Forte II's would come first, but after that for Led Zeppelin it would still be one because it is a Japanese pressing, the best of what I have for them.
  7. On another thread somebody posted db's and their associated live sound counterparts i.e. jet taking off, lawnmower, etc. Maybe someone could do that here again?
  8. Ah, Townshend patting himself on the back some more.....I submit IMHO that he has neither invented nor refined anything.
  9. My pair of Audio Technica ATH-2's still look pretty much new, this is after spending years in a box in the attic. The leather on the ear-pieces is soft and supple. They sound like I remember them, fairly accurate but lacking a little on the low end. I guess I am lucky with the climate here in north central Texas, no mold on these! Can't remember what I paid, less than $100 I'm sure.
  10. Great Tune Jonny Cash - It Ain't Me. Great tune, but it is Bob Dylan---It Ain't me Babe.
  11. In the night Do you light a lover's fire Do the ashes of desire for you remain Like the sea There'e a love too deep to show Took a storm before my love Flowed for you
  12. Love and hope and sex and dreams are still surviving on the streets
  13. Yes Moon Child. And yours is Epitaph, also from In The Court of the Crimson King
  14. something like that was actually built by the show "Monster House." It was electric powered.
  15. "If it can't be the Frogs, Hook-em horns!" We all dream of that someday when it will be the Horned Frogs.
  16. Sailing on the wind in milk white gown Dropping circle stones on a sun dial Playing hide and seek with the ghosts of dawn Waiting for a smile from a sun child
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