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  1. In the night Do you light a lover's fire Do the ashes of desire for you remain Like the sea There'e a love too deep to show Took a storm before my love Flowed for you
  2. Love and hope and sex and dreams are still surviving on the streets
  3. Yes Moon Child. And yours is Epitaph, also from In The Court of the Crimson King
  4. something like that was actually built by the show "Monster House." It was electric powered.
  5. "If it can't be the Frogs, Hook-em horns!" We all dream of that someday when it will be the Horned Frogs.
  6. Sailing on the wind in milk white gown Dropping circle stones on a sun dial Playing hide and seek with the ghosts of dawn Waiting for a smile from a sun child
  7. I would suggest searching the web for reviews, and if you have a high end audio dealer nearby, go and listen to what they have. The last headphones I bought were Audio Technicas back in the late seventies early eighties.
  8. Sounds tempting if I were up in that neck of the woods.....don't want it bad enough to deal with shipping though. Played around with my parents Sony a long time ago, love that big reel to reel sound.
  9. What a killer tune, one of many. Nothing could get your head banging like Heartbreaker, we used to crank it up so the whole dorm could hear it and psyche up for a saturday night. Never a complaint.
  10. Talking to the trees of the cobweb strange Sleeping on the steps of a fountain Waving silver wands to the night birds song Waiting for the sun on the mountain
  11. While you read this, think of the voice of Carson from Team America, as he is dying: Too late for me, must watch end of American football game. You must live on, and guess this tune without me.....so cold.....looks like one way ticket..........
  12. Physical grafitti is good too, but the black and white Hindenburg disaster is my fave....
  13. This thread is showing me what I always knew. That is I spend all my time listening to the drums, bass, guitar, and the overall melody but never bothered with lyrics.
  14. You're trippin back now To places you been to You wonder what you're gonna find You know ya been wrong But it won't be long Before you leave it all far behind Lonely feelin Deep inside Find a corner Where I can hide Silent footsteps Crowdin' me Sudden Darkness But I can see Both of these are from the same song?
  15. understand the rules, i'm just guessing, and guessing wrongly. ___________________________________ "its just me mom, I'm only guessing..."
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