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  1. Not really a rant, just your version of history. The looping and scratching was started way before the end of the 90's though. Take MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This" for example. A pure Rick James line with dancing and a one phrase lyric. Even before that there was "Just the two of us" which in its chord progression sounds a lot like 50 ways to leave your lover. Yeah disco sucked for rockers but punk was already gaining ground before disco became overbearing. Nice synopsis Pauln.
  2. Lead me through tortured dreams childhood themes of nights alone
  3. the scary part is that my memory for lyrics is what it used to be, and that ain't (oh man i just said ain't) good. ______________________________________________- the carrot is better than the stick, but in this case, the carrot is a stick
  4. ok edit here, my bad. My life's course is guided decided by learned strong (some say limits drawn) _______________________________ parentheses represent alternate lyrics
  5. Living Sin from the same lp? __________________________________________ Trilogy is one of those lp's that reminds me why I bought the Forte's
  6. A lot of present day music get their influences from late 70's punk and even 60's stuff that is basically a reaction to over mixed/processed (to them) studio work. The idea is to get back to the rawness that made rock great in the first place. When I subjected my son to ELP and Yes he remarked that now he understood why punk happened. It represents a returning to the guy on the street from the virtuoso musicians of prog rock. I'm not sure I like it but I do appreciate where it comes from. A case in point is that the Beatles stopped performing live because their latest stuff was so studio enhanced (among other reasons I'm sure). _______________________________________________________________ The original harm's way: "I will not have anything to do with a ship that is not fast because I intend to go in harm's way." John Paul Jones
  7. Why haven't you caught hell for not offering first to the forum before listing on ebay? Or did I miss something here?
  8. wicked tune Fish! I'll leave this up for the rest to fight it out.
  9. Look here brother ______________________ Just a little help, I don't think the intention with this is to stump. Frank Zappa is my hero, and should be every American's hero.
  10. I know the artist, can't recall the tune. I will paraphrase Clint Eastwood as dirty harry: "No one, I mean no one I know took this guy seriously."
  11. I agree with all that. He also talks about live sound levels, and those also undoubtably contributed to his hearing loss. Were they not called rock and roll's loudest band? That one quote in question though, as d-man says is hubris.
  12. Or maybe you are wanting to start a new one about rhythm guitarists that are better than townshend?
  13. Ok Duke, lol. Am I to infer that I am the red not smiley face? Or are you just trying to stop a flame war in general?
  14. No problem jpm, but I still stand by what I said. Whether you like the who or not, what did townshend help invent? He played guitar in a popular rock band, but if you remember the thread on guitar players a while back I don't recall him being mentioned with the greats like Page, Hendrix, etc.
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