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  1. This is probably the best answer overall, but in the spirit of suggestions: Time out---Dave Brubeck Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall Return to Forever---Chick Corea Any Count Basie big band Any Dizzy Gillespie/Charlie Parker Dang! Already out of room and no Miles Davis....
  2. Thanks for the info. I always had this negative impression that PWK was a closet anglophile. I will sleep better tonight.
  3. mmmmmmmmmmmm....... gas...................
  4. Having served on the IOWA and having lost 47 shipmates, I tend to get particular with the details of what happened that day. All I can say is..."Dude!" And thank you for serving our country.
  5. The LaScalas and the rf-7's are two completely different animals. For 2 channel the choice is what you like, one versus the other. If you want to go HT then stay with the rf-7's and add compatible products around them. This is simply a buzz per dollar (bpd) calculation.
  6. It is a beautiful machine! Tell us all about it! Does it run completely steady, have no groove noise, no possibility of feedback, returns at the end of the side, and all the stuff that dreams are made of? Wow! I love rosewood. I used to have a rosewood keyed marimba, and my concert snare sticks were rosewood too. You are making me realize I should spring for that new car, and maybe a recent edition sunfire pre/pro and amp, get the alfa back up and running with a new top installed (already have the top) and just enjoy life while I can. ________________________________________________________ Stoicism and self denial gets old after a while when everyone else is enjoying hedonism on your dime.
  7. Those gummed reinforcements really took me back. Remember when information was recorded on two and three ring notebook paper? I had a professor who read from the same set of notes for his lectures for over 50 years. Those pages were so yellow! He retired soon after having me in his class because I mainly just showed up for the test, after all the information was in circulation around campus for years. He gave me a letter down of a grade just because I had the audacity to tell him as much. _______________________________________________ "Worst student ever. Not only that, but a drummer too."
  8. The French use that term all the time! Maybe you should find a Frenchman to buy them? ______________________________________________ "The French have a word for it, I don't know what...."
  9. Not deaf Duke, just tone deaf! (I still have painful memories of my college ear training course).
  10. OK. Off topic clarification but our posts are indicating 3am when it is 9pm. Why in the usa(I only ask because Klipsch is a usa company) does the forum use what I perceive to be gmt?
  11. What do you listen to KT88Lover? Or maybe I should ask whom? If illicit drug use is a criteria, your choices are limited indeed, or do you limit your choices to mere alcoholics? Hey, just curious....
  12. It is simple to prove a perfect sine wave. Just hook it up to an oscilloscope and see. (Sorry to get away from the flame war). But seriously, the winner in the left bracket will be Sauron, because only he had power over so many(yes even more than the godfather). For the same reason, Darth Vader would win the right bracket. Could Darth Vader defeat Sauron? No. Sauron is pure evil whereas Darth Vader was only a convert to evil. Simple really.
  13. I agree, say it ain't so! You are asking close to $100 less or so what they should go for. What if we each sent you $2 or $3? That should cover that much and you could keep'em. ______________________________________________________ "Your majesty, you are like a stream of bat's piss."
  14. From the warped lyric department: "We threw up in the middle of the night, just to hear them say..." _____________________________________________________ "With a double major in acting and world languages, hell, you're the perfect weapon."
  15. ROFL fini. Are you hoping for an Australian toad-like substance?
  16. Seriously folks, even in theaters with decent sound set ups, gunfire does not sound realistic if you have been around live gunfire. Also true with airplane takeoffs and landings, and I have been around a LOT of those. I have been a 767's length from Blue Angels F18's screaming by at 50 feet. My humble opinion is that this is more of a recording issue. I will put in a plug for the 35th anniversary edition of Easy Rider, regarding the planes coming in for landing at LAX at the begining of the movie. The sound does capture the effect of being there quite nicely.
  17. Congratulations! I recently found a mono Time in Outer Space, and a recreated stereo Red Hot and Cool, but for not that cheap as yours. Enjoy! ______________________________________________ the carrot is better than the stick, but in this case the carrot is a stick.
  18. That's hilarious yaffstone! I purchased my Forte II's new in 1989 with student loan money. I actually ordered Forte's but the II's came instead, because the factory had changed over to making them. Now even my student loans are paid off; I still maintain it was the best money i have ever spent.
  19. Some post to remember, some post to forget.... _____________________________________________ No Tom Clancy, you are not paranoid enough.
  20. Thanks for your input. I have not heard them before, but i have Forte II's and an Academy center so I imagine that they would sound similar to Forte II's for stereo. Was this not your experience? Do they sound more like the Academy and less than the Forte II's, or vice versa, realizing that these are timbre matched? What else would you suggest shopping around for, as queried in my original post?
  21. Glad to hear you have something that makes you happy. If you don't mind sharing, what does this pre/pro and amp cost? Also, does it run hot, or say hotter than the sunfire series? When I crank it in the summer I hate it when the room heats up and I have to use a fan on the receiver. On another note, I love your avatar steamer! What a crappy frustrating year it has been though. ____________________________________________________ "Are you a mod or a rocker? "I'm a mocker."
  22. "What gear is your Dad running now? " I think they are some Pioneer's from the 70's, maybe 2 feet high. They sound pretty boxy, and are not on stands, although they probably should be.
  23. I guess you would call that a bi-gluteal projection?
  24. Thanks for the compliments! Yes, this forum is full of good people. As for being a good son, when you figure what parents have done for us over the years, I think that giving good sound is only human. ___________________________________________ "Free societies are helpful societies. And free societies will be allies against these hateful few who have no conscience, who kill at the whim of a hat."----George W. Bush
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