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  1. Conversely, it's too bad you live in Toronto. I have time to drive during most months up to a day and a half to retreive items, but Toronto is a longer proposition. You never know, it could work out if and when.... I do have my original boxes so renting a van and packing them up is not a problem.
  2. Should I be tempted to finish out the all Klipsch HT with a pair or more of Quartets, or hold out for a great deal on a pair of Forte II's? I currently have Forte II's as mains and an Academy center...In a 15 by 15' room with vaulted ceiling. Thanks.
  3. Dude you are definitely on to something. The smell alone would guarantee to heighten all of your senses, it would be like you are there!(at the dog pound, listening to a stereo)
  4. I just had to laugh----I saw the photograph.
  5. Has anyone heard the $10,000 entry model turntable that elp of japan puts out? It reads the vinyl like a laser disk player, therefore no more wear on your records! Just curious, I've only seen it on the web from one of those look what I stumbled onto google searches.
  6. I suppose I could sell my house and buy a nice tent.....
  7. Now you are agreeing with TWO drummers. How scary is that?
  8. I have used adhesive tape to pull out a dust cap dent before. Try this before the pin hole method. There will be no difference in sound with the dents. You can also replace just the dust caps if you want, try simplyspeakers.com for the right size. Therefore, whatever you try can always be rectified.
  9. I have read that the Sunfire amps run way cooler than most. Living in Texas that would make a big difference when using it in the summer, at least in my house (20 year old a/c).
  10. Still using the Technics SL-D2 I purchased in 1979, with the same Audio Technica AT962XE cartridge (more commonly know as the AT11E). Never had a problem.
  11. Last week someone had a like new pair of KG 4.5 starting at $900, now this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=14991&item=5739381753&rd=1 The 4.5's got no bids will these? ---------- OK children, drugs are bad, mkay.........
  12. no profile,no avatar, no life, no heart, no soul, no nothing -------------- Dude!!!!
  13. I don't know man, the noses are way different.
  14. The quartet should make an excellent center, especially when it is shielded, for those with the space for it. It shares the same tweeter as the academy (different than the forte II or the chorus II) and the same midrange as the forte and chorus II. Plus, it has a lower bass range than the academy. Ideally, i would match all five speakers the same, given space and center shielding or enough space between the center and the screen to avoid interference. For now, the academy is my best solution. At 275, the quartet as a center is a knockout bargain.
  15. jason found a pair on buy it now ebay, from what i can discern. i would be interested however. give me a shout, Brian.
  16. Very well spoken Artto. I feel very fortunate that Klipsch made the Forte's and Forte II's for those of us who are both players and listeners without an unlimited budget. BTW, my newest car is an '88, my Forte II's are '89. How's that for priorities?
  17. LOL Dodger, I just edited my post too. Why don't we get together and call ourselves an institute.....
  18. I was directly replying to the initial topic post, and I agree with your observations(dodger). Most people don't realize the vast amount of performances a musician has attended as a listener, both acoustic and amplified.
  19. The first time I read this post I let it slide, no one had responded, maybe it would die. A few hours later I decided to respond and found four replies. Beethoven may have become deaf, but even this old drummer is not. Musicians have probably been to more live performances as a listener than any other audiophile who exists. They know what music should sound like from just about any angle you would care to construct. Before I go on any longer, lets just repeat bclarke421, "hogwash."
  20. Were these from a recent Audiogon classified, from Austin, Texas? If so, you beat me to the punch. I was going to add a second pair to my HT. I have enjoyed my Forte II's since 1989, happy listening!
  21. Count me in for Taco Beer! The US Virgins might be far enough away from Florida, although maybe too close to Puerto Rico. The Lesser Antilles would probably do just fine if they let you in.....
  22. I have also read on this forum that the Cornwalls need a large enough room to be appreciated. If you have a room in the 12x15 range(even with vaulted ceiling) like mine then keep this in mind. With a 20x20 or more the Cornwall's should shine. I have never had the space to try the Forte II's in a larger room, but they would probably do pretty well up to something less than a small auditorium.
  23. The original Forte's have a 12" passive radiator in the back, the Forte II's have a 15" passive radiator. All three drivers are also different, with the most noticeable change being the afforementioned tractrix mid range. I have listened to my Forte II's at concert levels for extended periods without listener fatigue. I do think the comment regarding source sensitivity is valid, some things just sound better than others on them.
  24. I am refoaming the surrounds of a pair of 8" woofers. They are attached by solder with just enough play to get the woofers part of the way out. I am nowhere near good enough with solder to redo these connections in such tight conditions. Therefore I was thinking about cutting the wires and butt jointing (crimp) them back together when reassembling. Will this work ok or is it too heinous? They are not Klipsch so rest easy on that point. Thanks.
  25. You say you are listening to cd's? Try using a more realistic source such as vinyl or SACD. Cd's reproduce sound with a squared off wave while actual sound has a rounded wave. Always remember, GIGO, garbage in, garbage out. ------------------------------------------------ "spent my money, took my car, started tellin' her friends she's gonna be a star"
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