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  1. What is the blue stuff on the horns?
  2. Users have the option of clipping off their spades, and soldering the driver leads directly to the terminal strips. The connectors are thick enough, and strong enough -- that I was able to drill out the holes a little to accomodate binding posts. This is very cool I like.Very nice crossover. I still have stock AA crossovers in my Belles and the Belles are last on my list of tweaks. Is there a difference in sound in A and AA crossovers? If so which do you prefer?
  3. ---------------- On 12/30/2004 12:14:23 PM colterphoto1 wrote: BTW, I will be bidding on this set. ---------------- I hope I didn't call too much attention to it if you had already seen it if so sorry. Those would be great for a home theatre system.
  4. Hadn't seem these before. Is there a comprehensive list with pictures of all the Klipsch heritage speakers and the many flavors they came in? It seems everytime I search ebay I find something I hadn't seen before. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=61378&item=5740616325&rd=1
  5. ---------------- On 12/29/2004 6:05:38 PM NOSValves wrote: Now that is from a real unbiased source ---------------- True but it's not like he claimed that set was the only way path. In closing, remember this It is dangerous to place amplifiers, speakers, cables etc., into neat little categories in an effort to make some sense of it all. Not all tube amps sound good. Not all solid- state amps sound bad. With the Internet audiophiles have been set free to research things in a far more unbiased way then ever before. Before the Internet there were only trade magazines, and manufactures literature to educate us all and it goes without saying fairly biased sources. Of course the Internet is full of misinformation, some intentional, some out of ignorance, but at least you can find all sides and make your own determinations. Finally got my turntable going this is the first time in 10 years (mmf2 w\grado reference cartridge) that I've had my own TT. I think my new phono pre may need some burn in time but so far it sounds good although alot of my old vinyl is in very sad sad shape so poppy I can hardly stand it looks like I am buying new vinyl tomorrow : ). I forgot how much I liked Joan Jett at least that vinyl is ok. The end is neigh
  6. I remember this one it is an original PWK pimp daddy collection. Think I even saw it in some porn movie
  7. ---------------- On 12/28/2004 9:13:36 PM thebes wrote: Major Bump! Thanks Seti for posting this. Althought I've learned a bunch about tubes since coming here this is a wonderful article and very informative. I also suspect with Xmas just gone there will be new folks checking in with various questions about gear, speakers etc. and probably more then a few questions about tubes. This article is the perfect appetizer. Yes I'm sure like me most of them think tubes are for use in bicycles and floating down rivers in the summer. But the ones the article is talking about are made of glass and you don't want to sit your bumpess on them! For dial-ups it's a large download but worth it. Again thanks for posting this and let's bump it a few times so as members trickle back in from the holidays they can fix it in their minds and use it as a reference when questions come up down the road. ---------------- Thanks I hate not knowing very much about something that I use so much. If anyone has a good resource or document for a newbie please post. I also like the collection of articles at the decware site in fact his article "WHY THE SET & HIGH EFFICIENCY SPEAKER APPROACH WORKS" is one of the reasons I decided to give SET(no intention of starting a flamewar) a try. WHY THE SET & HIGH EFFICIENCY SPEAKER APPROACH WORKS MAY 2003 by Steve Deckert On our audiophile forums, members have a moniker that usually includes a tag line. Mine say; If the first watt sucks, why continue? Having said that, this is not going to be another hard line attempt to convince you that SET amps are the only way to get good sound, or that high efficiency speakers automatically sound better than anything else. Over the years I have learned that for every assumption about audio there are exceptions that could lead one to conclude the exact opposite. This law encompasses every facet of audio, from cartridges to loudspeakers and all the cables and components in between. Most people for example have assumed that a 2 to 8 watt per channel SET amp wouldnt have the balls to get out of its own way. It couldnt possibly have any real bass, but we hear the midrange is to die for. Most people would also assume the only way to hear any dynamics from a flea powered amplifier is to use big nasty horn speakers so really what is the point? All of these assumptions are probably a side effect of the general direction that high-end audio has taken since the 1960s. Solid state has made high power affordable for everyone so the loudspeaker industry responded by making speakers less efficient to both reduce their size and flatten their response. Despite popular belief, you do not need horn speakers to use or enjoy a SET amplifier. You can also find many horn speaker designs that sound wonderful, better than wonderful in fact, so the question then becomes this: What are the advantages are to using SET amps with high efficiency speakers? To answer this, lets start with the advantages of a SET amplifier over any other type. A Single Ended Triode is the simplest circuit design there is, using the least number of parts. Typically this is a driver stage coupled to a single output device. Triodes do not require negative feedback, something found in most all push-pull circuits, solid state or tube. Negative feedback is used to lower distortion specs and in the case of solid state devices it is often the only thing keeping the transistors from exploding all over the inside of your amplifier. Feedback a problem? If you dont mind the time smear it creates and the resulting 2 dimensional sound stage, then no I guess its probably not. Aside from the amplifiers superiority by simplicity, there is a more profound reason for using SET amplifiers. The magic predominately lies in the first watt. By magic I mean inner detail and most of the dynamics. For example, a pair of 96dB speakers playing with one watt of power against the average noise floor in your listening room (55dB) is 40 dB of dynamic range. (96 55 = 41 dB) Adding a second watt increases the dynamic range by only 3 dB. For every additional 3 dB you need to double your power. This should clearly illustrate that there is over 10 times the dynamic range in the first watt as there is in the second. This brings us directly to loudspeakers. A typical loudspeaker today is 86 dB efficient with 1 watt. It also usually has a complex crossover that attempts to keep the frequency response and impedance flat. The crossover alone will usually dissipate a significant portion of the first watt as heat before it even reaches the drivers. To reach the same loudness level as the 96 dB speaker will with 1 watt requires over 8 watts on the 86dB speaker. If we used 2 watts on the 96 dB speaker the other would require 16 watts to keep up. If we used 4 watts on the 96 dB speaker the other would require 32 watts to keep up. The problem here is resolution. If you cant hit a listening level with the 1st watt, youre not likely to hear whats happening in that 1st watt. For a driver to achieve a high efficiency its moving parts must be low in mass. That makes it dramatically faster or more accurate than a speaker with heavier moving parts. If you like inner detail and want to hear all of the textures and layers of a good recording you need fast, efficient and coherent speakers. A good SET amp combined with a single full range driver with no crossover or a simple 2-way using minimal crossover parts on the tweeter only, has a purity and depth that you simply dont find in more conventional systems. It is a benchmark for coherency, and noted for its ability to create hauntingly real holographic sound stage. Bass and dynamics with this combination sound more realistic in part from the tremendous speed and in part from the coherency. Ive consulted many people about their audio systems, and the most common complaints include dry somewhat fatiguing sound with a fairly boring soundstage followed by the realization that it simply doesnt connect you to the music emotionally like it could. Experience has taught me that by far the easiest way to get a liquid sound that becomes holographic with stunning clarity and detail, something that excites the listener, is to set him up with an SET and simple pair of efficient speakers. It also usually ends up being the least expensive solution. The biggest conformation of this is reports from audiophiles who used to have several hundred watts and many thousands of dollars invested in show winning audio gear, but now report that even a good 2 watt SET on efficient speakers has better dynamics and weight which they find simply amazing. If youve ever observed how audiophiles rotate through audio gear during their lifetime you might also find it interesting that the ones who finally land on SET amps and good speakers seldom find anything they like better. The bigger is better mentality that is directly connected to more expensive the better is certainly the handicap that stunts most audiophiles from discovering truly high fidelity sound. Will the guys at the audio salon laugh yes the will. Will your fellow audiophiles laugh when they hear you sold everything and got a 2-watt amplifier yes the will. Is this important to you? Only you can decide, but I would suggest it has little to do with high fidelity. In closing, remember this It is dangerous to place amplifiers, speakers, cables etc., into neat little categories in an effort to make some sense of it all. Not all tube amps sound good. Not all solid- state amps sound bad. With the Internet audiophiles have been set free to research things in a far more unbiased way then ever before. Before the Internet there were only trade magazines, and manufactures literature to educate us all and it goes without saying fairly biased sources. Of course the Internet is full of misinformation, some intentional, some out of ignorance, but at least you can find all sides and make your own determinations. -Steve Deckert
  8. Those shorthorns are beautiful. What tube gear did PWK like to listen to in 1959? I have read that his favorite tube was the 2A3 but what did he own and listen to on a regular basis. I wonder hmm. It would be cool to setup a 1950's vintage system tube gear and tt like PWK would have had.
  9. Thats what I need for the back of my suburban : )
  10. I would relly like to hear some 45 / 211 /845 tube amplifiers. The airtight 211 just looks beautiful.
  11. I don't know why I thought it hadn't been done but here it is tube amplifiers for your car ROFL http://www.capsgetpeeled.com/blog/archives/000339.html http://www.montagar.com/~patj/tubeart.htm omg lol http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1965/caramp.html Now lets jam some khorns in there : )
  12. There is an ipod add on that broadcast a signal to an fm station then you just tune into the station to receive your ipod stream pretty cool.
  13. ---------------- On 12/28/2004 6:32:01 AM edwinr wrote: Whoever wrote that, needs to switch to decaf in the morning! ---------------- Whoever wrote that needs to be hired to market the rednek speaker cable Is that how microsoft got started?
  14. ---------------- On 12/28/2004 9:22:59 AM Daddy Dee wrote: That is definitely a fine looking pair of Belle's. Don't know if the lighter grill cloth was factory or just the result of photography. However, the wood looked the right color. You have to wonder of the seller actually sold these. The bidding between two zero's certainly doesn't look right. Seti: You sound a little like Charlton Heston loving his Belle's. ---------------- Not sure if it's the lighting or the wood grain but the tops look really worn. I had wanted a pair of Belles since I was in high school and I am still excited about owning them. Last night I listened to music till 3am and they were sounding sweet. I'll probably freak when I get my phono preamp this week still haven't heard vinyl on them.
  15. seti


    Perhaps we should build/markey a car audio system that only plays bass but plays it without distortion. The car of course would be shaken loose but wtf give them what they want and at least if it's not distorted it won't sound as bad.
  16. The holidays are not complete without a trip to Best Buy. I was trying to shop for new music when from the car audio department comes the most offending sound I have ever heard. There was not a single range of sound that was not dostorted to hell and back highs mids lows all distortion all the time. I ventured over to the car audio dept and there were these two guys in there 30's purchasing about $1200 worth of distortion creating sound equipment for their car. I don't understand. I mean what is the point? Are they going to cut their fuel cost by propelling the car by bass? Then they went over to the home audio dept and somehow managed to elicit the same sound from some combo of jbl and subs. Everything they touched turned to distortion. Do they just not know what music should sound like? Is the only thing some people want is sheer bass? It sounded like they turned the treble all the way down bass all the way up with some sort of bass super booster. ug Or am I just a spoiled klipsch snob?
  17. ---------------- On 12/27/2004 12:01:22 AM jt1stcav wrote: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=14974&item=5739637489&rd=1 I had no idea Lam sold a phono preamp...this auction went for $320 last week. Hope this helps, seti. ---------------- Hmm thanks I'll try anything once lol....Lite Audio hmm does he resell or build the amps he sells? It's too bad they hide those pretty tubes in that case I really dig the exposed tubes that way it makes my audio room look like something out of a Frankenstein flick
  18. I exchanged emails with Edmund this week I was asking if he makes a phono preamp and I figured since his 6SN7 preamp is under $300 that his phono pre couldn't be much more. "there is four 12AX7 phono stage for sale" Edmund I just ordered a NAD PP2 to get me by on vinyl but I sure would order his tube phono if he would get back with me regarding price.
  19. Wow and I thought $1200 was alot for me to spend on my Belles. The only way they are leaving my possesion is from my cold dead hands.
  20. ---------------- On 12/26/2004 2:02:18 PM Shade wrote: Not speaker related, but is that receiver a sx-1980? If so, that thing was a monster. ---------------- I should have said not an actual photo but one I found one the net found a pic of it but no description. I think it is an sx though I think hugemongus describes it lol... Hmm I'll check the audio asylum...Thanks again
  21. Thanks I would feel bad trying to sell them here I mean they really sound awful.Part of the problem is we don't know exactly what they are or where to set the reserve. They make nice little tables and a good conversation piece but the second you listen to them you think ah thats crap then.
  22. I have a friend who wants to scrap most of his audio gear and start over with some Heresey's. The intent is to watch AG and ebay till he can spot a pair a little under $400 which is doable you just need patience. The first thing he wants to sell are these strange pioneer speakers (image attached) there are 4 of them so my guess is that it was suposed to be part of a late seventies quadrophic system. I have heard these and they don't sound good to me all mid/hi. I was wondering if they could be collectable to pioneer fans if so where do they hang? Any advice appreciated. thanks
  23. http://home.comcast.net/~enghenry/diy/taste.pdf When I first started looking at buying tube gear I had alot of question about tubes in general. The link above is to a document called A Taste Of Tubes which answered not all but alot if the questions I had.
  24. ---------------- On 12/24/2004 7:18:31 AM Chris Robinson wrote: Seti, I heard that on XM Radio yesterday. It was just a little too wierd, and I flipped the channel. My favorite is David Foster's "Christmas Album" ... Great guest artists. Superbly recorded. ---------------- I love XM radio I want it for my home system it's great for finding new music. It is weird I love weird it's almost as weird as a Negativeland Christmas single a friend found at a yard sale. This time of year I am usually so sick of Christmas tunes I could go coocoo for cocoa puffs. The Jamaican Christmas tunes I could deal with yeah mon pass the dutchie on the left hand side mon. Well crap I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet so I guess I should get it over with.
  25. Christmas At Ground Zero Lyrics By Weird Al Yankovic It's Christmas at ground zero There's music in the air The sleigh bells are ringing and the carolers are singing While the air raid sirens blare It's Christmas at ground zero The button has been pressed The radio just let us know That this is not a test Everywhere the atom bombs are dropping It's the end of all humanity No more time for last-minute shopping It's time to face your final destiny It's Christmas at ground zero There's panic in the crowd We can dodge debris while we trim the tree Underneath the mushroom cloud You might hear some reindeer on your rooftop Or Jack Frost on your windowsill But if someone's climbing down your chimney You better load your gun and shoot to kill It's Christmas at ground zero And if the radiation level's okay I'll go out with you and see all the new Mutations on New Year's Day It's Christmas at ground zero Just seconds left to go I'll duck and cover with my Yuletide lover Underneath the mistletoe It's Christmas at ground zero Now the missiles are on their way What a crazy fluke, we're gonna get nuked On this jolly holiday
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