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  1. They were havin a good time.
  2. It was nice meeting you Jeff. Glad to hear you like the Academy and the Quartets.
  3. I sent a pm to Travis. Hopefully he can help you out.
  4. Jeff, I have one I would sell. I live in Pierre. PM sent.
  5. I am switching from a titanium diaphram back to an original one. The original one has 3 white dots painted on one side. Would that be positive or negative?
  6. I think getting out of buying it was the right move. Seems like it would be almost impossible to find another one. Why did he have only one?
  7. I think he got out of buying it. This one has the same serial number.
  8. I have a pair that currently have Klipsch titanium diaphrams in them for 120 plus shipping or I could put the original phenolic ones in for 100.
  9. OK. I have The original Klipsch phenolic, Crites poly and Klipsch titanium. Someday I will sell them. I got Lmahl's from DaveA and don't need them anymore.
  10. If your repair doesn't work I have a pair to sell. I also have a pair of titainium ones.
  11. RIP Christine. What a lo vely voice.
  12. I really like Sailing to Philadelphia. It has a song with James Taylor and another one with Van Morrison. I also have The Ragpickers Dream and Shrangri-La but haven't listened to them much yet.
  13. You might be able to get ahold of Cut Throat on Audio Asylum.
  14. I have a pair I was going to keep but I might as well get rid of them. They currently have titanium diaphrams in them and I have the original ones also. How about 110 plus shipping?
  15. They make some called Pestblock that is supposed to work. It has a bitter taste.
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