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  1. 7 hours ago, Laiq said:

    So did you end of putting the TV ON to that Klipsch 64 center speaker.Reason I ask I was thinking to do the same.

    My TV is 75 inches Samsung 90 series 2022 


    Any feed back will help me to find out having TV on top of center speaker is good idea or not to do it ?

    You’ll be fine.


    If you click on the name of the person you’re quoting you’ll see that they haven’t been on the forum in over fifteen years.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Nathat777 said:

    Okay for sure, that makes sense, thank you for the assistance! Now one more quick question if you don’t mind: If I just wanted to use the speakers by themselves for a 2.1, what type of amp should I get, like in terms of power. I’m not sure what would be the optimum wattage to be sent to the rb5’s. Thank you again friend!

    Realistically you’ll only use 10-20 watts even at high volumes but a good 100 watt/channel amp would be what I’d look for.

  3. 10 hours ago, holtrp said:

    Some context. I recently acquired a pair of Khorns for mains in my HT and sold my RF83 and RC64. So then I found a pair of heresy’s and have always been of the opinion that 4 is better than 3 so I want to try out a pair of heresy’s behind the screen as a center channel but have in wall wiring so can only run both off a single channel.


    Except that things such as comb filtering will take place when you run more than one speaker from a single channel.  In that case, more isn't always better.

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  4. This is Lady, a Cavalier King Charles.  On the right is shortly after we got her.  On the left is a pic from a few days ago.  She’s about 5 months old now.


     She loves to play, run and play tug of war.



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  5. 12 hours ago, Nathat777 said:

    I see I see, thank you again for the input. Now I have a possibly simple question. Would I be able to use my unused additional sub preamp to run an external amplifier to the rb-5s to more amply power them?

    Congrats on the awesome deal!  I’ve had a couple pairs of RB-5s and they are really, really nice.


    A sub pre-out will only send low frequencies so unfortunately that won’t work.

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  6. Got the wheels!  I really like the bronze color.

    Unfortunately the tire shop didn’t have black lugs like they said they would so they’re ordering me a set.  They’ll look a lot better than the aluminum.



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