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  1. 44 minutes ago, babadono said:

    Link? Please.



    I can’t remember if that’s exactly the same one as I think they have different mm sizes of the fan itself that are available.  It’s an AC Infinity and has three fan speed settings, is powered by USB and can be daisy chained to add additional fans.


    I use the lowest speed setting and my amp never gets warm even after hours of playback.


    Mine is connected to a USB port on my TV so that it turns on and off with my TV.  Works great that way.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Invidiosulus said:

    This just got here a few minutes ago.

    It should help that Dayton sub move some air.

    Now I just need the weather to cooperate so we can actually build the sub itself.


    I’m using a Crown X1000 to power my THT subs and it works great.

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  3. 9 minutes ago, donaldsonp said:

    The only number I can find on my heresys is #059 written on the label of one speaker and #061 on the other label. I can't see any other serial numbers on there. I can't post a picture either due to size restrictions 


    There are lots of apps that let you reduce the size of a picture so that they're under the 2mb maximum that the forum allows.

  4. Google Maps


    I'm not sure how well the Google Maps link will work but if it does you'll see a nearly perfect semi-circle that's an off-ramp leading to a service road that connects to I-94 freeway just south of a town where I used to live in Minnesota.  The ramp is signed at 30mph.


    A guy I used to work with knew one of the salesmen at a Subaru dealership when the WRX first came out in 2002.  We took one out for a "test drive" one summer day on our lunch break.  We did a loop taking turns taking the offramp as fast as we could.  I believe we ended up doing a 4 wheel drift around the upper 50mph range.


    That night after work I took my 97 Taurus SHO with suspension modifications and high performance tires on the same offramp.  I was able to achieve an exit speed of just under 70mph at the top of the ramp.  I was pretty impressed that my Taurus was able to outhandle a much newer rally-bred vehicle.


    {edit} It's the larger of the two semi-circles on the map, the one on the left.

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  5. 8 minutes ago, TDL said:

    Sorry for braking etiquette. I guess most of the posts I've read were older...


    Anyway, I've already ordered some crossover replacements and will keep the originals as they are. I won't discuss details here per the rules, and I will keep JEM and Dean in mind for future needs or if these don't work out. I'm happy to post some pictures of the original crossovers when I have them out of the speakers if anyone is interested.  I'm also still curious if there is any history available. 


    It's definitely a newer change to the forum.  Previously modifications, upgrades, etc were discussed quite a bit but things kind of got out of hand, arguing, etc and since Klipsch themselves own this forum they decided to shut down that kind of discussion.


    Definitely stick around, there's tons to learn here and it's pretty awesome that you have a couple great examples of very early Klipsch history!

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  6. 7 hours ago, donaldsonp said:

    Hi ...I just purchased my first Klipsch speakers . They are Heresy 1 I think. The 3 digit serial number has got me curious as all the other serial numbers seem a lot longer. I can't find any other serial numbers apart from the ones on the drivers . The serial numbers on the label on back panel say 061 only  . I can't see an option to post a pic from my gallery . 


    When you’re making a reply there’s a button with a paper clip next to it that says “Add files” and you can upload a picture after clicking on it.

  7. 1 hour ago, Jack10525 said:

    The sound power supply died. Tested and confirmed. Found a few threads online that this is a pretty common issue. Would be an easy fix if the power supply unit was available but it is not. I guess with klipsch products it worth it to buy an extended warranty. Any suggestions on a replacement bar? I have the sub and surround speakers. Would be nice if I could just find a replacement bar. 

    If you want to use the sub you’ll need to get another Cinema 600.

    Check eBay, there’s usually people selling just the soundbar, just the sub, etc.

  8. 2 minutes ago, eth2 said:

    Klipsch LaScalas. Crossovers rebuilt by Bob Crites. I restained the cabinets. Very good but not professional. Can’t add more pictures  please let me know if you want additional photos  Email at earlhall@yahoo.comimage.jpeg.9491d23e317a6fcc366cd9904afc17a7.jpeg

    Repost in the Garage Sale section just above this one.  Your location and asking price is helpful as well.  👍

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  9. 2 hours ago, theJason82 said:

    Okay that makes sense. I only have a single 2.2 though. Should I just use that as a center channel on my tv system and stick with just the pair of 2.1’s on this one?  This system will be strictly for vinyl. I’ve read about creating a phantom center channel but it seems the consensus is that it makes everything too mono. 


    If it's a Klipsch sub I'm assuming it's a KG-SW?  If so, great sub.

    Yes, don't worry about throwing the 2.2 into the mix.  Sell it or utilize it elsewhere.

    Connect it as The History Kid described above.

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