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  1. What it should say is "I'm selling them because when I told my wife I bought them and told her about the circumstances of how they were purchased she told me that I better put them for sale on craigslist or your precious B0se speakers are headed for the fireplace!"
  2. Anytime I ever bought anything audio related I can say without a doubt that I never came away learning anything about the product I was buying. When I went to Ultimate Electronics (Formerly Audio King) here once I had a salesperson talking to me about Sony ES. The store manager came in because he recoginzed me from buying from them before. He asked me how familiar I was with the ES units. I told him I knew a little. He asked if I knew what ES stood for. He asked me if I knew what discrete output meant. He asked me if I knew about the warranty that ES gear has. When I was able to answer those and other questions he said that I knew more about audio then most of his staff did. He then proceeded to offer me a job. [] Glad I didn't take it, because a year later they closed up shop. Oh, at Circuit City a few years back I actually overheard a male salesperson telling a female customer that the Brand X receiver she was looking at would play louder because the volume knob went up to 20 and the Brand Y receiver volume only went up to 10. NO LIE. I think its a good testimony showing how companies are severely lacking when it comes to educating their employees. Where I work I have received on the job training, correspondence course training and also workshop training. Let me tell you, if someone comes into my store and wants to know anything about a Rolex watch, they will leave with all the information they ever wanted and then some!
  3. Yes it can. Example, the synthesizer at the beginning of "Hard Habit to Break" by Chicago. For years I never knew that each note contained a bit of vibrato that I never heard until I listened to the song on my RF-7s. Also, "Take Me Home" by Phil Collins. The triangle or whatever instrument that is playing during the chorus never struck me until I heard it on RF-7s. Speaker positioning will affect some of this, but the quality of the speaker definitely does too.
  4. You can also do a second chance offer to the person who was below him in bidding.
  5. I'd make sure the speaker wires and jumpers in the back of the speaker are connected tightly. Also it wouldn't hurt to *very carefully* remove the horn and check that the internal wires aren't loose. I had a wire on the lower woofer come loose when I was driving my RF-7s home. The ends connecting the woofer (and tweeter I'd imagine) are not soldered on, only pressed on. I'm glad that the wire wasn't touching the other wire or bye-bye amp!
  6. Man that's a great deal on a great sub...(trying to think of what I could sell on eBay to pay for the sub...[] )
  7. I bought my RF-7s for $1000 on craigslist. They were 1 year old and they do have some cabinet issues but they sound better than anything I've ever heard.
  8. Spill the beans...how much did you pay? There's no policy on here against discussing price paid for gear..especially when you got a great deal! I personally have a H/K 3480 120wattsx2 running my RF-7s. What I found in upgrading to a higher wattage amp is not that it plays louder but it sounds better at the same volume levels. With the RF-7s, more watts usually means more bass too. Enjoy your new speakers! I've had mine since January and have enjoyed upgrading my components to match the quality of my speakers.
  9. To quote the Klipsch manual for the Sub-10: "LINE IN/LFE - This input is filtered by the built in LOW-PASS (LP) crossover and is designed as a general purpose input for the subwoofer. It accepts the LFE signal output of your digital surround electronics." So, it sounds like the low-pass filter will work on the sub and you'll have to set it at 100hz or whatever setting that you'd like to. As an alternative method of hooking up the sub, you can get an RCA cable Y-splitter so that both the left and right inputs on the sub are hooked up. You will generally experience a noticeable increase in sound output by doing this.
  10. My wife bought me an LCD touchscreen universal programmable remote from Brookstone for our anniversary this year and I love it. It will control virtually anything that is operated by a remote control. Very easy to use, blue backlit screen that makes the screen very readable in dim light. It has replaced my TV, DVD, CD and receiver remotes. It can be programmed for 8 different devices and each button is customizable.
  11. Only $9.08 with free shipping from www.deepdiscountdvd.com! http://www.deepdiscountdvd.com/dvd.cfm?itemID=WBD037263
  12. Cool. I was just putzing around partsexpress.com tonight and ran across some banana plugs on clearance. I very, very rarely ever move my stuff around or do anything with the wires. Thanks all!
  13. I don't think he's saying that Denon+Klipsch=bad, but rather that Denon+Sunfire=even better. Sunfire is several notches above most mainstream audio brands.
  14. Any advantage of banana plugs other than easy connection and disconnection to a speaker or amp?
  15. There seems to be many people who recommend Marantz with Klipsch. As far as the F3 versus RF-35, the RF-35 would be the better choice. The F3 is a good speaker, but the Reference series is definitely a better quality speaker than the Synergy series. If you have room, RF-35s would be the best choice for back speakers, otherwise RS-35s would work as well.
  16. It will give you a little more headroom, but remember that doubling wattage will give you only a 3dB increase in SPL. Then again, its always better to have more watts than you need. Exactly how many more than you need is up to you though. If the 200watt/channel amp is of the same quality as the 400watt/channel amp, the 200watter should be fine. Your speakers are very efficient and as far as I know don't have any low impedences that any amp would have difficulty driving.
  17. If you bi-wire remove the straps. If you're not, leave them on.
  18. You can either bi-amp or bi-wire. Bi-amp consists of having two separate amplifiers, one powering the LF (woofers) and one power the HF (tweeters) Bi-wire consists of running two speaker wires from each positive and negative output on the amp/receiver and hooking one to the LF positive, one to the HF positive, one to the LF negative and one to the HF negative. Bi-amping can be very expensive and hard to adjust if you're not using the exact same amplifiers, Bi-wiring has been debated over and over and most say there isn't much benefit to doing so.
  19. I too spent a ton of $$ at Audio King/Ultimate Electronics. A lady I used to work with used to date Paul Glass! Small world, eh? I know John and also the former store manager Tom. As an FYI, someone on the Minneapolis craigslist just posted a pair of 5.5s for sale if you're looking for another pair.
  20. JetSnake, I live in St. Cloud Minnesota and would be happy to arrange a listening session for you with my RF-7 two channel system. In fact, we could do an A/B test with a pair of Bose 401s that I've had for about 10 years if you'd like! []
  21. I'm afraid to be bitten by the Heritage bug so I'll just stay with my lowly RF-7s for now. I know what you mean as far as being blown away.
  22. Are the subwoofer settings on the receiver set correctly? Does your receiver give you the option to switch between 'large' and 'small' front speakers? If so, most receivers will turn off the subwoofer if the speakers are set to large. Make sure there's a good signal getting to the sub first.
  23. I thought you said that the 'single 12' (RW12) goes to 21Hz and the 'double 10' (RSW10) goes to 20Hz?
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