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  1. Not exactly what most people (or me, for that matter) would call "cool," but its a fun, pretty rare car (less than 20,000 built from 96-99) Sounds pretty good with an opened up V8 under the hood. I get lots of confused looks as to why my Taurus rumbles.
  2. Holy crap man, KLF30s are HUGE! Fortunately for me, my wife doesn't mind the 3 pairs of Klipsch tower speakers I have in the basement right now!
  3. Is it possible that HD-DVD has a wider dynamic range so that the difference between the quietest and loudest parts of the movie are much broader than with standard DVD? That might explain why you have to turn up the volume a bit.
  4. Well, I don't have Heresys and unfortunately have never heard them in person. But, my Forte II + HK3480 + SVS sounds mighty fine to me!!
  5. You probably have already, but make sure that the jumpers on the speakers are connected correctly.
  6. Yes, that is how my speakers are hooked up. My friend's KLF30s are hooked up to Speaker 1 and my Forte IIs are hooked up to Speaker 2. I've only listened to both pairs at the same time for a few seconds. Usually I listen to the KLF30s when I'm rocking out and mainly looking for tons of decibels. I use the Fortes for watching TV and movies.
  7. You made the best choice. The '3' series is the Synergy series top of the line. You want to match all the speakers as far as their last # when you're looking at the Synergy series to get the best timbre matching. Woofer size isn't really the most important thing when it comes to speaker matching. Enjoy your setup!! By the way, if you don't yet have a sub, the Sub-12 has received many great reviews!
  8. Considering you have a 5 channel Aragon amp, I'd use that to power all your speakers (except the sub, of course since it has its own internal amp) If your Pioneer has pre-amp outputs for all 5 channels, I would hook them up to the Aragon and then hook your speakers up to the Aragon. Hook the sub up to the LFE or sub out on the pioneer. Doing this would make the Pioneer the pre-amp and the Aragon the main amp. Your Aragon is going to be a much more capable amp than the Pioneer, and you don't have to worry about overpowering any of your speakers.
  9. There aren't 2 separate amplifiers in the HK, and the fact that it lets you connect 2 pairs of main speakers isn't 'weird.' I don't want to come off as sounding like a jerk, but virtually all 2 channel and many surround sound receivers have outputs for 2 pairs of main speakers. Run both of them off either Speaker 1 or Speaker 2. The way you have things hooked up isn't how HK intended them to be. As others have said, more than likely a wire got crossed at the speaker connection or the amp connection to cause the HK to go into protect mode.
  10. You'll hit above 100dB with 10 watts. More than enough for most people's listening levels!
  11. Not sure if this is an option, but try moving your front mains farther apart, closer to the wall and then toed in just slightly. Might open up the soundstage a bit in front. Also might be a good idea to bring your front mains closer to you so they're on the same horizontal plane as the center channel. Who knows, you might like how it sounds!
  12. Don't get any fancy speaker wire, but get some somewhat decent interconnects (the wires that you connect to your CD player, DVD player, subwoofer, etc)
  13. A friend's Dad has the 321 system. Whatever you do, DON'T GET IT. It sounded terrible at his house. The Sub-10 is a pretty potent little sub. I'm assuming you're looking at Best Buy for these speakers? You might want to look into the F1, F2 or F3 floorstanders. Otherwise, within the Synergy series that Best Buy carries, the models with the 3 at the end are going to be the top model within that series. So if you want the best of the 'S' series, go with the S3. As far as the receiver, all you need is a basic receiver. You should be able to pick a decent one up for $150-200 at Best Buy. Just look for one that has a subwoofer output (almost all receivers on the market have them). You'll then have a receiver that you can hook up your Xbox, TV, DVD player, CD player, etc, and be able to enjoy the audio portion of the above mentioned items that much more!
  14. Hook the F2 speakers to the main speaker output terminals on the receiver. Positive to positive, negative to negative (red to red, black to black)
  15. Colter I thought for sure you had named your speakers Greg, Cindy, Bobby, Peter...
  16. They say 'Klipsch' on them! [H] As others have said, a simple listening test is sufficient. Put your ear by each driver to make sure they are outputting sound.
  17. I hope everything works out to be able to make it to the Pilgrimage. I'm looking forward to meeting people in person and being able to put a face with the name. Do people get name badges or something? Do I have to walk around telling everyone that I'm 'wuzzzer' from the forum? [8-|]
  18. Same here. Although one of our cats is declawed. Our cat with claws (Shadow) has left the speaker grills alone so far on the 3 sets of Klipsch towers I have. I told my wife that if he ever causes even the slightest snag in one of them its bye bye claws for him!
  19. My best friend just bought a 99% mint pair of KLF-30s for $500.
  20. I'd venture a guess that most home audio speakers can hit 105dB. Let's say they can, for arguments sake. Considering the above "fact," I'd certainly hope that my Forte IIs would sound much, much different than my old Bose 401s at 105dB. Otherwise, why am I throwing money away at new speakers every 6 months?? [] Like others have said, sound dispersion, driver size and horn size play a huge factor. You do make an interesting discussion topic to think about!
  21. How about renting the Minneapolis Convention Center? [8-|] Where exactly is the closest Heritage dealer to us? I'd love a meet, it would be cool to hear different amps and speakers.
  22. Tom, It doesn't always sound bad when 2 sets of speakers are played at the same time in stereo, then again it doesn't always sound good either. Many factors come in to play. I'm glad that your setup works for you! []
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