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  1. I bought my new (old) Harman / Kardon 730 receiver. I also experimented quite a bit with toe-in angles and subwoofer positioning.
  2. Saw this on craigslist. Someone is selling a boom box and here is how they describe the audio output: "This is a very good audio system that produces great noise!" I think I figured out how to explain my taste in speakers now! They produce great noise! http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/116208967.html
  3. Would it be worth the hassle to get these as replacements for my RF-25s? Anyone know if there is a big difference in sound?
  4. It isn't only raw wattage, but the quality of those watts as well. Also, having the ability to drive low impedances and a high current amplifier are key.
  5. Good luck with the wax removal. My wife has so many candles in our house we could light 'em all up and never have to have the furnace on in the winter! She got melted wax all over a TV once. Fortunately it was her old 13" RCA that I occasionally used to play Nintendo on. I don't even let her dust my speakers or entertainment system off.
  6. Crazy video! I remember back in the day when I had a booming system in my car. Pretty much a one note wonder now that I look back. Also thxsubwoofer wins the contest for most commas in a single post! []
  7. Depending on what speakers/amp/etc the guy was listening to, I can easily see how he couldn't hear any difference between the CD players. Now, if you have a more sonically accurate system such as Klipsch makes, the components upstream from the speakers will make a large difference, especially at loud levels. My new $49.99 Magnavox DVD (got it free) player makes CD audio sound a million times better than my 6 year old Sony 200 disc changer. I've listened to RF-7s at a friends house and there's no other speaker that I've heard that compares to them yet. The entire bass, midrange and treble section have much more impact at any volume. He has a very small room they are in, too. My RF-25s get the job done for right now, but I certainly dream of the day that I bring home a pair of RF-7s.
  8. Anyone else have this CD or heard of it? Looking on the internet it looks like the only Pink Floyd greatest hits CD that they ever released. I have The Wall 2 CD set but there's other songs such as Wish You Were Here that I really wanted to have. Well, tonight I won an auction for the Echoes CD for $4.99 ($8.94 shipped) on eBay. It'll be nice to have it!
  9. Gil, first to reply? Scroll up...[] Peak watt input to Cornwalls is 1000 watts.
  10. Just as an FYI, every auction that is for the RF-7 and RSW-15 combo with a supposed buy-it-now for $800 are fraudulent. They are using stolen eBay accounts and cheating people out of thousands of $$. CAVEAT EMPTOR!
  11. wuzzzer

    3 Subs

    The LFE input sends information to the subwoofers only. As long as you're using the LFE inputs, you can use the LFE output for your 3rd sub.
  12. wuzzzer

    HT noob

    The phase setting allows you to adjust the blend of the subwoofer with your other speakers. Sometimes depending on where you're sitting compared to where the sub and main speakers are located, certain frequencies can be cancelled out. By having an onboard phase adjustment it allows you to compensate for that. Don't worry about the watt thing. Just put on some music you are familiar with that has a good, repeating bass beat. Adjust the level of the subwoofer until it blends in but doesn't overpower your other speakers. Everyone will have different preferences as to how loud they like their sub. I like it louder than my main speakers for movies, equal to the main speakers for music.
  13. Wow, I don't think I ever heard my sub hit that loud and that low. Definitely a great movie to show off your system!
  14. Speaker level (high level) inputs on subs are generally only used when the receiver/amp doesn't have a sub, LFE, or pre-out section. Best to use the LFE since the pre-out on your receiver (unless its a specific subwoofer pre-out) will send a full range signal to the sub.
  15. wuzzzer

    3 Subs

    I think your speakers have an LFE out connection, right? I would imagine you could use one of them to run a cable to the 3rd sub. Love the bass, do ya?
  16. Depends on the subwoofer you get and also how loud your speakers play at 25hz. My speakers play down to 45hz but I have my subwoofer play frequencies up to 100hz and my main speakers play from that point on up. I'd say that only a handful of speakers wouldn't benefit from a separate subwoofer.
  17. Here's some tips I gathered from the speaker manual: If you use the 'line in' remove the gold straps from the speaker level in and hook the speaker wire into the 'high' input section only. Line in input may be used together with the LFE input. LFE input must be connected to an input that filters out high frequencies (i.e. subwoofer output from receiver) LFE input should not be connected to a full-range (i.e. line out or pre-out from receiver). Configure the speakers as 'Large' or 'Full Range' on your receiver. 'Bass contour' adjusts volume of low frequencies produced by the subwoofer only. Initially set it to 'flat' and then adjust as needed. 'Line level' adjusts entire bass range when using the 'line in' input. Initially set it to 'normal' and then adjust as needed.
  18. Here's the manual for your speakers: http://www.klipsch.com/media/Products/reference_om.pdf
  19. Wife just rented it...will be watching it in a little bit!
  20. When you run the LFE input, all controls of the powered subwoofer are defeated (I believe). Meaning you have to adjust everything as far as bass output level, crossover point, etc from your receiver. The line inputs will work just fine.
  21. LFE means Low Frequency Effect, its the ".1" of a 5.1, 6.1, etc system. It filters all the bass information into the subwoofer(s).
  22. I wouldn't pay $2000 (BIN) but I'd be interested to know what the reserve on them is.
  23. I'd get 'em...if I had the $$. http://cgi.ebay.com/Awsome-set-of-Klipsch-La-Scala-speakers_W0QQitemZ5835493793QQcategoryZ61378QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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