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  1. They sold either the same speaker a while back or for some reason they are the resellers of heavily damaged Klipsch center channels! I personally don't see why that seller is allowed to continue on eBay. Their feedback rating is only 89.4% positve and they have 20,849 negative feedbacks!!
  2. First off, way to go on your purchase. Nice setup you have there! You have two options to hook up your sub. 1) You can run the single sub-out plug into either the Left or Right input on the sub. 2)You can get an RCA cord that is a Y-splitter so that you can plug the sub cord into both the Left and Right channel inputs. Advantage of #2 is that your sub will play louder than if hooked up like #1.
  3. Thanks for posting the pic, Fish. The 640c looks almost identical to my 300se, except the parts are in different places.
  4. Best that I've heard/watched would be Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber), Star Wars Episode III, Gone in 60 Seconds, Behind Enemy Lines. Dialogue in Star Wars is a little quiet at times, though.
  5. I really wish that someone I knew had a nice tube setup that I could hear. I know I'm missing out![]
  6. Patty cake, patty cake baker's man Bake me a cake as fast as you can Roll and pat and make it with a B And put in the oven for baby and me.
  7. I watched that episode on TV the other night. I think my insides would turn to jello with 16Hz at 160dB!
  8. Yikes! When my wife and I bought our house, we agreed that the finished basement was mine to do with as I wished and the rest of the house was hers to decorate, paint, etc. Fortunately for me she did not want a TV or big stereo in our main floor living room, so the home theater is in the basement. And ironically enough, my old Bose 401s are upstairs in her living room. [6]
  9. Did you get your original Cambridge manual? In mine it said that after 15-30 minutes of playing a CD (not just simply being turned on) the sound will be at its best. I too found that all music was much louder than either my old Denon CD player or my el cheapo Magnavox DVD/CD. Bass output is exceptional. I guess when i think about it this is the least 'digital' sounding CD player that I've ever heard. It just has much more naturalness to it. You're actually listening to music, not a bunch of 0s and 1s being converted into a soundwave. As far as what makes them different, I wish I would have snapped a couple of pics when I had the cover off of mine a few days ago. It looked like a tube setup! Nothing at all looked like they cut any corners just to save a few $$. Superbly built, I've never seen a CD player with that much attention to detail under the hood.
  10. I bought a basic black thin-edged frame today at Michael's craft store for $24.99. I went to 3 other places in town that had frames and no one had one big enough in stock. Custom framing was $92 with a 50% off coupon! The frame I went with is 27"x40" and is from the MCS Industries framing company.
  11. Sure can! [H] http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PAGE=PRODUCT&PROD_ID=1911482&cid=64699&fp=F Rock Milestones - Thin Lizzy: Live and Dangerous (DVD) List Price: $19.98 Today's Price: $14.70 You Save: $5.28 (26%) Catalog #: 10234428 var osPrice = 14.7;
  12. [] Well oldbuckster and texxas guy, consider this your stairway! http://www.deepdiscountdvd.com/dvd.cfm?itemID=MVD019302 DVD Description Returning to the American concert scene after a three-year layoff, the Rolling Stones recorded their superlative live triumphant two-date stand at Madison Square Garden in late November 1969. This program offers a critical review of the band's landmark opus through rare archival material, previously unreleased concert clips, and interviews with rock critics, journalists, and musicologists. YOU'RE WELCOME
  13. I had two pairs of Definitive Tech satellite speakers and a 15" Def Tech powered sub. The satellites did a good job of sound dispersion, there was an extemly wide sweet spot in the listening area. However, imaging was terrible. Highs were pretty nonexistant, too. I had BP1 fronts and BP1x surrounds and sold them on eBay for a LOT more than I ever expected to get for them. So, someone out there must sure like 'em!
  14. Thanks Jay. Any idea what frequencies the bass/treble knobs boost/cut? Also, have you tried the Vmax setting at all? Seems to me it would be a better feature for movies than music.
  15. For those of you that have an HK3480, what kind of adjustments can be made to bass/treble/loudness/etc? Thanks!
  16. I just bought one on eBay for $175 buy-it-now. I too thought the specs looked superb for the price. I'll post how it comares to my 10+ year old Sony unit.
  17. Looking to treat reflected waves in my basement theater.
  18. Just like the title says, looking to see if anyone overbought and has extra acoustic foam for sale. Let me know!
  19. Jordan, where in MN are you located?
  20. Thanks! I'm very excited to get it. It has both pre-outs and a separate sub-out, so I thought that was great in terms of flexibility. I think I'll really like it, especially for the price I paid.
  21. At at least two different points on the 20Hz to 20kHz spectrum the RF-7s dip down to 2.8ohms. As a result, they really shine with a high current, low impedence amplification system.
  22. I sold the item that I was going to use to fund the purchase of a new amp/receiver. I found a few Harman Kardon HK3480 two channel receivers for sale on eBay. I picked one up that is only 2 months old in brand new condition for buy-it-now of $175. I thought the specs looked really good: Stereo Mode : Continuous Average Power (FTC) Per Channel : 120 Watts per channel, 20Hz 20kHz @ <0.07% THD, both channels driven into 8 ohms 150 Watts per channel, 20Hz 20kHz @ <0.2% THD, both channels driven into 4 ohms Input Sensitivity/Impedance Linear (High-Level) : 200mV/47k ohms Signal-to-Noise Ratio (IHF-A) : 95dB Frequency Response at 1W (+0dB, 3dB) : 10Hz 110kHz High Instantaneous Current Capability (HCC) : ±45 amps Transient Intermodulation Distortion (TIM) : Unmeasurable Rise Time : 16µsec Slew Rate : 40V/µsec I'm not sure what the TIM, Rise Time or Slew rate refer to, but I think the high current design and 150 watts continuous at 4 ohms will be a nice complement to my RF-7s. I still need to sell my Sony receiver and I think with the leftover money I'll buy some acoustic room treatments.
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