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  1. Denon DCD-590 Lambda SLC CD Player. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with the 'Lambda' or 'SLC' portion of the player? The only information I have is that the Lambda SLC part is a Super Linear Converter and that it has two of them. The limited information I have about it sounds promising. Well, anything would be an improvement over my el cheapo Magnavox DVD player that is currently playing my CDs. [:$] [+o(] Found a little info on it...s/n is 103dB, separation 100dBdynamic range 97dB. Are these decent numbers on paper? {Edit} Forgot to mention that I won it on eBay today. Looking forward to getting it! [H]
  2. If your Denon has pre-amp outputs you could hook those up to the main inputs of an amplifier. Using a separate preamp & amp is the recommended hookup for RF-7s.
  3. Or you could buy my mint RF-25s for $450 shipped!
  4. Don't waste your money on expensive cables. Your amp and DVD/CD player will make a million times more difference in your sound quality. The best thing you can do for sound is make sure the speaker placement is done correctly. Follow the suggestions in the manual but feel free to experiment as well.
  5. If you think about it, it actually could accomplish two things: #1 - A potential buyer with a limited knowledge of Klipsch might see them and have a ton of expendable income and think they are getting a great deal. If no one does the buy-it-now, big deal. If someone does, CHA-CHING for the seller! #2 - Someone looking to bid on them might be willing to put in a higher final bid because after all, the seller is technically asking $7999 for them, so if I get them for $5000 I'm getting a steal! Its all in the marketing.
  6. Probably because someone already posted about it a couple weeks ago.
  7. Obviously they didn't want the sale that bad. If you would have stuck around the store long enough you probably would have got them to go down to $1600. Must have been some rookies on the job that night. If you're able to finance them at $1600, that is a very good deal.
  8. So your account got hijacked? Not fun!
  9. No, i'm pretty sure he's talking about using a Y splitter to connect both the L & R inputs.
  10. Keep em coming! One problem I also had with my old Sony 200 disc changer is that it would skip pretty easily when the volume was turned up. My Magnavox DVD player has never done that. Why is that?
  11. I believe that with the LFE input it relies on your receiver for the crossover point. If you have an older receiver or amp that doesn't have a LFE output or its own built-in sub crossover then the regular line-in would be the way to go. Does your sub's manual have any recommendation for hookup?
  12. There's a digital input on your sub?? [:^)]
  13. Well, the average speaker is marked up around 100% of dealer cost. So a speaker that retails at $750 costs the dealer about $375. If they sell it for $550 they're still making $175. You'd be saving about 27% off retail, which isn't too huge of a discount to make you worried if its legit. Sometimes the product on eBay is new-in-box that a dealer has just had laying around for a long time. Better to sell it at a discount than have it taking up room in the warehouse. I work in sales and from time to time I have told fellow salespeople "Better to make something than make nothing."
  14. Well, guess I can now change the "not mine" to MINE! Picked them up a week ago. Corners were a little banged up but that's ok I'm never going to sell them and they sound incredible! BTW, took just a wee bit of convincing my wife! []
  15. As long as its from someone with a decent feedback rating I don't see how you could do wrong. Except for the fact that the speaker probably won't be under warranty.
  16. What CD player do you recommend in the $100-200 range? Can be an older model, single disc, multiple disc, etc. I just need something inexpensive that will sound great on my RF-7s. My current audio source is a $40 Magnavox DVD player that I got for free. [:$] I use a 10 year old Sony 200 disc changer as a CD storage unit since the audio on the Magnavox unit is much better than the Sony. I went to Ultimate Electronics and the guy there recommended Denon. Any other brands? My receiver is a vintage HK 730 so digital outputs and SACD won't apply. Thanks!! (EDIT) The reason why I want a new player is that the Magnavox is very bright, especially with sibilant sounds. I need something much warmer. Right now I have the treble turned way down most of the time I listen to music loud.
  17. Got speaker in 17 guesses. Pretty cool!
  18. How about $450 shipped? These are in perfect condition! They'll be on eBay if no takers here... Here's a couple eBay auctions that went for $530 shipped and $500+ shipped: http://cgi.ebay.com/NIB-Klipsch-Black-RF-25-Floorstanding-Loudspeakers_W0QQitemZ5847772461QQcategoryZ61378QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com/klipsch-rf-25-speakers-in-excellent-condition_W0QQitemZ5847499270QQcategoryZ61378QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Great deal here, guys!
  19. http://forums.klipsch.com/photos/the_klipsch_gallery/images/666588/500x375.aspx Check out that center channel on the bottom!!
  20. Thanks everyone. The DeOxit I got is in a small tube that looks like its for more precision applications. I shouldn't have too much runoff to clean up. So I pretty much want to use it on the knobs such as volume, balance, etc? Take the knobs off and then apply the DeOxit to the 'post' that's sticking out? How far into the receiver do I want to apply it? Is there anything I need to do under the hood, so to speak? Should I be using the DeOxit on anything inside the receiver?
  21. Done and done! Went to Sears tonight after work and bought a 20 in 1 Craftsman getup. Got the woofer out...loose wire! Hooked it back up and buttoned her back up. WE'RE ROCKIN IN MINNESOTA NOW BABY! Thank you everyone for your help! [<)]
  22. Thanks for everyone's help. The guy I bought them from said he is positive they were working 100% when I picked them up. I'll have to track down a torx screwdriver and let you know what I found.
  23. I'm ready to DeOxit my vintage HK 730. Some of the knobs are a little scratchy. What's all entailed in doing this? I want to know some tips before I open up the receiver. Thanks!
  24. Do you unscrew the 'torqx' or 'whatever they're called' screws that are around the woofer?
  25. $475 including shipping. Black in color, mint condition with original boxes, manuals, spikes, feet, etc. Only 6 months old. Selling because I upgraded to RF-7s. Email me wuzzzer2001@yahoo.com Thanks!
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