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  1. 4 hours ago, houseofwarwick said:

    Hey everyone, I’ve got a chance to pick up a set of these for $250 and, based on the above, it seems like that’s a good deal. I have a pair of Boston A40s that are in my jazz setup and RB-75 set would replace them.  My concern is placement. They will be in a cabinet with no door that is about 36” off the floor. With only 6” of space on each side, will it make sense to use the RB-75s in this spot?

    They’ll work perfect.  They’re easily worth three times that price.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Carlito said:

    Plugged both the rca cable from the back of subwoofer into my 300 watt Pyle receiver.  Why am I getting a loud thump sound when I turn on or off my receiver? Will that sound damage my subwoofer.  Jose from ur customer service said that's normal,but I'm not feeling that's accurate. Can a tech help me correct this issue as I'm not savvy to this connection.  Thanks 

    There aren’t really any techs who are on the forum.

    Also, there’s a separate forum section farther down the page for subwoofer questions.  If you read the sticky at the top of this section you’ll see it’s for people who are having technical issues with the Klipsch forum or website.

  3. You should toe the RF-7s in toward you.  That will help reduce sound reflecting from the side walls.


     For your subwoofer, you’ll have to experiment with it in different places in your room or download Room EQ Wizard (REW) and use it to find the best location based on the dimensions of your room.

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  4. If he feels the bass from the 15” woofers in a Chorus is lacking, going to a speaker with smaller woofers is not going to solve the issue.


    Speaker placement, seating placement, etc will provide better results than different speakers will.

  5. 23 hours ago, Brian Wilson said:

    Ive been offered a set of Klipsch Cornwalls . The paper tag on the back is scratched but what I can make out is CD BR 10R517. 

    Any thoughts on age and Value . They are asking $500.00 . They do sound amazing !!

    As he remembers he bought them in 1977. All thoughts on these are appreciated. 

    That’s a steal!  If you don’t buy them I will!!

  6. First I’d swap the speaker wires to make sure it’s the speaker not the amp.


    Then I’d check the fuse in the one with the issues.  After that, open it up and check all internal wiring to make sure everything is connected properly.

  7. 1 hour ago, Tom Washington said:

    Yes I do, but unlike most of the tags in the rear which contains the model and finish designation mine have a number following the finish designation, do you know what that number represents? I have a idea just not sure, thanks Thomas. Was going to send you a pic of the speakers don't know how to get the size down to 2 mb.


    I believe it’s for #20 grille cloth.

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