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  1. If they're no longer warranty it wouldn't hurt to take the amplifier(s) out and look for anything obvious such as a loose wire, blown fuse, etc.  Also try plugging them into a different outlet.  Have you recently added anything new in the same circuit they're plugged into that would be turning on and off such as a refrigerator, dehumidifier, etc?

  2. 3 hours ago, DishoomDishoom said:

    This is the exactly the same speaker config that I just bought. Which AV receiver did you finally get and how is it performing?

    If you click on their screen name you’ll see that they haven’t been on the forum since April 2021.

  3. 31 minutes ago, TexDrone said:


    I appreciate the honest appraisal and expert historical breakdown! The 'water damage' on the one speaker looks like a drink spill of some sort, it adds character. What made the 1.5 different than either the 1s or 2s?

    They used a combination of parts from the original Heresy and Heresy II.  Some have a metal horn that the originals had, some had a plastic horn that the IIs had.  The midrange driver and woofer are from the II but the tweeters are the same.

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  4. 43 minutes ago, TexDrone said:


    Got it, that is interesting they only made the 1.5 during that brief window. They sound great, I have used them on and off for a couple of years. I wasn't sure what to ask for them. So you think they are both worth $500 total, as a pair? 

    Yes.  They look to have some wear along the edges and corners, nothing too major from what I can see though.  Somewhere along the line someone stained the raw birch veneer which isn’t a big deal as most owners did that at some point.  If they were in pristine condition, original finish all working I’d say $750 tops.  $500 for the pair is realistic.

  5. 18 minutes ago, TexDrone said:


    Thanks for that info! How can you tell they were made in 1985? Are there any other numbers/markings that I should look for, maybe something stamped into them? Just curious if there is a way to tell if these are sequential? 


    I hate to sell anything that is awesome, but I am overrun with speakers at the moment. What kind of value do these speakers have on the open market?


    I appreciate it.


    The 1.5 was only made in the transition from the original Heresy and Heresy II which took place in late 84 into 85.  I can see the faint outline of 85 on the serial number line on the one tag.  Your speakers probably don't have the serial number stamped into the back on the edge of the cabinets, other than that the serial number tags would be the only way to tell if they were sequential.


    From the exterior condition I can see from the pics you provided, I would say they're worth $500 as long as all the drivers are working.



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  6. I DJed a couple dances over the past few years doing that.  I have Amazon Music Unlimited and I downloaded each song I was going to play in the highest format that was available.  I connected a 1/8” to stereo RCA cable to my receiver.  Worked great and sounded fantastic.


    I listened at home first and was really impressed.  I have no idea what DAC my laptop has.  It can’t be that high end since it’s only a $300 HP laptop.


    You shouldn’t need a pre-amp if you were connecting it directly to a power amp.

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  7. 42 minutes ago, Abomb said:

    Hmm...interesting. I asked one of the folks at Crutchfield and she warned against it. I'm not saying that you are wrong it strange getting two completely opposite opinions. I spent most of my young adult life as a Union Glazier so I understand the makeup of the glass. I just was not sure if it would be a good or bad thing being such a hard surface. Thank you for the info. Definitely something to dig deeper into.

    Technically the harder the better when it comes to a port or passive reflection.  Are you planning on using a subwoofer?

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