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  1. pen_man

    WTB Yamaha B-2

    Are you still looking? I am pretty sure this is what I have, but it is at my techs.
  2. pen_man

    Pair Heresy II==Golden Oak

  3. pen_man

    Pair Heresy II==Golden Oak

    Serial nos are 158490516 and 7. Thanks.
  4. pen_man

    Pair Heresy II==Golden Oak

    I have a gorgeous pair of oak Heresy speakers for sale. They look great and have no damage, Consecutive serial numbers. I am in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. I prefer not to ship. $700.
  5. pen_man

    WTB. High End Tube Gear & Speakers

    How much would you be willing to spend for an entire collection?
  6. pen_man

    JBL 2360A horns & JBL 2506B Stands $250

    Would you sell the stands separately? If so, let's talk.
  7. pen_man

    Audiophile estate liquidation motherlode

    Dave, There are a couple of items I would like to buy, but cannot PM or post on the AudioCircle site as I have never posted there before and it appears one must establish some credentials before posting. Is there a way you could put me in touch with the seller? Thanks, Terry
  8. pen_man

    Dynaudio Audience 62 Speakers==$500

    These would be perfect for a bedroom, office or small to mid-sized listening room..
  9. Dynaudio Audience 62 Speakers. Great sounding. The cabinets have a small nick or two. Tweeters have a small dent or two. Local pickup in Orland Park, IL. $500.
  10. pen_man

    The Fisher Model 80 AZ power amp

    I will take it. PM sent!
  11. I have 4 nice CAMAC to RCA adapters that I am no longer using and would be willing to sell.
  12. There has been alot of discussion lately about biamping. For some time I had been considering taking the plunge into biamping and the recent postings convinced me to do so. The first thing I did was dust off an Audio Research EC-4 crossover that I had sitting on the shelf. It is a tube based analog crossover that can be used as a 2 or 3 way crossover depending on how one sets it up. Unfortunately, the crossover frequencys are not easily adjustable. To do so one must change several sets of capacitors which are not easily accessible. I decided to use it as a two way and set the crossover point at 400hz for the low pass and high pass. I used the existing ALK Universal passive crossover to then divide the mid and high frequencies. For amps, I dug out a Crown DC-300 that I recently had rebuilt for the LF and continued to use my Marantz 9's for the MF/HF. One thing that I liked about this amp combo was that the amps had a gain control for each channel. Hence, I set the crossover output to its maximum output for each channel and controlled the relative gain using each amp's individual gain control. For a preamp, I continued to use my Fisher 400CX-2. After a few minutes of listening, I dialed the gain between the LF and the MF/HF in to my liking using only my ears as a guide. I had always felt that my Khorns were lively with plenty of HF sparkle and LF umph, but biamping took them to a new level, especially on the LF. Now, there is plenty of tight controlled bass response which I discovered was missing on most of the source material that I listened to. Overall, the speakers are now much more well-rounded with tight, responsive LF's an even airer MF/HF. The MF/HF sound reminded me of the sound from Greg's VTRAC which I demo'ed and liked very much. I must admit that I am sold on the idea of using an active line level crossover and urge anyone considering it to give it a try. The one drawback is that on about 10% of the source material, I feel a need to readjust the gain for the LF response to tone down the bass so as to maintain a proper overall balance between LF and MF/HF. Frankly, this is a mild annoyance that I am willing to deal with given the positive benefits. I would be curious if anyone has used Greg's VTRAC with an existing bi-amp, active crossover setup? If so, what did you think? How much of a benefit did the VTRAC provide over your biamp setup? Finally, has anyone gone to Jubilees from active biamped Khorns, with or without the VTRAC modification? If so, would you please provide some feedback as to the differences in the sound of your setup before and after the Jubilees. I am in the south suburbs of Chicago if anyone is able to stop by for a listen.
  13. pen_man

    Vintage Fisher tube equipment

    I use a Fisher 400CX-2 as my regular preamp and like it a great deal. I have used other vintage pres on a trial basis but always seem to gravitate back to the Fisher
  14. pen_man

    Member Introduction

    Thanks to all for the kind reception. I do indeed feel like I know most of you and look forward to being more active on the forum. Coytee, I happen to originally be from Knoxville, actually Maryville, though it has been a number of years since I lived there. My parents and brother are still in the area. I get back that way a couple of times a year. As to the otl's, the Fouriers that I have use have about ten PL509's per channel for the outputs and are about 150 watts per channel. Based on my experience and in my system they are faster than any of the other amps that I have previously used. The bass is low and tight almost solid-state like and the highs are extremely detailed. I can hear detail like the shimmer of cymbals and HF notes that other amps never quite delivered. I enjoy electric, Chicago-style blues, especially live recordings. The otl's seem to bring the music to life unlike most of my other amps that I own. Some come close, but none, at least to me, are quite like the otls. Of course, I am only speaking as to my experiences and I recognize that different components provide different synergies in combination with different surroundings. I am sure otls would not be for everyone but they sure work for me, at least for now.