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  1. Just in case you were too stoned and missed it. https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/cannabis-stocks-may-be-2021s-big-winners-2021-01-07
  2. I don't agree. I think China had a reason for serious concern. Without further evidence, I would believe it was without intent.
  3. Even then, science doesn't have an explanation. Why are there states which have been under tighter restrictions doing worse than ones with less restrictions?
  4. Chives have an awful funk, but they taste great! Scrambled eggs and chives make great breakfast tacos.
  5. I've had the same experience. Except for not being able to argue politics in a private section, I don't see that much has really changed. I think we changed. There are a lot of people who've moved on. It takes some of us longer than others.
  6. Cast it to a smart TV through WiFi.
  7. It's California's fault? Maybe they should deny all of them medical care and just let them run the streets infecting others until they die.
  8. Everything I've read says the vaccine producers believe the mutation is insignificant.
  9. Right again. I've read we should expect a surge through January and the first couple of weeks in February. After that, hopefully it begins to ratchet down, especially due to administration of the vaccines to the most vulnerable. If we can keep them out of hospitals, things should begin to open up.
  10. Right. It seems to have started early, when the President downplayed it and said it will all blow over in a few weeks. IIRC. He was called to task on that attitude, and everything offered to challenge him was shot down as fake reporting and part of a bigger plan to destroy him, politically. The science hasn't been very precise in a number of respects, and this just fueled the disbelief. To this day, there remain many who cling to their beliefs it was politicized and overplayed. Full hospitals mean little to them. The odds of dying from it are very low. I will just be glad when things start returning to normal. I'm optimistic that by early summer, things will be much better.
  11. Why continue to worry about testing if the vaccines are going to work?
  12. I'll settle for another stimulus check.
  13. Jeff Matthews


    Where should I send the check?
  14. Jeff Matthews


    Ok, Vlad. I'm on to you!
  15. Growing faster everyday. We now can add HP, Tesla and Oracle.
  16. Jeff Matthews


    Cones are better.
  17. Jeff Matthews


    Tubes trim the peaks.
  18. Jeff Matthews


    Tubes color the sound.
  19. Do they still celebrate Christmas in Hawaii? Or is just, "Happy Holidays?"
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