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  1. Thanks BS. The wait was well worth it. The xovers were icing on the cake. Now I am content with my system and can get to the business of listening to the music. Bluesboy is now building a pair of khorns in the black/paduak look like my speakers. Can't wait to hear those. Chuck
  2. Absolutely beautiful work...some of the finest ever and I love the overkill aspects of the job. What a way to end your upgrading. Congratulations and now enjoy the fruit of your labor. Chuck
  3. Bluesboy soldered late into sunday morning on the custom designed xovers making him late for the playoff games and the first rack of ribs. Reed and I had to occupy ourselves with Sam's Boston Lager and football. A quick hookup expedited by dangling ribs on a stick in front of Bluesboy and we were ready to go. Sonny Rollin's "Way Out West" and Stevie Ray Vaughn "Couldn't Stand The Weather" never sounded so good. Much tighter bass. A very good upgrade. Not bad for a rainy sunday in Carolina. Looking forward to hearing Spongeworthy's new hybrids very soon but for now its off to work and 2 days on the road. Chuck
  4. Good thread Coytee. Let me add Over The Rhine, Natalie Merchant, Joan Armatrading. Sunny Sumter, Kendra Shank and Monica Worth from Mapleshade records. Nana Mouskouri, Sara Brightman. Chuck
  5. Christina....that does sound like a deal. Someone will likely snap those up. I prefer my LS hybrids with Altec, Beymas, and ALK Egineering xovers but the new LS ll has been getting good reviews. Thanks for the heads up. Chuck
  6. Jeff...there is really no way to be sure which will sound better unless you take them home and plug them up in your system and in your listening room. There are just too many variables to control. What are your other components? What size is your room? Carpet or hardwood floors? What is the thickness of your billfold? I guess I would be tickled to have a great sounding player especially if I got it at a good price and had money left for some audiophile recordings. I don't think my ears are good enough to appreciate a $14,000 player but my Jolida was humming some great sounds today when Bluesboy brought over my new xovers that he built from a custom design by ALK Engineering for my hybrid LS. You may have to buy your favorite and if it doesn't please you then take it back if your retailer allows or sell on Audiogon. Upgrading is a necessary process in building the ultimate system which will be the ultimate for a only a short period of time if you are like most of us. Today I am at a good place where I am happy with my system but it has taken much trial and error to get there. Good luck in your journey. Chuck
  7. Again I am remiss....welcome revjac. Post number 5! Good recommendation on the Rega. Lots of help on the forum with any question. I certainly have learned a lot these past two years. Chuck
  8. Wallflower...I was negligent in not welcoming you to the forum. Welcome! You can meet some very fine folks here like William and get some very good information too. All the cds recommended are probably very good. I own a Jolida and am pleased with it but all the Regas are very good. William and I share some of the same equipment and I have enjoyed his comments on tube rolling in his Quicksilver Audio Horn Monos. It seems like yesterday when I first posted but I am now on my second set of La Scalas and over 140 post. Let us know which player you decide on and your impressions. Chuck
  9. Wallflower......The Jolida 100 modded or not can be found on Audiogon frequently for $700 and has that nice tubed output section. Hey William is that a new avatar and can I assume that is you in the picture? Chuck
  10. Thanks for the vote Colin[]. Glad to help jmc. Spongeworthy....just left the shop and Don is making good progress. The bass bins are nearing completion and paduak trim for one bass bin is cut. I was able to see how the raised panel will look next to the groove in the trim piece. I think they will look super and most suggestions Don makes are good ones. The top hat issue is a tough one, tweeter above or next to the horn. Either way will look great. Maybe Don can do a mock up on a piece of mdf. Happy New Year to all you guys. Chuck
  11. No...the 1-800-HEY-DUKE number was a wrong number. That number gets you a bottled water business called Sharp Water in Salisbury, Maryland. The lady was very nice but didn't know Duke and wished me a happy new year anyway. I thought I heard a Bose radio in the background. So Duke....if you are out there give us a shout...otherwise all kind of stories will be spread about your disappearance from the forum. Chuck
  12. Spongeworthy...sorry I missed you yesterday. Its rare when forum members get to our area. When I got home from work Bluesboy's truck was in my driveway and I thought you might be with him to see my speakers. Bluesboy was there to tell me about your visit and the decisions the two of you made. I could tell he was excited about another speaker build. He does enjoy his work. Don told me about the tweeter attenuators and the fool proof directions. I hope when you get back this way I will have my xovers built and we can give those clones/hybrids a proper test drive. Let me know your music preference and I will have some selections qued up. I will probably stop by Don's shop saturday and do quality control while he works on your hybrids. Quailty control coordinator is a title I gave myself since I have no woodworking skills. I really enjoyed watching my speakers being built in various stages including going to the exotic wood shop and picking out the Paduak for the trim. All of it was a fun time and then when the speakers were in place in my music room it was time and money well spent. Chuck
  13. jmc...this is the thread you needed to see. I think this project sounds like what you want to do so you can take a look at our results. The feedback has been very positive and Bluesboy has taken a couple of orders for similar projects including trimming out some khorns in the Paduak with the front raised panel mdf painted piano lacquer black. He has also had inquires about just the top panel for LS. I am waiting on parts so we can start making up the new xovers a variation between universal and ES so the bass will cossover higher. Iam looking forward to that first listen! So when the xovers are done my BEC type A xovers will be for sale if anyone is interested. If anyone needs horns or drivers Bluesboy has several listings on ebay. Chuck
  14. I haven't spent a lot of time on the forum lately and it occured to me that when I do log on I don't seen anything from Duke Spinner. Are you okay Duke and just taking a break? He is such a regular with the best avatar and a delightfull economy of words. Hope all is well. Chuck
  15. jmc.....Bluesboy can probably help you with the plans and I will ask him to contact you. The bass bins are pretty much regular La Scala bins but made of 1" mdf rather than 3/4" plywood. We designed the top hats ourselves and that really did not require a plan just a little creativity. You have to cut the front panel pieces to fit the 511b horn and decide where you want to locate the tweeter and that is it. The top hat has no sides or back so I can toe in as needed. If you don't want to tackle the top hat job Bluesboy can do that for you but it is rather labor intensive and priced accordingly. BTW he can also do a precut kit for the bass bins. Let me know if you need more details. PS.... ALK Engineering is designing a special xover for this application. Chuck
  16. George....you may want to talk with Bluesboy who has made new tophats for his Khorns and has taken a few orders recently as a result of his post on my hybrid La Scalas that he built. See the thread on Tarheels Hybrid La Scalas. He uses the 511b horns, Altec drivers and Beyma or JBL tweeters. Chuck
  17. Rich....the Beymas came from usspeaker.com and are model #CP25 and cost $149 each. I can't speak to the Cornwall build but if you decide to go with the LS bass bins consider using 1" mdf like in the new LS ll. I am happy with the bass. Chuck
  18. Thanks Dean....high praise indeed! Chuck
  19. Thanks Rob. The credit goes to Bluesboy. Chuck
  20. Indy....Thanks for the kind words. .I remember our connversation about the toe-in problem and that problem has now been eliminated without changing the cabinets on either side of the bass bins as I was about to do. I am very pleased with the looks and the sound of the hybrids. As Bluesboy said I still have to order new xovers or xover kits but the bass difference and midrange clarity alone was worth the effort. I like the look and practicality of leaving the components exposed on top of the bass bin and you can fine tune the toe-in all you want. The african wood Paduak was 1/3 less expensive compared to Rosewood and the grain pattern is a good contrast to the horns. Could it be I am finally at the point I want to be with my system? Not just yet. I have the Teac reel to reel problem to resolve and the tubes in my Quicksilver preamp are at least 5 years old. Maybe then. Anyway...if you are in the neighborhood stop on buy and we will take a listen. Chuck
  21. I replaced the fuses (3) this morning. I moved the deck to another wall plug away from all other equipment. I have checked the breakers. No luck. I can buy an ohm meter to check for continuity first or replace the plug with an afer market replacement first. I called Kevin and he said to check continuity. If that is not the problem it could be the transformer. When I go home at lunch I will look for hidden fuses though the others were very visible at the top of the unit. Thanks for the help guys. Chuck
  22. After installing my new La Scala hybrids Sunday I was on top of the world. Then I had to unplug the Teac X-10 to plug in a lamp to hook up the xovers. Later I decided to play a tape. I plugged the Teac back in and pushed the power button and nothing happend...no power, no vu meter lights...nothing. My reel to reel technician lives in Florida so its not conveinent to send it back except as a last resort. I called Kevin Kaask, my tech and a former trouble shooter for Dokorder, and he said it was most likely a fuse but unlike my Teac 3300S the fuse is on the inside of the case. He gave me the most direct route to the fuses and I removed them. I did not see any blown fuses. One fuse is a 250v-2a and the other two are 125v-7a. I tried different outlets in the room with the same result. I then suspected two other areas....the power cord and the power switch. I wiggled the cord and sprayed the power switch with contact cleaner....nothing changed. When I leave the office in about 15 minutes I will try to buy new fuses though they still look good. Any suggestions appreciated. Can the fuse be bad if the filament is not broken? The power cord ends are soldered on to the power switch so changing that would be difficult for me to rule that out. Chuck
  23. Thanks Spongeworthy.....they came out better than expected. The trim on the bass bin was an afterthought when we couldn't get the end grain on the mdf to quick sucking up paint. I am very pleased with the solution. Chuck
  24. Phil....the Heels are looking pretty good the last few games....we may have a contender! Chuck Back to the La Scalas....what I needed to do was have a 2 piece speaker that we could rotate the top (midrange and tweeter) to toe it in. Bluesboy already mentioned that my previous speakers were wedged in and fired staight ahead so this was our goal to correct that problem. A top section that was basically a rectangle didn't look right so we started thinking of designs that softend the edges and looked less cumbersome A bell shape with a more gentle slope was the final result. The Paduak is really a beautifull wood and we used three coats of tung oil using 0000 steel wool and tack rags between coats. Early Sunday morning we met at Don"s shop and finished assembly .....I wanted to get the new speakers installed in my music room before my wife got home and realized that Don and I had built a second set of LS in 2 years! I had not got around to telling her about our project other than we were making a few changes to my existing speakers. She came home just as we finished hooking everything up. She loved them!. She liked the looks and the sound so I put on one of her Andre Bocelli cds for her first listen. Don and I had already listened to Sonny Rollins "Saxaphone Colossus" a favorite of mine for our audition. What can I tell you about the sound other than I was grinning ear to ear. What an amazing improvement. First the bass was much better either from the woofer change or the 1" mdf or both. The 511b horn/902 drivers are so clear and the Beymas added the sparkle I had not heard before. I enjoyed this build and I loved the finished product. Bluesboy is very meticulous and does beautifull work. I handled some of the unskilled sanding, painting and finishing work but Don is the cabinet and speaker builder and really enjoys his work. I think I am finally done with the speaker tinkering but then again I said that last time. BTW my 2005 LS clones are still for sale with or without xovers. Chuck
  25. A thread discussing xovers lead to an exchange between Al and a forum rep resulting in Al deciding to end his association with the forum. This is the version I heard and may not be all of the story.
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