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  1. bhawk, w/ that 307 you have flexibility (or stressful options ) galore. i have basically the same w/ the ref 30 & b&k 7270 power amp we can give you some general guidance but when it comes down to it, the settings that sound overall best to you w/ your room, your tastes, your material, your specific equipment & source material is what matters. iow, some experimentation is most likely needed. to utilize all your stuff w/ the space you have i'd use one heresy for the center positioned so that the horns are nearer the screen & the woofer farther away. iow, if above the tv then turn it upside down. then use that other heresy for the rear surround "6th" channel. should be directly behind your head in the sweet spot, but still should be better than nothing. that's a great sub. & wish i could fit my cornwalls up front. on the amp for the ultra, not sure if it has a crossover control, but if it does disable it or turn it all the way up to 120hz or higher. you have all the controls you need for that in the b&k. in the 307, after of course doing the speaker levels & distances settings, i'd start by setting all the speaks to small, crossover at 60hz, & both high & low slopes to 12db/octave. also sub to "yes thx" & phase to normal. but again these are just starting points. the 307 also has a notch filter to take out some of a worst peak caused by room node. there's bound to be at least one. you'll definitely need a sound meter. that notch filter has a freq sweeper all the way down to 20hz. only a quick start here that covers some basics. the 307 manual is pretty thorough i think, though it may leave out some scenarios. sort of like written by a tech person. let us know if any questions.
  2. i don't know. i'd have trouble watching "terms of endearment" or "sweet home alabama" in that room. oh my god, i was temporarily possessed by a woman. sorry!
  3. rigged, & hopefully you did tweak that to subwoofer "yes" or "on". i'd make sure there's no other setting in the receiver that is turning off or inhibiting the output from the sub pre out. but still could be the receiver's broke. & i think you just clarified it there. "sub pre out" is an output. "subwoofer" is an input - don't use that for a sub output. remember, you're outputing from the receiver & inputing to the sub.
  4. fini, that's a good question. may be at least part of the problem w/ getting a digital standard. right now to use the dolby & dts formats over a digital connection we need those respective decoders in our receiver or pre/pro. so to do a straight digital connection w/ the mlp dvd-audio or sacd formats i'd think we'd need those decoders in our receivers or pre/pro. like w/ the hdcd decoders being in a lot of the newer receivers now. so f.e., i wonder if encrypted mlp can be decoded in the player & passed as a high-res digital (not analog) signal that goes through the dac process only in the receiver or pre/pro. i know if they ever go to a firewire digital connection i'll need a new card for the ieee port, but that's about all i know. so i guess the question is can a format be decoded without also going through the dac process? if not i guess we'll need new receivers or upgrades. or else the firewire or whatever used won't be a true digital connection.
  5. probably not enough to make that big a dif, but have you calibrated the distance/delay settings for the speakers in the pioneer?
  6. ej, the distance settings control the amount of delay to the speakers for the surround modes. a stickler like me measures the exact physical distance from each speaker & sub to the listening sweet spot & sets the distances accordingly. or a good approximation may work too. you can also experiement some w/ those settings to hear if it makes a pos dif. like if u set the center to be closer than the speak actually is u may get a nice effect of the sound falling more into the screen. also setting the surrounds closer than they actually are may seemingly extend the rear soundstage for a better effect.
  7. Rigged, you want to use the subwoofer out to a Y-adapter that splits it to both the L & R line ins at the sub. iow, best to do that at the sub from one longer rca interconnect cable rather than use 2 long runs from a Y-adapter at the receiver. this may be trivial, but have you changed any settings in the receiver to tell it you have a sub connected to its subwoofer output?
  8. shoe, to clean cd & dvd i picked up the "cd cleaning system" at radio shack for less than $10. nice little case that you hand crank the disc around in after you spray on some included fluid. d/k on scratch repair but guess it would buff any scratches up a bit.
  9. just, that could be a great center for a future multi-channel sys too i'd think. u know that 75% or more of the sound in movies comes from the center channel thang. 4-6 heresy, a good sub & a cornwall center would be a great ht sys. that is if the cornwall would fit in the center. i know my 27" sony tv would fit fine on top of my cornwall if i had the space. would probably have to magnetically shield it too though.
  10. i don't mean to be a spoil sport but i'm not getting a combo sacd/dvd-audio/hdcd player until the industry gets the digital connection standard straight & my b&k gets my ref 30 upgraded to use the ieee port/firewire if that's what they finally go with. i'm not getting anymore interconnects unless one breaks or i have to add another channel. so when are they all going to get a digital standard set? or will there ever be a digital standard for all these formats?
  11. boa12

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    md, have you checked www.cdnow.com & www.dvdplanet.com for more hdcd & dvd-audio respectively? @ cdnow you can do a search for hdcd within the type of music you want. & at dvdplanet they have a whole section just for dvd-audio.
  12. noticed they're using elo's "mr blue sky" in that new commercial for the vw beatle convertible. wonder if all these new commercials w/ the baby boomer "old" songs are getting these bands exposed to the younger crowd. like i heard "radar love" (by golden earring) on another commercial the other day. & "no matter what" by badfinger on will & grace. still waiting for argent "hold your head up" to resurface. anyway, love that tune "fire on high" by elo. some may remember that as the theme score for cbs sports years ago. & at the beginning of that tune there's some stuff backwards. if you have a turntable & spin it backwards you'll hear. warning though. may not be good for the stylus.
  13. rob, stuff like that is determined in how the engineers mix the material. sacd & dvd-audio are formats for high resolution sound. though i guess some may have mixes or remixes done specifically for the format such as sacd. though they could do it just the same for any multi-channel format like f.e. dts w/ the eagles' HFO dvd where "seven bridges road" has each of the singers in a dif channel.
  14. they quote "rf-7" at $5700. must have meant for the whole set including sub.
  15. sorry its off topic some, but bill or anyone, any info on which if any dvd-audio discs can be played over that digital firewire connection in the high-rez mlp format? last i heard (i think from bill) was that w/ some dvd-audio discs it would be & some it wouldn't be possible. also wonder if that pioneer player is or will be compatiable w/ other products such as my b&k pre/pro if/when they ever get in an upgrade for the ieee port to use a firewire. or is everything still up in the air pretty much w/ dvd-audio digital/firewire connection?
  16. moon, i'd think you want at least 6" clearance minimum behind the ports. i've heard that 2 ft or more is better yet in most cases, but w/ my 30 towers i can only go as far as 7" w/ my space. you also need to take into account the integrity of the holding cabinets (rattle prevention) & how well the speakers are anchored to the floor by way of the holding cabinets. just for cosmetics, it would be too much work &/or expense for me besides the fact it could sound worse.
  17. they're all over mon. copy/paste this google search. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=indiana+jones+hat+sale&btnG=Google+Search
  18. hey you guys could do a swap of some sort too & be all set for timbre-matching. the rc-3 would actually be a better timbre/voice match sal. you can always adjust its level in the receiver. i have an rc-3 w/ the rf-3 & sometimes use it for 3 speaker stereo. it is a nice center that matches perfectly to the rf-3. its not on the level of the rc-7 but then again the rf-3 aren't on that of the rf-7 either. wish i could tell you if the rc-7 goes well w/ the rf-3 or not but i've never heard them together. then again the center channel speak is important since it carries such a load in movies. tough call. especially if you can't do a demo at home.
  19. boa12

    2 topics in 1

    thanks bbb. couldn't have done it without you. since i don't have hdcd decoders in my dvdp or pre/pro i haven't looked into it much. i do have some hdcd like telarc though & they play on my dvd/cd player. need to look into it more when its more relavent for me.
  20. did you see the post in this section where krusty46 is looking to buy a C7?
  21. sal, i haven't heard an rc-7 w/ rf-3 but on paper it looks fine, & especially if you're use to the higher dynamics of the c7. the rc-7 i know is much louder/more dynamic than the rc-3. what you're looking for is a seamless blend across the front. either constant or when a sound sweeps from one front across the center to the other front. don't want an unmatched speak disturbing the blend. the C7 also uses a tractrix horn though so it may not be a real drastic dif. best if you could demo the ref centers against the c7 there at home. most dealers should let you do so.
  22. what does the acronym stand for anyway?
  23. sal, yes the rf-3 is a great refined accurate speaker for the low price. currently using a pair in the stereo listening lounge. should be an improvement especially for music in front & especially w/ a nice, capable sub up there. those rp in the rear should give you some great bass to bring up the rear. & their tweeter horns match fine w/ the rf. see if they'll throw in an rc-3 for a couple c-notes. did we talk about replacing the c7 w/ that for a great seamless voice/timbre match w/ the rf already?
  24. jd has a point such as w/ b&k f.e. & their 307 receiver vs a ref 30 & 7270 power amp. the 307 uses practically the same components in their pre/pro section as the ref 30 seperate. but the 7270 amp has a bigger torrid transformer than the receiver amp. so up to a certain volume level they should sound pretty identical. but in this case you're getting more power & kick w/ the seperates for the additional cost. so its a matter of how much you want or need that. other companies may be different though. some only make seperates or still put better components & features in their seperate pre/pro. but in most cases you're getting a bigger amp w/ more power but for more money than a receiver. explains why the receivers are getting bigger - they're trying to get those bigger transformers in there like you get w/ a seperate power amp.
  25. they shouldn't be out of phase but the rc-3 & rc-7 use a tapered array for the 2 woofs. "Tapered array technology allows both woofers to reproduce deep bass, while only one covers the lower midrange frequencies for clearer dialogue and more consistent coverage." maybe that makes it appear that they're out of phase since they aren't producing identical sound (???).
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