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  1. Cornwalls & LaScala sold. IDK how to change the post title or delete it
  2. Any interest in these Cornwalls before I list on Craigslist?
  3. The Scott is a 299-B but while I AM going to sell it, it just sort of ended up in the photo of the LaScala. I'd like to concentrate on one item at a time and that would be Cornwalls. So if anyone's interested in them - contact me. I'm throwing out a number of $1200 but I'm up for considering any fair offer. If anyone is interested, message me with an amount and when you can come get them. They are not currently hooked up as they are sitting in my living room. I don't think I've bought a single pair of speakers (even Khorns) with listening to them first - but I can understand someone wanting to. My stereo system is in another room so let me ponder on that one a bit. Conversely, if anyone has an amp or some easy way to do this - I'm up for it.
  4. JimJimbo - I've not yet sat down to sort out pricing on this. I'm sort of in emergency mode with other things right now. I need to start a new thread on this when I can but for now am willing to consider any fair offer on them (as well as the Cornwalls). I'm in North Downers Grove near I-88 between 355 & 294. ETA - that Scott is also for sale (incl walnut case). But for now, I'm concentrating on Cornwalls.
  5. I'm very sorry for disappearing. Will get to private messages now. JimJimbo - I'll try to get some pics of the LaScala today
  6. Sorry - been ridiculously super busy and still haven't had much time to research. I'll throw this out here - $1200 but will consider any and all offers. A person in the next town seems to have been the first person to inquire. I've not had a chance to deal with my LaScala I'm selling either but those are also available. Birch & consecutive.
  7. Western Chicago Suburbs. I can't seem to load more than one photo here so I'll try posting after this. Birch with darker stain. I cannot for the life of me figure out why one of the badges is missing but I'll be looking for this. The tops have a molding/trim around the tops for glass. It's done well and IMO a great idea. I don't think they came with the glass when I purchased them. SN 8P-785 and 8P-790. $1,200 Will consider offers. Any interest in Chicagoland for these?
  8. Drew - are you looking for anything in particular?
  9. DWI - Hi. Not everything going on the block. Just 'extras'. I originally thought I'd get rid of all Khorns but I just can't. Nope.
  10. PZ - they are Dean crossovers. I'm trying to contact him privately.
  11. "Going to sell" is why I didn't post it in the For Sale Section. It's clear in the first post I'm trying to glean information before embarking on any selling. Else, If I was ready to sell - I would've posted it in For Sale! I don't even have prices yet! I figured the For Sale section was for things people are selling - is that not correct?
  12. Great because guess what? They're not for sale! So IDK why this post is here and I can't find any way to delete it. NOTE anyone looking at this thread to buy -- do not contact me about purchasing these because they are not for sale yet.
  13. CECA - well I figured it would be a bad idea to post an ad for speakers I forgot the date of and before I can find out what Dean is calling the x-overs. OPUS - thank you!
  14. It's been years since I've been here. Busy with life and life changes. I'm going to be downsizing my gear. Not sure how or to what extent but for starters I know I have speakers to sell. Will be posting in the garage soon once I remind myself what I have. Definitely at least.... 1 pair of Khorns, 1 pair LaScala, 1 pair stained birch Cornwalls. Starting with these KHorns... Maybe someone can remind me what date this one is and which crossovers these are? Oh my, excuse the dust Lisa (Chicago Burbs)
  15. Yea - How is Craig doing? Does he post here still? (Hi everyone who knows me!!!)
  16. Hi Coytee! Hugs! So are you still rocking the Jubes? I need to get back here and get caught up on everyone. I need to talk to Craig to maybe pimp out my VRDs
  17. I'm so pissed off I missed this! Grrrr. Going to read the whole thread now.
  18. Invid - CNN and NPR have free apps and that's what you'd use to run those vids, etc. I'm selling my Macbook Air and getting one. Plus, it's going to be awesome in the car for Nav, etc.
  19. Khorn bass bin is 39.5" tall. I had a short version Town & Country with all seats but the front row removed and they fit fine of course. Took side screens off, etc. Lots of blankets between everything.
  20. SWEET! X10. Now I have to see more pics, etc. Need to better see the size of the control part. And weight. I hope it's incredibly light. I bought my husband the Custom 3's. He likes my x-10's better. I wish that old 1/2 off deal would come up again!
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