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  1. Buckaroo, Since you're grounded, I guess you didn't notice that I "borrowed" your little sporty car. Has a nice feel to it at high speed....especially when you get it offroad in the deep dark piney woods.[6]
  2. Spongeworthy, What was this x-over designed for? I might be able to use it???
  3. OB, when you gonna post pictures of all the cute little nurses?[]
  4. Buckster's gonna have a heart attack when he gets home and discovers I've borrowed his little sporty car to haul my Cornwalls back to Missouri! Since he may not feel up to driving it I'll just hang onto it for a few months or so.[]
  5. Duke, I think you left a few zeros off that milage estimate![6]
  6. At least I had a chance to hear it before Amy sends it to her ever growing private collection of questionable threads.[]
  7. Who is this Banana Jack guy and why did he break it off with you?
  8. The biggest single difference I heard in my system was when I figured out what that little "on-off" switch was for![:$]
  9. Hey Duke, Which are rougher, these or my $255.00 North Country homeless Cornwalls?[]
  10. Clarence, There has been mention of "beer bongs" in this and other threads. This was very confusing to me and still is. After all the hoop-a-la about beer bongs, I went out to the shed and dug out an old apparatus that had been hidden away for 20+ years. I proceeded to top it up with some of my wife's Bud Light (I didn't use any of my good beer in case this experiment was a failure). I then drug out the trusty Zippo to finalize this little ritual........... Which brings me to my question: How do you keep it lit?[:|]
  11. If that's true, wouldn't a half dollar work twice as well?[8-)]
  12. When ya gonna take it outa the wooden shipping crate?[]
  13. I think some of them do all right......wanna buy a watch?[6]
  14. Travisc, I finally made it back home and unpacked the woofer. Thanks for the bulletproof packing job. It arrived in pristine condition. Thanks once again for offering it to Forum members first. Sorry for the delay in sending the check, we didn't have a chopper all week. If you still have the Heresy woofer I am in need of one. Thanks, Craig
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