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    Sub 12

    The Sub 12 is listed at 469.00 most of the time but everyonce in a while they would drop the price to 429.00. About every three months or so they would run it at 379.00 for a weekend. I'm thinking in this economy you will see it offered for less in just a few days. Watch the web site the day before Thanksgiving. Black Friday might see some great prices. The sub is everthing I thought it would be. It almost is too much for my room but I will manage. For the price it certainly delivers.
  2. Big Piney

    Sub 12

    I watched the Best Buy web site religiously until last Friday when it was on sale for 379.99 or so. It was a pre-Thanksgiving sale, two days only. Printed a copy of the ad and went to Fort Smith Saturday night. When I got there I told a BB employee what I wanted and he retrieved one for me. I put it on a cart and headed to the cable aisle to get a SW cable when another BB associate noticed the box and remarked what a great speaker it was. Then he said the box had been opened and I could get some off for that. He got a manager and the guy said he would knock 10% off if I still wanted it. I said heck yea so I got it for $349.99, full warranty. I was pleased.
  3. Big Piney

    Sub 12

    No, the living room where my system is set up has no place in a corner I can use. I set it up at the sweet spot and then crawled around the room on my knees (had to wait for the wife to leave lest her suspicions of my sanity would be proven) and the best sound was up front by my floor standers so I put it there. I have wooden floors with tile but the boominess I controlled with the gain. It is not the optimum but until I can get a conventional room for a home theater it will have to do. A friend has a sub in the corner and it works great in that position. Sometimes ya just gotta make do with what ya have.
  4. Big Piney

    Sub 12

    Sub 12. I got excited.
  5. Big Piney

    Sub 12

    I picked up my first sub last Saturday night at Best Buy. I have also been reading and studying for years it seems and finally found one at the right price. Got it for $349. And when I got it all plugged in and got the settings fairly well fixed, well, I am more than pleased. This thing adds a new dimension to sound. Still not sure if my crossover is right but it sounds great. I will continue to finetune and am sure it will be even better.
  6. Yes time marches on..............but how bad can it be when we look back. Look at what we've seen! From Patti Page, in my case, at my momma's apron string listening to an old box radio, to Elvis, The Beatles, Stones, ELP, Yes, Dick Clark, Led Zep, Aretha, BB, ABB, Tucker, Lynyrd, Clapton, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>and on and on and on We've seen more good music released in a month than some will see in years!!! Thank you to James Brown. THE Hardest workin Man in ........
  7. I have KG 5.2's for mains and am using SS-3's for rears and they sound great. Truly low budget. The SS-3's are DC'd but I found them on E-Bay for $100. It will do for now until I go on Deal or No Deal and win some $$$.
  8. This one has "I Believe in Father Christmas" by Greg Lake. Also, "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy" by Bing Crosby and David Bowie.
  9. What artist was originally wanted for the closing act for Woodstock? (You know, that little weekend concert in upstate New York back in 1969). Well, Roy Rogers of course. They wanted him and Dale to sing "Happy Trails". Roy was busy so they settled for Jimi Hendrix. This DVD was released in 2005 but I did not see it until this week when I purchased it. So if it has already been reviewed, sorry, but I'm not stopping. As one of only 12 teenagers in the United States who DID NOT attend the concert I have always been fascinated with Woodstock. And this DVD shows Jimi Hendrix' performance in its entirety. Well almost all of it. Considering the conditions, limitations, short budget and general state of rock in the day its a wonder we have what we do but this will not disappoint. DVD One: The original filmmaker's copy of the show. 16mm color film. Message to Love Spanish Castle Magic Red House Lover Man Foxey Lady Jam Back at the House Izabella Fire Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Star Spangled Banner Purple Haze Woodstock Improvisation Villanova Junction Hey Joe Disc Two has the same cuts plus Hear My Train A Comin' This disc (2) was shot by a 22 year old student with a Sony CV 1/2" video recorder on a tripod. He snuck up on stage and set up his camera 15 feet from where Hendrix would stand. There are interruptions caused by the limitations of the video in the day, filled in by the 16mm color film for a seamless performance. But from an archival view this is priceless. Several weeks later the student was hitchhiking and got picked up by a driver who was a friend of Hendrix, they talked about the video and wound up showing it to Hendrix at his house. Hendrix enjoyed the ability to screen his performance and thanked the young man for letting him view the video. The videographer left and stored the tapes for three decades before making them available for this DVD. If you like Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock, classic rock or any combination find this DVD. I found it at Wal-Mart of all places for $9.74. Get it. You'll pay $10 for a 12-pack and this will last a lot longer. The announcer introduces the band as the Jimi Hexdrix Experience but Jimi corrects him and says they are a band of gypsies. The band is: Jimi Hendrix Guitar, Vocals Billy Cox Bass, Backing Vocals Mitch Mitchell Drums Juma Sultan Percussion Larry Lee Rhythm Guitar Jerry Velez Percussion The performance is historical plus it is pure Hendrix. I can't say anymore. This performance showcases his improvisational skills to their fullest. There are many extras including interviews of band members and producers of the show. All in all I think it was better for Hendrix to do the close than Roy!!!
  10. I got to see Tommy with the James Gang in 1973 or 1974. I'm thinkin it was January. Excuse the absence of a specific date because it was "the 70's" OK!!! I know this for certain though. Mannfred Mann and the Earth Band and James Gang played in Boulder, Co one night and it was a very good show. Tommy was from Boulder and the place was packed. He rocked out that night. That was my only time to see him though. He was one helluva guitar player. Another one of those shooting stars that shone so bright but for so short of a time.
  11. Buckster, Next time I get to a populated area I will pick it up. I found a DVD that I've been reviewing the last few nights. Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. His complete performance. Will talk about that later when I'm through looking and listening. Piney
  12. Buckster, Just saw this for sale somewhere, Oh it was mentioned on the Led Zep site. Sounded like something I should get. The review I read said most all of the quests stayed in the background. If you think it is worthwhile It will have to go on my list. Piney
  13. Don't know if this has been shown before...
  14. While you did not ask this I will offer it. If you cannot find the s-3 you might think about the ss-3. I paid $108.00 plus $25 for shipping on e-bay and have been more than pleased. Just a suggestion. But compare their specs.
  15. You hang in there man. And hurry back. Miss your comments and analysis or is that comsis und analyment. Whatever!! Git er done and git back!!!
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