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  1. He must find the equipment itself to be beauty? Kinda like I do I imagine! People walk into my well decorated living/music/HT room and ask why in the world I have those big ugly black things in there! I am like, well, its my house, and they sound perfect! Paul
  2. My boys and I have just starting watching. Have not missed any of the USA ones yets. Watched some of the older BBC ones on Netflix. They are indeed much funnier! The British humor is better! They are more likely to say things just off the wall. They try some crazy crazy stuff. Like the homemade motor homes they made. Watched that last night. No way the US one would try driving those here, too much liability. I think that may drive some of the differences too. And, so far, the BBC one has tested way cooler cars. They have had a huge head start obviously, but they test just amazing cars. But, I still enjoy watching both. Great tv. Great humor. Great cars. Something we can all watch together too, which is rare and nice these days. Paul
  3. That looks great! I love my Jubes in front! Paul
  4. Have never seen the BBC one, but really like the USA one so far. Paul
  5. Wonder how many of these are still even around? Would be fun to try to ride! Paul
  6. Or maybe after buying so much other Klipsch gear, I was due a score![] Paul
  7. That theater looks cool.] And should move along fine, unless of course there is an engine fire!!!! Then it stops moving and gets really smelly and the movies won't run! Paul
  8. I have Heresy's and Forte II's. And Khorns and Jubs too. And I now listen to the Forte's in my bedroom system on a SS Harman Kardon, and in my library/music room on some McIntosh tube set. I love them. That is compared to the Khorns and Jub's. I love them too, but they are different. I am using them in my HT now. I think the Heresy's are a great speaker. Have 2 of my boys that have them in their rooms. But, I find the Forte's even a step up. And, cheaper than the HIII. Funny thing is, my Forte's are really some of my lesser expensive speakers. And right up there at the top of my list!
  9. No kidding. I think I have only bought things, never sold things!
  10. These really have been my first no freaking way kind of a deal. I have gotten many good and fair deals on stuff. But this is my first for wow! The poor guy was being made to sell them in favor of this bookshelf JVC system that was 'cuter and didn't stick out so much" I did laugh and wonder what his wife would think of my main room with Jubs up front and Khorns in back! Paul
  11. With Smurf movie coming out, that might have fetched a few online!
  12. Just got me the record shirt, and my son the hoodie. Too bad the Khorn shirt is only available for very skinny dudes!
  13. I am really am so excited about them! And do not mind the hijack thing at all! Smurfs are actually making a comeback. Anyone else have a Smurfhorn? SmurfWall, Smurfesy, Smurforte? Smurftet, Smurfilees? Smurfadiums?
  14. So, I have always read about people finding amazing things at yardsales, etc. Finally, I lucked out. On CL here in Waco, a guy was selling absolute mint Quartets for only 175! Called and went to get them. And, they were nearly perfect. Poor guy, his wife had him get a JVC all in one system thing with very small speakers. Because these were to big. And funny thing is, I was like, well these are not that big to me! Nothing like Jub's, Khorns, LaScallas to make some Quartets look small! So, I am interested to see how they sound compared to the Forte II's I have been listening to in my 2 channel room now. Paul
  15. I have one pair of Forte II's being run on an HK SS, another on McIntosh tubes. They both sound wonderful, just a bit different. But either is simply wonderful!
  16. When they keep making new technology with improvements, it does make me leary to jump in at any certain point. My old 65 in Mitsu does only 1080i with component inputs. I am still happy with it, my center sits up on it nicely. I know the newer ones get much better pics, but I like the 65+ plus inches. Would not want to go down to 50 or so. Wonder if I should wait for 3D to become more standardized and cheaper. Guess I will at least until the Ole Big One dies off... Speakers are nice in that they are not making improvements every month on them. Can buy them knowing that for years and years and years they will remain great. Same with amps. My preamp is a McIntosh that sounds just wonderful. But does not have HDMI, room correction, satelite navagation capabilities, ability to run 25 systems throughout the house, will not cook dinner, walk the dog, or any of that new stuff. But it sounds to great to me I don't want to consider changing it out. Paul
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